[P] Its hard to keep the rainclouds out
Two kinds of pain coursed through the old man as he quietly wandered through the ruins of his home. His joints argued, but he protested their anger. His heart ached, and he let it, as he had no way to soothe it. It was something he’d need to endure until it subsided, and it wasn’t a fresh hurt either. This was as old as the blackened wood made by the fires that once torched a beloved place. Arthritis-ridden free hand gently brushed against buildings, occasionally hovering over a thing here and there that evoked memories of the smiles Aenan shared in the happiness he once had where Krokar once stood. The other gripped his spear, to help keep him walking. Shiras was left to remain silent as his father wandered through the ruins.

The son was expecting more to the territory, from how fondly and how often his father spoke of it. All he saw were the burned bones, but he knew the gravity they held by his father’s reaction alone. Aenan was a man who told stories and passed on knowledge freely. Here he was silent, the only sound he made were whispers and hushed utterances, far too soft for the younger Pyr to pick up. Shiras didn’t pry, he could see and sense his father’s sorrow and figured the old man would share if need be.

And it was only quiet grief that passed Aenans lips as he stepped through the ruins in a near trance-like state. Memories danced in his mind, and though they were good, the bitter part of the sweet was that he could never experience them again. New happinesses had happened to him, ones locked tight in his mind. Rounding one of the houses, age-gnarled hand pressed to it as he muttered something about a woman he knew his eyes were captured by something that stirred in all the stillness, and he froze.

Shiras noticed his father’s sudden stop and rounded the corner cautiously, upon noticing others his hackles rose and a hand went to a knife on his belt. Eyes darted from the strangers to his father, unsure of what to do and perplexed by his father’s lack of fear.

“You,” Aenan said, finally breaking his silence. “I know you,” he stated as he began to walk towards his former packmate. He was not phased by the animals, nor the presence of a stranger. Entirely fixated on a face from his past, he moved forward, forgetting about his limp as his tail wagged behind him. “I know you, we—” the old man paused briefly, eyes searching the boy’s features. “We lived here. I remember when you were a puppy.” He seemed beside himself with joy, speaking thoughts as they entered his mind. He felt around his pockets and waist, and made a slightly sour face when he couldn't find anything edible. “I’m sorry, I don’t have any snacks for you or your friend.”

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