Maintenance Thread

Maintenance Thread

General Problems

  • If you find an error on the forum, RP Guide, in pinned threads, etc. -- please let us know!
  • Include a link wherever possible -- screenshots can sometimes help, too!
  • Remember, problems and issues with pack information should go to that pack's leaders -- typically via Pack Maintenance
  • If you need something done that isn't explicitly listed below, here is still the place to post about it!
  <3 Thanks for helping out!
[b]Location of Problem:[/b]
[b]Description of Problem:[/b]
[b]Link (if applicable):[/b]

Title & Icon Fixes

  • If your title has an error, post here. If you need an icon fixed or updated -- e.g., when your character has earned a mate or loses its mate, or when your character becomes a Luperci and needs their paw icon changed -- post here!
  • Please include the complete account name of all characters needing title/icon updates!
  • Remember, only characters one year of age or older and within the same pack (or two loners) can officially be considered mates.
  • Additionally, only characters who had an IC death played out on board territories, or characters who were active for at least one consecutive year, are granted "DEAD" titles upon death.
  • See the Custom Title and Icon for relevant information.
[b]Character:[/b] FULL character account name
[b]Pack:[/b] (if applicable -- e.g., wrong icon or pack)
[b]Rank:[/b] (if applicable -- e.g, misspellings and wrong ranks)
[b]Mate One Name:[/b] Full character name (if applicable)
[b]Mate Two Name:[/b] Full character name (if applicable)

Archive Requests & Thread Revivals

  • IC threads are automatically archived to Dead Topics after 45 days of inactivity
  • IC threads marked "DND" are still automatically archived after 120 days of inactivity
  • You can request threads be archived when finished by posting here with a link to the thread
  • Threads can be requested for revival and "gravedigging" (reinstatement to an active forum from Dead Topics) with a link to the thread and which forum the thread needs to be moved into. Revived threads are automatically marked "DND"
  • We never delete IC threads or profiles/post logs.

Skin/Layout issues

Does something look weird on a particular skin? Is it hard to distinguish between pack colors, or is some part of the layout rendering improperly? Please let us know 1) which skin you're using, 2) where the error occurs (a screenshot would be great!), and 3) what browser + version you're using. Thank you!

Pack Maintenance

Certain parts of maintenance -- e.g., an update to a pack's website, or a problem with a pack's rank listing on the board -- don't go in this maintenance thread. These pack-related maintenance requests and updates go into individual pack maintenance threads. Here's a handy list:
Can I get this title on Whisper Mayflower for the spring word event? 

So The World Will Never Find You

[b][i][font="Century Gothic"][size="1"][color=#878787]S[/color][color=#8A898A]o[/color] [color=#908E92]T[/color][color=#939196]h[/color][color=#979399]e[/color] [color=#9D98A1]W[/color][color=#A09BA5]o[/color][color=#A39EA8]r[/color][color=#A7A0AC]l[/color][color=#AAA3B0]d[/color] [color=#B0A8B7]W[/color][color=#B4AABB]i[/color][color=#B7ADBF]l[/color][color=#BAB0C3]l[/color] [color=#C0B5CA]N[/color][color=#C4B7CE]e[/color][color=#C7BAD2]v[/color][color=#CABCD5]e[/color][color=#CDBFD9]r[/color] [color=#D4C4E1]F[/color][color=#D7C7E4]i[/color][color=#DAC9E8]n[/color][color=#DDCCEC]d[/color] [color=#E4D1F3]Y[/color][color=#E7D3F7]o[/color][color=#EAD6FB]u[/color][/size][/font][/i][/b]
Hey Corie! These titles are actually for your OOC account, not character ones!

Quote:Icon and title prizes will be awarded to OOC accounts.
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
for some reason the board isn't letting me post to the board migration topic? :> hoping to get a little bit of help there
(8 May 2021, 10:49 AM)Adel Wrote: for some reason the board isn't letting me post to the board migration topic? :> hoping to get a little bit of help there

You can only reply to threads in that forum from your OOC account, but lmk if there's still an issue!
it was me. i broke it.
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