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The Tavern stood as it had since the Realm had been founded; an empty hall covered in layers of dust and debris. Many had come to lend an idle hand, and though much had been done in clearing out the space, there were still repairs to be done.

The brass lump which had inspired the places name sat behind what would eventually become the bar, and each time Iomair moved about the room it gleamed brightly with its new polish.

Ridgewell was arguing with one of his cats, and Pippa was standing at the very centre with a discerning eye.

”This place is so drab.” She hummed, ”Needs more color if its going to be our hang out.”

Ridgewell grunted, finally extricating the piece of dirty fabric that Midge tried to run off with. ”You think every thing is drab Pippa.” The Dyemaster snorted roughly through her nose, ”You’re one to talk!”

A stack of scavenged furniture lay piled to one side, and Iomair glanced back at the mirrors which had been carried in earlier. They would echo candlelight in the dark - an effect that he had borrowed from one of Old Caledonia's forgotten temples. "We're so close. I can almost taste it!"

Iomair dusted off his hands on his working apron, cracking a grin at the odd-pair before moving to the doorway for some fresh air. Soon the space would be ready for the others and they would celebrate the Brass Potato’s grand opening with a party for the ages.

Rabbit peered at him from the peak of the roof.

”I think the roof is d-done.” He offered with a sheepish smile, ”Can I come down now?”
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AW+ Doing some Tavern work to get it ready for the 17th!

The rather gregarious femme was tapping on the wood to her home, thrumming over and over again, until her mother finally got upset and asked her to knock it off and get out of their home. Of course, being a sister of six siblings, it was easy to get the lesser end of her mothers irritability, especially when it came to slipping out before her mother could or couldn't throw a wooden spoon or something at her head.

The result was the strawberry haired child sticking her tongue out, before really running away from the home, in case Kalypso saw it, and finding herself distracted with the sounds of someone banging on something.

In any case, she wasn't going to help, as long as their was labor involved, but perhaps she may peek in and get a childish laugh about it. However, as the shorter pallid woman approached the sounds of hammering, the site if someone atop a building made her cringe. No way was she going to do that! Yet, she was likely already spotted by Iomair, their King, so to say, and her teeth gritted as sky blue orbs wandered to the top the roof.

"What you doing up there?" Came the rather innocent question, followed by her hands propping on either side of her nonexistant hips, and that pale gaze went directly towards that of Iomair.

Damnit, I made eye contact. The gritting smile brushed her face, hesitantly before she dipped those eyes and looked back upwards.

"Soooo... whatcha guys doinnnn?" Directed towards Iomair now, a little devilish intent behind the drawn out words. If she couldn't cause trouble at home, maybe she could help, then cause some mischief. She never looked for it, it always seemed to find her.
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"What's this place gonna be called again?"

"The Brass Potato."

"Oh, yeah. Right."

Silence returned and Percival welcomed it wholly.

"So, wait... Why a brass potato again? I mean, what even is a brass potato, anyway? Is that some sort of inside joke or, like, a codeword for something else? Aha!" Reblin narrowed his eyes deviously at his younger cousin, an index finger raised in declaration. "It's something dirty, huh?"

Percival had regrets; there were a good number of things that he wished he had done differently throughout his relatively few years. But currently, as he drew in a deep, long-suffering breath and tried to temper his annoyance, he wondered if he would eventually count the day that he brought Reblin back to New Caledonia with him as his biggest mistake.

"It is not something dirty," he said sharply back, his scowl deepening. "The Brass Potato is named after that hunk of metal over there."

Straightening up from where he was helping to clean, Percy gestured towards the bar, where the gleam of light catching on its polished surface almost seemed to wink at them.

"Ohhhhh!" Reblin whooped, amused chagrin plain on his face. "I was wondering what that thing was!"

"Reblin," Percy began, irritation seeping into his tone despite his attempts at patience. "I told you what it was."

"I thought you were talking about that guy's cat!"

Percy returned to cleaning without a word, refusing to give the conversation another moment of his time, never mind trying to sort out how, in all of the Goddess' many pristine waters, anyone could confuse a white cat for a brass potato. Before he could get much farther in his efforts to help bring The Brass Potato up to presentability, another voice chimed and, again, Percival straightened and looked in the direction of the call.

Brushing his hands together, Percy glanced from the daughter of Councilor Kalypso to Iomair and respectfully waited for the High King to respond. Reblin, however, lacked this level of restraint and tact.

"Oh, hey!" he barked, his curled tail wagging. "We're doin' stuff to get this place ready for partytime! You wanna help?"

Inwardly groaning, Percy passed Iomair an apologetic glance and sighed deeply.

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Rabbit waved at the newcomers shyly from his place up on the roof. ”Hi guys,” He twisted and began to drop down, carefully checking the set of his hands before he dropped with a gentle oomph. From inside the sounds of hammering filled the little clearing in front of the tavern, and Iomair found himself immediately caught in a smile as the trio of Caledonians made their way towards them.

Percival was trailed by a dog that the King did not recognize – a warm colored man with a cork-screw tail, his amber eyes glancing about curiously as Percivals solemn face watched on. The bushy faced Parhelion had Iomair reaching out for a handshake, ”It’s been awhile my friend,” He offered, ”I was hoping to come and see you.”

Ridgewell poked his head out of the doorway and grunted at the young girl, Valkyie. ”So you’ve come to help?” A cat wove between his legs before eagerly traipsing towards the Savoy. ”Pippa is useless at hammerin’, but she’s awfully good at yammerin’.”

”Hey!” Came a disgruntled mumble, ”I’m right here.”

”I don’t believe we’ve met,” He dipped his head at Reblin, and introduced himself before gesturing them all towards the tavern.

”What do you think?”

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Thanks for joining! :)

There was so much going on, so many wolves in one segregated area that she felt her anxiety spike. Suddenly there was four, now there were six, and the female looked at Reblin, with a curious glint in her eye, looking at his tail. Then the glacier orbs trailed to his face, then to Precival.

Oh, sure; I guess I could-

And she was stopping her speech to look at the cat, feeling suddenly nervous, and the hands steepled then went to her side. Valkyrie looked towards Iomair, then towards Ridgewell, unsure if he was speaking to her or not, she tilted a head to the left. It was apparent he was, those orbs were intent on her and when he mentioned Pippa, Valkyrie smirked.

Rabbit offered a shy “hi”, Val beamed at him. “Well hey there yourself.” Valkyrie, a little flitty, yet not uncouth.

I am sure Pippa could out work me any day, guaranteed I will out yammer her though..” Stepping forwards the mischievous Savoy child approached and grabbed one of the hammers. Her face was beaming with a grin, of course this was the day it would be. “Just hit the nails? I seen my dad do it.” A grin then as she shrugged, the Savoy looked to Pippa who seemed to be scrutinizing her. “I’m kidding, I know how to use this. Tell me where to go, and I’m your girl.” The speech wasn’t directed at really anyone, but Reblin and Ridgewell were nearest to her. Same with the cat which she leaned down to pet silently, studying its colors.

Then she directed her attentions towards the King, and she gave the building a once over and screwed a face up. “Its cool.” Short, breathy reply, as she turned towards the roof, and walls. Giving it a real good once over.

What had she gotten herself into?
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Percy took Iomair's weathered hand into his own and clasped it firmly, a reverent look on his face.

"Much too long," he agreed with a polite smile. "That's my fault for not checking in with you sooner, High King Iomair. Between the trade opportunity with Salsola and the livestock event in Del Cenere, I- Well, there's really no excuse. Time just somehow slipped away from me."

He gave offered Iomair a low, apologetic wag of his wiry tail and left it at that. Like the River Goddess' eternal current, time was perpetual and restless. No matter what was happening in the world or in the lives of Luperci, time and rivers moved ever on.

"Nope, sure haven't!" the piebald wolfdog replied uncouthly, eliciting a humiliated groan from Percival. "I'm Reblin, Percy's cousin. Not that you can tell. I mean, you look more related to him than I do!" He made an exaggerated gesture to his chin, pretending to preen a beard.

Valkyrie's flirtatious attitude towards Rabbit drew his attention. He glanced at the hound with raise brows and an amused smile that grew into toothy grin when the shy man looked quickly away and fiddled absently with his tools.

"Well, this place don't look like it'll be Biff's Bar cool or Ugly Coyote rowdy, but if its got booze an' games an' shit then it's already awesome by default," said Reblin with honesty, glancing around them with a lopsided grin that disappeared when he met his cousin's hooded, unamused eyes.

Releasing a sigh, Percival looked back at the young woman. "Reblin and I were just polishing up the wood and cleaning up some of this dust, if you wanted to help with that," he said to Valkyrie. "But there's plenty of other tasks left to be done, I'm sure. Perhaps Pippa could use some help with the decorating?" He glanced at Iomair for additional ideas.

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”No no, don’t apologize Percy. You were simply doing your job. I too could have sought you out – but it is the season for preparation, I believe that we’ve all been busy. Once the tavern’s open, you and I will have to settle in for a catch up. Trade some stories, eh?” He gently squeezed the mans shoulder and offered him a wide smile. Percival Parhelion was like the son he’d never had – dutiful, respectful, full of a responsible sense of himself that Iomair had been drawn to the moment that he’d met him.

He knew he was lucky to have pieces of the old Nova Scotia as a part of his realm; Saga from Mistfell Veil, Kalypso from the Court… and there was the Parhelion tie to the old Krokar. They all lent strength and culture – adding threads to their tapestry (and children, like Valkyrie) that would assure that the realm would live on for generations to come.

Reblins exclamation had the King chuckling, ”I have heard that before. Welcome to the Realm Reblin – I am in the Bastion if you ever need anything.” He ran a hand over his beard, ”Where did you come from, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Rabbit awkwardly watched Valkyrie, his eyes wide. ”Uh, ok. Um. Watch your fingers with that-“ He winced as she picked up the hammer, struggling as if he wasn’t sure… could he grab her hand to correct her? This was the worst.

Iomair cocked his head, ”What’s the Ugly Coyote?”

Pippa appeared with a collection of fabric folded precariously in her hands. ”We have to make sure that there is obviously a womans touch. If we leave it to these fools everything will be covered in dust for months.” She laughed and disappeared through the entry way before emerging a moment later, ”I think if we hang banners from the ceiling in our colors… or maybe even find some flowers…”

Iomair chuckled, ”Of course Pippa, whatever you think looks good.”

”Hm, lets see if we can get more of this wood put away – I’m happy to help polish and dust.”

Rabbit murmured to Valkyrie, "Lets check out the inside - you can help me hang some of the mirrors we found."

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Among the many faces, and things to do, Val’s focus was drawn to everyone, separately. First it was the interactions between Percy and the King. A brow quirked, old friend, eh? Just exactly how old were they? Nine?

Trade in Salsola? Livestock show? The girl flickered the hammer around, narrowly missing her own kneecap. Rabbit told her, no warned her, Valkyrie just said; “heh” and shrugged a shoulder.

Reblin spoke next, drawing Val’s eyes before she chuckled at his statement. The King then questioned about the Ugly Coyote to which she quickly responded with: “It’s a place in the Ganglands, where you can get food and drink alike. They got gamblin’, hootin’, and hollerin’.” It was proclaimed proudly, before she added; “Or, like so I’m told.” Silvered shoulders lifted up in a half shrug.

Pippa spoke of a woman’s touch and Valkyrie chuckled before Rabbit turned to her, and spoke about going inside. Her smile, bright and full of mischief, turned upon Rabbit, mere inches from his face. “Well sure thing, Rabbit.” Then the Savoy chuckled to herself. “Hey if I say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” do I get to make a wish?” At some point the silver girl thought she was hilarious, from pronouncing things she often times read in books, and assumed others would get.

Setting the hammer down she entered quietly, before letting out a low whistle. “I’ll be damned, this joints pretty swell.” Proclaimed before she spun to face Rabbit, perhaps, once more, too close to him. Long lashes batted, and she added flirtatiously, with a slow smile; “Dontcha think, Rabbit?

Then a step backwards as she quite literally turned on her heel. Unfortunate for her, it was not as smooth as she intended, for as the Savoy woman went to walk away, her attentions weren’t on that of her surroundings and she ran smack into a wooden pillar, of which a half hung banner simultaneously wrapped around her foot. “Ow.” Val rubbed at her forehead, all the while attempting to unwrap herself from the banner, without tearing it.
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Percy nodded in deference to the High King, both appreciative of the man's understanding and receptive to his suggestion. "Yes," he agreed with a warm smile. "I will look forward to it."

While the conversation turned to his cousin, the scruffy Parhelion allowed himself to slip into his thoughts. Percival had grown to accept the flaws of his own father and tolerate the differences between them. Indeed, he loved his father as any child should. But, and not for the first time, he wondered how improved their relationship might be if Milos was more like Iomair.

"Oh, all over," Reblin replied after puffing out a theatrical breath. "It'd probably be faster to tell you were I'm not from. But until recently I was doin' a stint in the Del Cenere Gang, helpin' some old crone load an' move her boozy concoctions to the Ugly Coyote, 'til Scruffy McScrufferton here brought me to Ye Olde Homesteade. Ain't that right, Cuz?"

"Regrettably," Percy replied flatly with half-lidded eyes and a long-suffering sigh.

Both men looked at Valkyrie with surprise when the young woman offered an answer to the High King's question.

"Score one for the Silver Lady!" Reblin hollered with a grin, pointing emphatically at Val. His moon-colored eyes flicked to Iomair before alighting on her again with a knowing look that suggested he didn't believe that she hadn't experienced the mood and atmosphere of the Ugly Coyote herself.

In contrast, Percival's expression soured, unhappy at the idea of the young Savoy sitting in such a boisterous, dishonest establishment as a tavern. It reminded him unpleasantly of his experiences with Biff's Bar, or, more accurately, his experiences chasing Inara there and suffering the jeers and catcalls when she would dance for its patrons.

"That would be helpful," he said to Iomair. Reblin was a surprisingly dedicated worker when his attention wasn't diverted, but there was little hope for that now.

Reblin snorted loudly and grimaced when Valkyrie lost her footing and bonked her head. But rather than offer anything in the way of assistance or sympathy, he instead leaned in conspiratorially toward Rabbit and whispered behind his hand. "That chick is totally into you, Flopsy."

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”Hooting and hollering? That sounds…” Iomair shook his head, ”Wild.”

A chuckle erupted through the Kings mouth.

”You been there Valkyrie?” Some part of him wasn’t surprised that the wild Savoy daughter had gone so far. One day Iomair wanted to travel between each of the packs in order to trade information and show New Caledonias growth – but there were more important relationships to be made at home.

”What about your Rabbit?” The hound ducked his head, ”Oh no no. I much prefer staying here. I like the Dye Studio-“

”HA!” It was Pippa peering through an open window, her mottled fur dotted with smears of dust. ”It’s true. You’re always hanging around outside – but you never drop anything off!” She huffed before disappearing into the rafters, arranging banners that would eventually tickle patrons heads.

The tips of the hounds ears practically burned, and Iomair barked a laugh as they all headed inside. He desposited his collection of wood on a nearby table, and pulled chairs so that they were laid out properly.

He raised his brow at Reblin. ”One day you will have to tell me of all the places you’ve been.” He worked a cloth in his hands and brushed dust from what he could reach.

The Tavern was coming together. He could see the vision of what the building would be once they were finished with it.

”Oh V-Valkyrie, watch out-“ But it was too late. Rabbits warning came just before the young woman walked straight into a beam.

Iomair glanced between the group, ”This is good work all of you.” 

Ridgewell grumbled from behind the bar. "You alright?"

”Oh god, y-you think so?” Rabbit replied to Reblin with a gasp.  He was watching Valkyrie warily as she unwound herself from the tapestry.

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Reblin said score one for the silver lady, and perhaps that’s what made her fall. To be honest, it was probably the fact that she was trying to show off. After all, Rabbit was cute!

She rubbed her head with a hand as she watched everyone else work. Valkyrie felt suddenly helpless, Rabbit called out the warning but was unable to finish before everyone was looking at her.


Ridge well asked if she was alright, and she lowered her ears before squeaking out; “Yeah, fine, that pillar just jumped out at me I suppose.

Now where was she? Oh, right, she untangled her foot, and the familiar tear of a tapestry made her grit her teeth. “Oops.” Maybe she wasn’t as much help as she originally intended to be! Once untangled fully, she walked over to Rabbit, hoping to resume where they’d left off.

Yet, when she walked up, it would appear as though Reblin and Rabbit were just getting done discussing certain things, and by the look on Rabbit’s face as he stared openly at her, she scoffed.

Mine as well draw me, ‘stead of starin’ least it’ll last longer.” As she approached closer the silvery hands steepled and she smiled widely at Rabbit.

Well? Shall we?” It was more jovial than she expected, laced with flirtatious ways, Val only brushed a piece of tapestry off her shoulder and gestured for him to lead the way to finding the mirrors. Once he lead the way, she would look back towards Reblin, offering him a wink.

Careful now Val.

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