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Quote:For Wrath/Mike, location: stone alter.
Dated: August 18th

It was several weeks since their encounter. 

Wrath had delivered and done his due diligence, given her exactly what she had told him to, producing her with more than she had signed up for. 

That morning the sickness took over, signs and promises of something he had given her. Elphaba's voice screamed in her head about the union together, and solely between Aani and Eden. 

Somehow though, it was his fault. 

Not like she couldn't be blamed too, for initiating it. For taking the brute against a tree, for allowing herself to be given up in the most fucked up ways. Aani had sensed it, but wasnt aware until now, the only option to help her along, would be to find that wretched creature and make him help her. 

Eden was too precious for the things Aani did, and her heart skipped a beat, as she slipped out of bed. Kissing her mate and telling her she would return soon, reassuring her everything was fine. 

Slipping out in the early morning dew, gave her a cover she aimed to have, slinking her way past several others, that cloak covering the smell, drenched in lavender from weeks before. After all, how else was she to cover the scent of Wrath all over her? 

When she had arrived to his den site, the woman's rather boastful and anxious voice boomed at his slumbering form.

"Wrath! Wake up." Round two later, for now, her mind focused on what was happening inside her body. 

The way she figured, Aani was almost three weeks along, and she had access to drugs that could kill them. Then she would have to have him be there when she passed them, and let him devour the creatures, as the cannibal he was. 

They were his, it only made sense. 

It was one of those mornings where even Wrath woke up content. Birds sang cheerily, and the cool of the night was slowly swept away by the rising sun. He dosed happily while the vanilla scent of sweetgrass lingered in his olfactory. 

The peace and contentment didn't last long, however. Aani was rousing him with what sounded like a degree of urgency, and he growled in reply.

"What do you want? To get fucked again?" He grinned, pushing his huge frame to all fours.

He hadn't seen his sponsor for some days, and he was astute enough to know why. He knew little of her family—just Arius so far, whom he met at the falls—but he knew she had a lover of sorts as well, although it wasn't a conversation that had cropped up in any great detail. 

It made him wonder about Aani. Her morals were at least as shaky as his own, and he thought that their allegiance would either be a dangerously good fit, or it would lead to disaster and suffering for one—if not both—of them. He didn't mind which way it went. The most critical element was that they were not boring!

He sniffed the air and noticed her scent had changed. The cause wasn't apparent to him, so he frowned, appearing simultaneously expectant and miffed.



Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
Salmon orbs took in his form, slumbering it seemed, to wake up and stare at her like that.

Aani’s lip curled upwards and she felt as though she could bite the other half of his face off, then take advantage of it and maybe gobble up an eyeball or two. Relaxing her shoulders and trying to not look so irritated at him. A frown set into her features and the woman stared at him dumbfounded for a moment before letting loose a small growl.


Even though it was on her mind when he mentioned it and she would like to do so the woman approached him and stared into his good eye, letting loose a growl, once more before trailing sharp claws against his scarred side of his face. “We have a problem, and you need to help me fix it.” Aani wasn’t fucking my around, not anymore, and the seriousness on her face told him as much. Or if it didn’t, it should have.

The clipped, shorter responses were beginning to make themselves known, and the Aston female revealed her body with a shove of her coat off her shoulders, allowing the shoulders to roll, before she stood before him in her entire fur coat, naked so to say.

Watching carefully this black demonic monster, staring at her satchel she’d shoved off in the process, and wondering if Wrath had ever thought about children, if she had best have them, or perhaps, it would be best to kill the demons spawns, considering she was betrothed and it would be somewhat suspicious, considering while Eden was black and dark in coloration, Wrath was purely black.

A long drawn out noise came from her throat, perhaps a warning growl, or perhaps something else. Whatever it was, Aani’s gaze was fixated on the beast, staring into his good eye, lowering herself to his level(which wasn’t too far honestly).

Do you know what the problem could be?” Quipped Aani, her head tilting to the left, staring, without blinking for a long, long time. If he knew what was good for him, he had better know, otherwise nothing could stop him from her own personal rage and fury.

Tit for tat.

Most of that side of his face was numb. He could sense the pressure of Aani's claws but could not feel the sharp bite of their slender tips. He studied her features as she spoke. The tension was palpable; her every movement was strained, urgent.

A problem. An issue that could wait a moment as Wrath let his good eye slide over her exposed curvature as she doffed her coat. He growled as well, but in a very different way. 

Finally, his gaze accepted hers, and he considered her statement.

"Our problem." He drawled. 

The brute was not stupid, but he did take his time to consider this before his gaze found her abdomen for the second time. His eyes widened. 

"It seemsh as though this is your problem, Aani." He continued to stare, each slow breath drawing deeper. "But the pack... that could make it my problem."

His gaze shifted, staring sidelong at a brilliant sunrise, the concentrated beams of light breaking through the shimmering leaves, revealing floating, feather-light seeds, which carelessly swirled in the refreshing morning breeze. The slight wind stirred and sifted through his sable pelt.

He looked at her and said: "What do you need?"

His words were distant, spoken slowly. He had more than once considered the prospective of offspring. If he had any in the world, he had no knowledge of them and ultimately no desire to know, despite the likelihood of their existence. He had no legacy and knew of no female that would survive life with him. Salsola, therefore, was his legacy, or more accurately, he intended to die as a part of theirs.

But Aani. She had so far suffered his dark nature; in fact, she had revelled in it, against that tree and then down in the dirt. He smirked, but the gesture didn't last long and faded.

"They have to be killed?" He lifted his brows. The question was asked matter-of-factly. The sun really rises in the east?



Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
Repetitive about it, Wrath repeated the saying, Aani had to stop herself from slapping him. A small curl of her lip as she watched, waited for his mistake.

But he did not make any, well—

Her orbs shifted and her maw opened in a snarl, how dare he put the blame on her. It was his fault for coming in her anyways. After all they were tied together for a while. Salmon orbs narrowed, glaring at him, holding her tongue for the betterment of herself, and he.

The pack and these spawns are your problem.” Too harsh? Too snarky? Aani didn’t care, didn’t even fucking want to think what he might do, could do, should do…

His next question pulled her back to reality, back to her volatile situation, her hideous mindset. “They need to be killed, yes Wrath.” Condescending, holding a snarly tone, careful to not sound as though she were going to pat him on his back for getting the things she was hinting at correctly.

Good boy, now roll over.

Cream hands folded over her stomach, resting for but a moment, before they rested into her satchel. “I have something to induce labor, and I could shift. But I need you to help me to make sure I don’t die.” Are you even capable? She thought to herself, putting her hands quite literally with the devil.

Wrath grinned. He enjoyed the effect of his words. 

The consequence of his actions was impressive. However, it made him wonder how many bastard spawn there may be running amok--dark of pelt and mind.

"It's no problem." He stated with a shrug.

His eyes glazed over as she spoke; his thoughts were caught up elsewhere. Salsola, the legacy, everything he was living for, was more important to him. He had sacrificed his ego for this pack. He'd rolled over to confrontation, and there was no challenge more significant to the black beast.

He didn't know what labor meant, nor did he know the ramifications shifting would have on his offspring. Now Aani wanted his help to stay alive, and he took a moment to consider everything relatively.

"Alright. Sho, you want to kill our babies. You need to." He wasn't going to let her escape this salient fact. He felt something heavy inside him, like a ball of lead in his lungs, but he could not place the exact emotion... if that's what it was.

"I can dispose of them once they are here. How do you want me to keep you alive?" Disposhe,  was how he pronounced it.

Every word ensured the onus was put back on her. But, If the baleful vixen could do this, it would surely be no trouble for a great sociopath to consume his young. He'd never devoured a puppy before. His cannibalistic inclinations were generally associated with sport--entertainment--not practicality and subterfuge.

"Let'sh do it... quickly." He cast his gaze back to the drifting featherlight seeds and to the rising sun. Another day broke, but unfortunately, there was nothing left within him with which to do the same.

Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
A bastardized litter, one due to her own doing, her own product of infidelity. The affair was a secret one, a sponsor and her sponsee. Quite literally the worst combination she could have ever imagined.

But yet, his infatuation with death, made him the most willing victim, the willing partner she needed and wanted to create this lifetime of fuckery with. Aani wanted to hit him, grab his blanked over head and slap him. Although, he might like that, then she would fuck him again. A reward, maybe she would return the favor and allow him to get some head too…

If he was lucky and did as she asked, she could reward him. Maybe, maybe not. Who fucking knew anymore. Aani didn’t know. Everything was a huge question now, and the brute stared dumbfounded before his words were repeated. An anger bubbled in her chest and the demonic woman folded hands over her stomach before looking over him.

She snapped, a side of her that was laced with venom and something else. “Wrath, darling, if I start to loose blood get a doctor, if it’s too painful feed me opium. Not too much though. A snort or two should do some good. I can induce it with a plant, we just need to find it. And I can take drugs, then I can shift. It will initiate the start of the labor process, as assuming you’ve probably not dealt with this before…” She gestured to her stomach and Then to him. “Just, we can’t tell anyone, I need you Wrath.” If anger wouldn’t work, perhaps the need for him would.

He just looked blankly into the distance, and Aani followed his gaze towards the rising sun. “Come on, we should do this somewhere secluded.” A hand as she exited his den site, was gestured towards the field. “Its pretty fucked up, blood, but probably nothing you’re not used to seeing.

A shrug, as she walked, expecting him to follow.

Wrath barely flinched as he watched the vixen and her irate temper unfold and flare before him. He only grinned. He couldn't process the sense of urgency or panic. He'd done far worse, was in fact about to, to his own children!

"Of coursh." He stated. That being about the limitation of his reassurances.

He began shifting even as she talked. He shifted quickly, often practising it to reduce any time spent in that vulnerable 'in-between' state.

The musculature of his Optime form was even more pronounced than his four-legged version. His back was expansive, his shoulders powerful, and his arms had a ridiculous girth. His favourite method of murder as Optime was a simple bear-hug, where he would crush their ribs and spine until they snapped, folded, or their eyes popped from their skulls.

He snorted, impatient, before following her. He hated the two-legged form, as it felt tense and cumbersome. 

He detected a change of tone in Aani's voice; it became almost cloying, and starkly contrasted her earlier frantic yells and beratement. He cared just a little harder for a little moment.

"The Opium?" He said, holding out his shovel-like hand, assuming she was carrying it. He was watching her with his usual curiosity. "You're nervoush, aren't you?" He couldn't feel it himself, but he knew how it looked on others. She was usually snappy, but this was an unprovoked emotion. He imagined he could hear every one of the multitudes of thoughts racing through her mind.

They crossed the flat field in search of the plant, and the ground fell away to a small stream, and on the other side was the woods, which offered some more privacy. 

"I've never seen... this. A birth." He laughed, although it lacked any mirth. He had that ball of lead in his stomach again. He certainly wasn't hungry, cannibal or no, there was something different about this, something that unnerved even Wrath himself. 

His voice betrayed him, capturing some of the sensations on their way out, decorating each word with a new, meek intonation. "I wonder what they will look like. Who they will look like." He blinked, rocked by the consideration. He looked at Aani and asked the most unlikely thing he ever could ask:

"Are you okay?"  



Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
Ending this litter meant everything to her. There was no mind paid to how Wrath felt, for killing his lineage. He could either help her, or not, it didn’t matter to the devilish woman.

And when she looked up at him, she saw all of him. Her groin twitched, and then so did her nose. “You should wear this form more often.” A compliment, from the shedevil, perhaps the only one he would hear. Yet, she could feel herself growing closer and closer, but it didn’t bother her any. Why should it?

She couldn’t be touched.

Handing over the opium he questioned her, and Aani chose not to answer him, instead walked them into the seclusion of the forested lands. The sod beneath her feet folded and she listened to him silently. Why did she feel vulnerable?

Wrath asked her something that made her mind want to hear him say it again. But instead she snarled. “Does it fucking matter who?? Of course I’m not okay.” A clawed hand raked through her hair, then rugged at it, before raking along her face.

Lets just find these fucking plants.” Irritability in her tone, and then, the hint of something else. Who would they look like?

Despite her thoughts, she turned and searched, searched for minutes, seconds, hours? Who fucking knew, who cared?

And then they searched more, Aani in pure silence despite if he spoke to her. Finally, she dug up and rooted around, finding some roots and a few flowers as well. “These will help. Best to be made into a tea, but I guess I didn’t think of that.” She paused then shook her head. “Oh well, I suppose I can suck on them and eat them.” A shrug before she walked further into the forested land, further away from others.

Further from ears to be heard upon her painful exploration. “Shall we begin?” Without wanting his consent she bit into the bitter root, chewed it up, sucked on it, then spit it out. Next, she did the same thing to the flower. And then made a couple of gagging noises, and then began her shift into her Secui form.

The sepia seductress complimented him. She was so insatiable that, moments before murdering their own litter, she still wanted sex. He was conflicted, however. He wanted to fuck her as often as possible, but as he thought of how his puppies might taste, that inclination began to fade. 

Wrath opted not to reply as Aani searched for the plants and explained she wasn't okay. Beyond curiosity, Wrath had nothing for her. He was attracted to her, and he enjoyed a good scratch behind the ear, but the weathered wolf was hardened by cynicism and had no intention of letting anyone near any of his internal organs, let alone his heart. His external organ, on the other hand...

He was purely carnivorous and had no idea what he was looking for, so he mostly sniffed the air, scanned the woods and listened while Aani hunted for the plant. He would have done this regardless of whether the moment called for covert behaviour. One thing that could be said for the two of them is that no intruder would have survived an encounter with Wrath and Aani at that point. He wondered if she registered the irony. She was fraternizing with a monster—a killer—and yet it was the safest place she could be, far away from anyone. 

Wrath remained quiet even as she dug up the plants and explained how she would digest the toxins. Due to his facial scarring, his expression was challenging to interpret, and he watched her closely, gaze flicking between her face and the plant before they moved deeper into the woods. He watched her for longer than he needed to, for longer than she knew, as she moved in front of him. He took a moment to consider this may be her last day, her last few moments, if it all went wrong.

"We should." He said, licking his chops at precisely the wrong moment.

Any semblance of sentimentality was long gone by this point. It would have to be. If Wrath allowed himself to care, if he even could care anymore, he would go insane after this. There was only one thing he needed to know first.

"Do you think they'll tashte better hot or cold?"



Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
Maiming her own body, and then that of children. Aani came to a new high, or low depending on your standpoint.

Aani shifted then, her stomach squeezed with a small pain, but in her Secui form, she was tinier than Wrath— because what part of her wasn’t tinier than that monstrous man— but her height and bulky shoulders, still gave a little bit of fear. Bigger than Lupus, smaller than Optime. Oh well, this would have to do.

The tawny woman turned to gaze at him, licking her lips as well. Aani had never been one for cannibalism, but maybe she could start now? No, just the thought made her queasy. Or perhaps, perhaps that was just the drug making her feel suddenly sick. And Aani looked upwards sitting down in a sitting position.

They’re going to be hot when they come out of me, Wrath.” Had no one even taught the brute how things worked? Aani came a small “tch” at the end of her speech, followed by her eyes looking towards him, then towards the forested place.

I think it takes a while to kick in, maybe another half hour?” Murmured softly, to herself than anyone else. The snarky antics disappeared on a whim, the female clutched her Secui like hands into the dirt, shaking out her mane.

She didn’t speak anymore, didn’t say a word, instead began walking into the thick forest, waiting for when it would finally begin. Maybe walking in Secui would help it pump through her blood fast. If it was anything like she’d been told, she would need the Opium soon, and then— more.

Aani chewed on her lip, and continued walking, for twenty minutes before she finally grew tired. And her orbs met with the one of Wrath’s giving him a nod of the head for the opium. It would be time, she could already feel her pelvic area beginning to heat up, like it was on fire, and her stomach churned. God, I hope this doesn’t kill me.

Fortunately for the fox-like floozy, Wrath was distracted. Her confidence was growing exponentially around him and, if not for contemplations of devouring his offspring, he may have turned his appetite on her.

"Dead puppies cool quickly." He pointed out.

He recalled the forsaken family in the forest, all dead except a single child. To ensure the young wolf no longer had to suffer, he went back and killed it. He hadn't thought twice. Just bite, squeeze, snap, swallow. 

Was this situation any different? They'd suffer a lot more being kept alive under the care of two such monsters.

As the daunting task drew near, Aani became silent. Not surprising. Even Wrath could understand her fears. He was uncomfortable enough with the situation, and he would at least get a meal out of it, whereas Aani was literally risking her life. He'd miss her if she did die. Sure, she had a big mouth, but equally, she knew how to use it to his benefit. 

He opened the packet containing the opium and, as any curious canine would, he pushed his nose into the top of the sachel and sniffed it. He recoiled, his eyes blinking, watering.

Coughing, he pinched the base of his snout as if to alleviate the burning sensation. This didn't seem ideal.

He blinked a few more times at Aani, and opened his mouth to speak. He sighed then closed it. Apparently, there was nothing to say.

Frowning, as if trying to focus, he slowly began shaking the powder onto his palm so the patient it was actually intended for could have some.

He looked around, distracted, continually sighing. He was frowning a lot, too. 

"I feel..." And he stopped there. He had nothing else to add, or he couldn't find the words.


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Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
Every time the onyx creature with scarred features spoke, she wanted to punch him, and then do lewd things to him.

It was an inappropriate time for her to ask for more than he was willing to offer. Her own attachment to him was a sickening one, enticed by only pure fuel for self preservation. The biggest and baddest creature around on her side, and in her corner would be grander in the long run. If he could hack it in Salsola as it was.

Then, Wrath sniffed at the pouch before Aani could say “no”, and she gritted her teeth. “What the fuck moron?” The last part was between seething breaths, painful too, at that. The opium wasn’t enough, and with powder on his nose the woman actually shook her head and chuckled lowly. “Oh honey, you’re in for some fun feelings.

Aani approached his palm and sniffed at the contents, purposefully before licking the remainder of powder from his palm, savoring it’s taste. It had been an hour now, perhaps a little longer that the two sat in a comfortable, opium induced silence. With a feel deep breath, she laughed, before she gritted her teeth, and the contractions began. Yet, it was more painful than she remembered and she lurched forwards, her stomach contracted, hard and the first scent of blood tinged the air.

Aani’s Secui hands folded inwards and her knees buckled. The painful course of contractions wracked her body and she bit back the sob in her throat. Instead her eyes stung with tears.

And so it began.

The first passing of a lifeless body was the thick, juicy noise, right after she grunted, and it fell onto the ground with a plop. The sack around it was bloody, far too dark for her liking, but she simply shrugged it off and limped forwards, leaving it for Wrath to deal with. It wasn’t alive, there was no way it could have been. The coloration of the lifeless creature was a perfect mixture of black and red giving it a sort of dark chocolate coat.

Another burst of tears, and her body shook, then she felt like she wanted to vomit. And she did, her own body trying to expel the roots, and Aani slammed her hands into the ground.

Within twenty more minutes, the woman was panting heavily and the bleeding didn’t stop. No, I’m fact, it seemed to pick up a bit as she screamed out a cry, another body fell onto the ground from between her legs. This one though, kicked, making gasping noises as the sack burst once it hit the ground. She narrowed her eyes at it, the feeling of keeping it alive was strong in her heart, but not stronger than her need to thrive. Hopefully Wrath wouldn’t get too sentimental, this one was black, like him, with the cream colored hands like her.


She panted, and paced again. Another scream and growl tore from her throat.”Fuccckkkk!

Wrath may have taken offence to her ejaculative name-calling had he not just inhaled a lung-full of opium for the first time in his life. On the contrary, he felt relatively calm about the whole debacle. 

"When you're not sho vulnerable, I'm going to make you pay for that." 

She was skirting death already, and although the sepia vixen tended to push his buttons with her attitude, he was fond of her in some obscure way. He did not want her dead, but he thought he could have fun pushing her to the edge of her mortal limits.

She smoothed over her initial response, and he eased back against a large tree. He slid down the trunk until he was sitting at the base of it, watching.

Fortunately, the hefty wolf had a speedy metabolism, and once he became more aware of his surroundings, he instinctively began to shift back to his preferred Secui form. 

He shifted in time for the first of her contractions. His countenance remained unreadable as he searched Aani's face and form. He drew in the smell of blood. Their blood—his blood, he supposed.

The first of his young hit the floor with that graceless and disgusting sound. His jaw set tight, and he swallowed, exhaling a slow breath. He stared at the motionless sac of blood for a long time until Aani screamed again.

He moved slowly towards the lifeless child, sniffing, watching. He nudged it with his nose, then harder. He lifted his gaze to watch Aani again, but she was probably too distracted to notice his dithering.

He shook his head. He opened his mouth, grabbed the body by its neck, and, in the process, punctured the fluid sac. He lifted the tiny form in his mouth and bit down. 

The small body folded and snapped; its spine cracked with a satisfying crunch. Blood spurted from the sac and oozed from each side of his mouth. It drained down his neck and chest and onto the floor, forming an almost black pool.

He made short work of the foetus, leaving no trace except the excessive gore at his feet. 

Rain was approaching. Not for some time, but the ground would be cleansed, and this mass murder of miniature monsters would be nought but a memory. 

As Aani fell to her hands and knees, Wrath approached on quick steps. Stopping short, frowning. There was a lot of blood.

"Doctor?" He asked; although he figured he knew the answer. How could they risk someone turning up now? He could threaten the medic, he supposed, but the risk seemed phenominal.

The second hit the floor, and he moved behind her, sniffing at it. The scent wasn't unappealing. In fact, the small, struggling form smelled pleasant. Familiar somehow, like the smell of home.

Black. This one could have been him. Was his. His brow was deeply lined with the frown, and he stared at Aani as she regarded it. In fact, he was glaring at her. His expression was imploring.

Another shake of his head. "Envy. I hope you tashte better than your sishter." 

He clamped his jaws around the black puppy's head; the bite severed its spine and terminated its suffering.

He devoured the torso, tail and limbs, then gagged. His stomach was filling, and he had not enjoyed the previous course. He glanced at Aani again, then to the ground. He turned and walked a small distance away, prowling the perimeter. He smelled the air—the dry leaves and grass, the rustic and deep scent of bark—and scanned the horizon. 

"Fuck." He said, as he drew in another breath and made his way back to her. "How many more?"

He didn't want to know, not really. He was trying to take his mind off it. He was a murderer, but for the first time he felt a new, powerful instinct: To protect those he was systematically killing.



Hell is empty, and all the Devils are here...
He ate them, one at a time, she didn’t bother paying attention. His words in fact, infuriated the sepia colored woman, her cream hands squeezed onto her pelt, suffering the consequences for her actions. Albeit, she didn’t suffer, in fact, even though it was painful, she relished in it.

At least I’m feeling something.

She could have been dead, could have been unconscious and Wrath, the demon he was, devouring her pelt. Of course that’s what he would do, if the woman happened to be dead. One more push, another little critter wound up falling out. This one was malformed, and misshapen, it’s eyes, covered by no fur on its eyes, and made her growl to herself. Certainly the dark pelted child would have been an abomination, or perhaps, it was she who caused such a thing, anyways.

Initiating the shifting and the process of abortion was likely to cause deformities, yet, she felt fine. He continued speaking and she just growled.

No. Doctor. No. More. Puppies.” It was said through thick teeth, and as she breathed harder and harder, the woman wound up leaning against Wrath, her Secui form not large, but also not as bulky as his. This support of a way, was her final straw. She was done. These burdens had been taken away, and she had no doubt created a demonic presence in not only herself, but perhaps Wrath.

And so, with thick salmon eyes, she gazed up towards him, gave a small smile, and allowed the pain to consume her in all forms. Namely that of sleep.

She would live on to see another day, and that couldn’t be said about her own children.

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