[P] [M] Dandelions and liquor

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Quote:Dated for After the Lancaster Stockshow, after they retrieved the wagon...
Location: Five Shields

The duo had made a detour, become closer as pals, and had begun to joke around more and more. The closer they became, the stronger their bond was. Aberama had moved in with him, to allow the Hushhowl male to keep a close eye on him. 

When they walked into the Five shields together, Lyall looking pretty tore up already, Joshephine eyed the two of them before he ordered two of the best shines. Aberama was a horrible friend, but the best at the dame time, slapping Lyall on the shoulder, rather roughly and joking about him making eyes at Josephine. 

Lyall regarded him with a small growl, before Josephine returned to eyeball Lyall again, staring at him right through his soul, it felt like. 

For once it felt like he wasn't going to have to worry about his future too much, with a friend as him at his side, and the discovery that he was one hundred percent into a certain white female, and possibly another certain lady, Aberama made passing the time easier. They had discussed things, and said things that others would have blushed at. 

Settling down onto a both furthest from the door, and his left foot kicked out Aberama's chair, a second before he dared to yank it right out from under him before Aberama went to sit down. 

A laugh came bustling through teeth, and seconds later was returning the chair, before carefully, and cautiously sitting himself down. "So, that Josephine, eh? Ya like 'er or what." It was hushed, low and full of jest. Aberama was probably closer to him than his siblings, by now. 

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: foul language, sexual content, mature themes, drug and alcohol usage. owo.

Wc- 388

Aberama watched the heated glances shot between Lyall and Josephine, fighting the urge to get in-between the two Luperci like his friend was some sort of possession. With a cool gaze he regarded the merled female with a degree of disinterest, finding his attentions fixed time and time again on the monochrome Hushhowl in front of him.

Just as the large male went to sit down in what seemed like an absurdly small chair, Lyall proceeded to yank it out from under him. If his reflexes had been poorer Aberama might have felt the bite of the hard floor on his ass, but besides a stumble the male was quick to catch himself and huffed an annoyed breath at Lyall, aiming to smack him lightly upside the back of his head.

“ Quit wit’ ya shenanigans, boy. “ He drawled before rolling his dual-toned eyes near out of his head at the question asked of him. “ I feel like ya’d fuck anything that presented a warm, willing hole - Christ sakes Lyall. “ Aberama complained, accepting the liquor brought by the female with a trained, polite bob of his head.

The inebriants he’d consumed earlier began to thrum in his gut, a slow steady hum that left the traveler with a silly grin and glassy eyes. Winking at Lyall, he clinked shotglasses with the male before downing his drink and tapping a beat with steady fingers on the tabletop, feeling antsy as the drug took hold.

The patterns present on his companions fur seemed to bend and whirl, and Aberama swayed slightly as he leaned in to get a closer look, hiccupping once. A devilish plan sparked in the back of the males brain to pay the Hushhowl back for nearly causing him to fall over earlier. “ Ya asked for this, shite. “ He whispered hoarsely into Lyall’s ear, carelessly brushing against the male – not noticing how close in proximity he’d become to his friend.

Unceremoniously, he aimed to shove Lyall right out of his chair – not having the presence of mind to care about breaking anything. A wicked smile lit up Aberamas dark features and he felt a strange sort of energy building in his chest at the prospect of finally getting the chance to roughhouse. That it happened to be Lyall? An added bonus.

Lyall had never considered himself enthralled by anyone, let alone a lady such as the muddle pelted female, who was of high dog heritage. Of course, being a dog wasn't a bad thing, but it was something he didn't find particularly attractive. The speed he chose was more like a wolf hybrid, Maisie popped into his mind around that moment, seconds before he was joshing with his friend, enjoying the banter.

Miss Josephine brought their drinks, Aberama did not fall, and to his dismay, he furrowed a brow and slightly frowned at his friend. "Fuck anythin'?!" Lyall Scoffed, slamming the liquor, it hit his belly harder than he thought and he watched as Aberama politely bobbed his head, those tendrils hanging down and slightly, he wanted to reach out and tuck them behind his ear. Once Josephine left their table, Lyall continued, feeling rather odd. "T'a'in't true, 'n ya know it. Ain't nothin' wrong with havin' glances is there?

A harmless question, one given to his friend in the midst of a real joke, something he truly hadn't experienced yet. Aberama was such a ladies man though, all the women constantly pining after him, looking into those sweet, golden and azure orbs. Getting lost in them, losing themselves.... just as much as Lyall was doing now, which caused him to shuffle backwards a bit. Yet, once the hand had been drawn outwards, it simply aimed to slap at Aberama's hand, which moments ago had found the back of Lyall's head. He supposed he deserved that much.

"Oi, fuck you, ya shithead." The grin, mixed with the amount of alcohol he had intook in milliseconds, was beginning to bring out his more playful side. The side that wasn't constantly brooding about women, nor his future, no... the side of Lyall Hushhowl that actually set the pace for him to relax, to have fun, to let loose.

However, what the Hushhowl boy did not expect was for the chocolate pelted male to come flying at him, knocking his drink into his lap, coating those buckskin pants, and for Lyall to topple right out of his chair.

"Aye! You boys knock that shit off! Do it again and you're OUT!" Came the reply from Josephine, to which Lyall's ears immediately laid downwards on his head, and he snaked an arm upwards to latch onto any part of Aberama he could, as the other hand cleared the very strong liquor, of which had gotten in his eyesockets.

The one aquamarine orb glanced upwards, blurring and trying to make sense of the colors of his friend. Finding it somewhat difficult to focus for a second.
wc - 230

Lyall went down with a holler and Aberama hooted in glee, nearly getting toppled with the boy but managing to keep himself righted, somehow. The monochrome male hooked an arm around his earthen-hued pal and tried? Abe wasn’t sure, but it wasn’t very successful. Through the haze of drugs and moonshine he was acutely aware of Lyalls body pressing against his own, the pressure and warmth not altogether unwanted but alien, none the less.

Huffing a terse breath, the wolf heavy hybrid shrugged out of the HushHowls grip at Josephines insistence, waving a hand to breezily dismiss her ire. “ Fine, but hes the one yer after, y’know! “ The male croaked, pushing a dark hand rather rudely into Lyall’s face to shut him up.

Batting long eyelashes at the merled mutt, Aberama winked and sat down obediently. His roommates lessons on how to be ‘ civilized ‘ as he so called it were working, but only when something was to be gained. “ Please, another round Miss.Barmaid. “ He crowed, hooking a too-friendly arm around Lyalls shoulders to scoop him into a faux-hug. “ See? We’re justa couple polite mates out n’ the lash. “

Josephine could trust the newcomer as far as she could throw him, which based on Aberama’s well-muscled form wouldn’t be very far. Rolling her eyes, the barmaid approached and set down 4 more shots.

Aberama hooted, making his small bustling anger a bit surfaced, but was quickly diminished whenever Aberama held him upright, the two of them a little too close for comfort. Nonetheless, he accepted it and his own ears felt too hot, suddenly.

Abe’s own manners were beginning to show, and Lyall couldn’t help but give a gruff laugh, folding his arms over his chest, and whenever the brute asked politely for a drink, found himself choking on the one he just downed. Since when did Abe’s manners come through with batting those long lashes, and then… no wait, what was he doing? An arm slinked across his shoulders and his face was pressed tightly against his body, somehow it felt alien, and yet… gaze shifted upwards to his face, watching and adoring the grin upon his features, gently he frowned, more to himself, but whenever Ane had gone and sat back down, Lyall suddenly missed the warmth.

Josephine set down four more shots, two for the both of them, and Lyall gave her a smile. “Thank ya Josephine, promise we’ll be good!” That smile didn’t falter whenever he looked at Abe, instead it grew if only to imbed the attraction he suddenly felt. Sheepishly he looked at him with bi-colored gaze, those long lashes batted once, as he blinked, and somehow he felt strange.

Holding out the shot glass to his friend, he grinned. “To us, Aberama.” It sounded like a declaration, more than a statement, his stomach suddenly began to flip, and for the first time, the new acquaintance made him feel bashful. Its the liquor.
Wc – 263

“ To us, Aberama. “ 

The scruffy male nearly choked on his own drink, but merely smirked in response with a slightly raised eyebrow. “ To us. “ He echoed Lyall’s words with a husky rasp, spending a moment too long holding his friends dual-colored gaze. One after one, each shot of alcohol made its way past the glint of still-milky teeth and after the second, the recruit was feeling handsy. It wasn’t just the heat of alcohol in his blood that warming the male up – it was hard to miss the sultry glances the Hushhowl seated next to him kept fixing him with.

Recklessly Aberama leaned close to Lyall, releasing a puff of warmth breath near his ear. “ I’m not gunna behave for very long, ya keep lookin’ at me like that. “ He uttered, voice made more hoarse by the desire woven underscoring each word. There was an almost dangerous glint to his gold-rimmed eyes and it was difficult to tell what it promised. It wasn’t the threat of violence that lay within the glassy turquoise depths, but something that burned with raw intensity.

A gentle caress that didn’t match what flashed in Aberama’s gaze traced the outline of Lyall’s bicep, the hulking male scooting even closer and letting his knee rest against the thigh of his companion. Waving to Josephine, the hybrid secured an innocent and boyish look to his features before asking after a few more shots. As she turned away with a curt nod his hand drifted under the table to Lyall’s leg, snaking his hand up the males inner thigh covertly.

Why did he look at him like that? Aberama quirked a brow and then clinked his wooden mug to his, the Hushhowl’s gaze lingered, unwilling to break the long— perhaps far too long— gaze. Suddenly feeling flushed, Lyall looked away, breaking it, once again.

Lyall stole away a few glances at his friend, studying his features, looking at him with some sort of… prowl, he never even knew he possessed, staring admittedly, for far too long, before he noticed the way Abe was smiling. Lyall shuffled in his chair, seating himself all the way back before glancing at a woman’s ass who walked by. Abe was attractive, but he wasn’t like that…. Was he? His mothers’ were a mated pair of the same sex, surely it wouldn’t be too bad to just look?

Lyall found himself drawn in by that voice, husky and like a growl as he spoke. His own innards twitched, his hands balled into fists at his own confusion. What was happening to him? Surely it was the liquor. The second shot was slammed back, and he looked directly at Abe, then smiled at him. “Whatever do you mean?

And suddenly, Abe was scooting closer, a gentle caress to his bicep, the knee touching the inner of his thigh, and Lyall felt his throat cease to allow him to breathe. He felt hot, way too hot, and something tingly in the pit of his stomach and small of his back. What the fuck?

Before he knew it Josephine was upon them and Abe was snaking a hand up to his very tender, flesh, the inner thigh, sensitive and less touched. The hair there softer than anything he had ever known. Sometimes he found himself petting the fur, out of pure joy. His man-good reacted before he could even utter a word, twitching in the growth of what seemed to become arousal. Lyall looked down at the chocolate man, a hunger in his eyes now. Fingers twitched, then flexed, almost hesitating before he reached outwards and cupped his face, a little roughly at first, before lessening the fingers, and trailing it to tuck a strand of hair behind his left ear.

I-I.” A stammered whisper before he cleared his throat, and leaned inwards. A gleam in his bi-colored gaze, flickering to his chest. “I want you to touch me, and to touch you.” Why did he feel so childish? Why did the Hushhowl suddenly feel like their relationship was turning into something more hesitant, more… delicate?

When Josephine returned Lyall turned to her and gave a grin. “Thank you.” Their closeness didn’t bother anyone else, no one was staring, so why did he feel so strange from Abe’s touches? Taking two shots in either of his hands he placed one on the table, directly in front of his friend…. His fingers stayed on it as he looked deep into his eyes. “Drink up, pretty boy.” Where did the tone, the huskiness come from? That grin, followed by his hand ripping upwards towards his mouth while his eyes never left Aberama, what was the intensity?

Lust. Every move Abe made, Lyall didn’t bother to take his eyes off him, studying him. Daring him.
Wc – 344

If Aberama had been wary about testing the waters it seemed to have been for naught, as Lyall readily jumped on the opening provided. The Recruit found no resistance as he teased his way further and further up the downy fur of the other males inner thigh, but unfortunately the view was obscured much to Aberama’s disappointment. Instead, he envisioned what he wished to see mentally and smirked at the twitch of muscle in Lyalls thigh, giving away the males bodily reaction. Unexpectedly, Lyall took the darker hybrids chin in his palm before searing holes through his companions answering gaze, stumbling over a few words before leaning forward, much closer this time.

“ Aye, I can do that Lyall… “ The wolf rumbled his reply, snatching a dark hand away as Jospehine deposited another round with watchful eyes. Purposefully the other male plunked the mug in front of him and Aberama accepted it with a cocky grin, more then ready to continue riding the buzz as they were. The night had only just begun, and a flare of excitement ran up his spine at the signals Lyall had been displaying, noting the dare in the others gaze. “ Ah? Ya think I’m pretty now? “ An amused chuff sounded through blackened lips while the wolf thought of where this back and forth was headed. “ Nd’ what sort of things does one do for entertainment when they are pretty ‘round here? “

It was an obvious bait, but perhaps whatever it was that was brewing between the two brutes needed to be laid out clearly. “ Care to show me, Lyall? “ He queried, gravelly voice displaying how interested Aberama was to find out. Considering the possibilities, the males chest tightened as he envisioned the raven-hued strands woven around his fingers, clutching tightly at the other males head as the white-splashed muzzle drifted lower and lower.. Blinking once, then a second time Aberama cleared his throat and shifted, thankful for the shorts hiding his own predicament. No more day dreams for the time being.

Josephine, pretty in pink, dressed to impress, what a cute girl. Yet. The hybrid mutt, of chocolate coloration, wearing those tight shorts, was looking real fiiiine.

His bi-colored gaze shifted downwards, studying the outline of what might lie beneath the surface. While Lyall appeared shy and reserved, suddenly there was this next level, producing an intensity he never felt before. Sure, maybe towards Maise, but this was different. The Virgin Mary sitting next to the devil, and yet— those virgin lips curled up into a grin.

Something out of a novella, was beginning to form in the Hushhowls mind, finding it easier to lean towards him now that he was liquored up. Something was happening, breaking away a shell he once had and maturing into this strong, able-bodied, individual. Lyall leaned backwards, revealing nothing, but allowed his companion to stroke the innards of his thigh, further and further, his voice made the kids that had fallen shut open up and snap in his direction.

A growl was in his throat, almost too low to be heard, somewhat dangerous sounding. “Never said ya wasn’t purty, Abe.” A slur of his words, followed by a quick swallow of the next drink, dangerously close to busting out his seams and pinning the chocolate brute to the tablet hey we’re on, kissing him long, hard, deep….

He twitched his nose, and answered the question posed not once, but twice— implied at least. “We will saddle up now Josephine.” An announcement louder than expect as those eyes never left his companion, moving so he shifted away from him and stood upwards, a long, silent look, before he glanced away from Aberama and stood up, stretching out his shoulders, before he looked down at him.

Josephine approached, a glance between the hybrids, before rattling off something and Lyall responded by breaking away their gaze, forcefully and giving Josephine thanks. “We appreciate you, but it’s time for us to head on our. Pleasure as always, ma’am.” Too smooth, too cocky, wondering half-heartedly if Aberama was jealous? Did Lyall want to even make him jealous? Maybe a little. A smirk on his lips as he swayed only a moment before offering a dark hand to help his friend up, no longer giving two shits who was looking, and who wasn’t. Lyall wasn’t ashamed, and never would be. The attractions towards males, as well as females, he finally came to a realization, perhaps for the better, too.

As he waited, he gave a gentle smirk.
Wc – 257

Every moment that stretched between the two males was pulled tight, seconds away from unraveling entirely. The lust and want pumping through the travellers veins was a heady sensation, one he very much wanted to stoke into a carefully curated flame. Lyall seemed to pick up on the shift in atmosphere and answered Aberama’s ques with subtle signals of his own, patiently wading through the thick haze of alcohol that made his friend.. slower on the uptake then usual.

A dopey grin passed over Aberama’s face as Lyall stood and offered the male a help up. Taking the sturdy hand gladly, the hybrid gave it a squeeze that lingered, running the tips of his fingers against the Hushhowls palms before breaking away and strolling towards the exit. Keeping his face a mask of indifference was a challenge but he kept it up until the duo had walked out into the crisp, fall evening. 

Greedily Aberama inhaled the fresh hair, relishing the calming effect as it snaked down his lungs. A heartbeat later and the giant turned to Lyall, blue and gold eyes hungrily searching the clear, azure orbs of the Hushhowl. Like there was a barrier between them Aberama lifted his dark hands but stopped just short, longing to take Lyalls face in each palm forcefully, to feel those raven locks clenched in his fingers, tongue forcing an entry into the other males mouth.

Frustrated, the male huffed out a breath and dropped his hands instead, fingertips tingling with phantom sensations. “ Back t’ the Courthouse? “

A gaze lingered to Abe, flowing to Josephine, before settling back on the table. Taking a cool moment to gather himself, the feeling tight in his groin, followed by a shiver that shook his shoulders. However the Hushhowl just rolled them, and then stood.

In a heartbeat he was taking Aberama’s hand, those fingers lingering longer than he had thought they would, surprising him but the heat of their gazes foreign, yet somehow comfortable. A hunger was burning deep in his stomach, traveling to his manhood, as well as to his heart. It thudded strongly, the feelings muddled around between lust and attraction, confused with what was happening but his body reacted before he knew what to even think. Lyall wanted Abe, feverishly, and without further ado, they duo was outside, staring into the crisp night air.

Turning towards Aberama’s voice he caught the hand lingering, before it fell and the Hushhowl reacted before he even knew what he was doing. Two hands rose to the sides of the chocolate brute’s hair, fixing it with a finger, before turning that monochrome hand and cradling the cheek that burned to be touched. Lyall wasn’t thinking about anyone or anything else except for the Gold yearling.

His other hand found a hip bone, pressing onto it and feeling the soft heartbeat beneath his thumb, and with a little bit of force he pushed him backwards until they were in the shadows and the back of the brown hybrid hit a tree, perhaps a little too hard. Lyall only grinned before he dipped downwards and licked the underside of his jaw. “How ‘bout we start right here.” Came the delayed and breathless reply, tickling his chin with the longer fur of the hybrid. Voice was husky, distant to his own ears.

Next, the Hushhowl pressed his body up against his, pinning him in a way, the one hand that was on his hip now traveled to the manhood that twitched beneath the shorts. Briefly, with some hesitation, he lingered over the top of it, before giving it a gentle, slow, squeeze. A small growl rippled in Lyall’s throat as he felt his own erection pushing him for a need to be touched. That same hand on his face went downwards and gently was placed near his neck, tracing his collarbone.

Finally, without further ado, Lyall parted his lips, gazed deep in Abe’s own multi-colored orbs, and planted a dry, careful kiss onto his lips.
Wc – 466

He didn’t know what to expect when it came to his companion’s reaction, but it certainly wasn’t the sudden change in direction and the sharp, rough bite of bark in his back, a soft oof exiting his chest at the impact of Lyall’s forcefulness. There was hardly time to react before a wandering hand was snaking along the chocolate males thigh, the hint of a moan on his lips as the Hushhowls fingers stopped moving and paused for a pregnant moment. Aberama could hear nothing but the roaring of blood in his ears and his throat was suddenly dry, so dry. The anticipation sent a shudder crawling up his spine and instinctively the male leaned into the gentle but respectful grope, eyes nearly rolling into the back of his head at the vicious and commanding onset of need.

A husky laugh slipped from a ruined throat at the politeness in his touch but died as Lyall growled, making his own need known. With a smirk Aberama lifted his chin to receive the careful kiss, innocent and vulnerable. The male wondered how much more of the Hushhowl there was to uncover, and delighted at the investigating that was yet to come between them. He’d find out just what it was that caused the other to come undone completely and would relish doing so. Strong hands drifted around Lyall’s midsection, drifting towards his lower back and nonchalantly settling firmly on the shapeliness of the males ass, copping a feel while possessively bringing him closer.

For a moment Aberama buried his head into Lyall’s shoulder and closed his eyes, inhaling the comforting scent that had become familiar, a permanent fixture in daily life. He hadn’t had this closeness with anybody, physically there had been lovers.. but this felt different. He wanted Lyall to think highly of him, wanted Lyall to reach for him in the night. Most importantly, he wanted him to be around, always. It was an unspoken thing between them but maybe it wouldn’t always be that way.. A hardness dug into Aberama’s inner thigh, pulling him from his train of thought and serving as a reminder as to what was unfolding at this very moment.

“ Well, don’t ya hold out on me boy. “ The hybrid rasped, releasing the swell of the Hushhowls backside to drop a dark hand down the front of the wolfs pants, unceremoniously seeking out the hard, warm shaft that pressed against the sensitive flesh of his inner thigh. Gripping it firmly, Aberama slowly stroked the length of Lyall while looking at him with questioning dual-toned eyes, breathing becoming harder and more ragged. Every place where their bodies touched felt like it beat with an individual pulse and each nerve ending lit aflame begged for more.

Lust filled anxiety shot through his torso and ripped into his heart. Not to mention his nether regions. Lyall sucked in a sharp breath, Aberama’s own groan and moan making him rather turned on. A steamy pile of goop at his finger tips, the chocolate brute buried his head into Lyall’s shoulder and momentarily, the ass grabbing made Lyall rub his shaft against his leg through the jeans. What else was he supposed to do?

Fingering the spine of the chocolate male, the monochrome brute settled with the hand resting on the small of his back, a little flicker of a tongue to his cheek bone. And then— oh fuck. Lyall’s head went backwards, his maw gaping at the feeling of paw pads on his shaft, rubbing it, teasing it to come out more, and more. Before he knew it, he was panting, barely able to grip onto the bark that his hands now squeezed.

His skin was on fire, his body begged him for more, and with a growl, the male pushed his throbbing rod into the meaty hands of Aberama. A feverish whimper erupted, but his hands went to groping Abe’s ass, now, gently at first, the other one snaking down the front of his shorts. A breath hitched in his throat as he felt the massive appendage in his shorts. Lyall grunted, holding himself back from prematurely cumming, but it felt impossible.

It felt so good. Stopping Abe though, with one hand, Lyall fumbled with Aberama’s shorts. “I don’t want to cum just yet…” Husky, domineering, and demanding. Once the shorts were unbuckled, Lyall didn’t have to wait long before they were falling down by themselves to his ankles, the silhouette of the red rocket, glistening in the moonlit sky, with a silky goodness that Lyall licked his lips for.

Slowly, inch by inch, Lyall kissed his mouth, gently, romantically, before he placed a hand on each of his shoulders, working his way down to his collarbone, nipples, sternum, lingering near the bellybutton, feeling the heat from the rod that was so close to his mouth. Like a succulent, and he was the bee, Lyall waited, watched with those bi-colored orbs, admiring the way Aberama seemed to enjoy this.
Wc – 420

Each pass along the length of the males member drew a shudder from Lyall, the monochrome wolf becoming pliable underneath Aberamas skillful touch. He was satisfied with the quivering mess in his palms and with a cheeky grin, let his hands become what unmade the other. With a drawn out whimper Lyall bucked against his firm grip, the hybrid responding with the rising intensity sparking between them with a throaty noise of want. The surface of Abes hands grew slick from the arousal dripping from his brazen, demanding lover and with every thrust he could feel Lyalls ascent approaching, ignoring they’d chosen to romp in about the most reckless location possible.

Each muscle was tense that Lyall touched, and just as Aberama was buckling down on finishing the Hushhowl off, he was stopped. A small growl rose in protest, fixing the male tangled up with him a rueful, smoldering stare. “ I don’t want to stop. “ He complained in a husky voice sweet with alcohol, and although unspoken the rest of the thought remained clearly between them: If you want too though, I will. Then the shorts that hugged his well-muscled thighs were undone, the warmth of Lyall’s hand seeping through the fur and muscle under it.

Another surprisingly gentle kiss was passed between them and Aberama looked at Lyall quizzically, his face finally dawning in understanding as the male began working a path down the hybrids chest, feather-light sensations sounding from each stroke, nip and lick that drifted lower.. Then, bi-colored eyes of the most brilliant azure and viridescent green settled on his own turquoise rimmed with gold and the Recruit felt his heart stop dead in it's cage. “ Fuck. “ He panted at the question posed in the others gaze, watching his cock flex in anticipation of watching Lyall take it into his warm, wanting muzzle.

Biting down on a lip, Aberama began to reply when a scrape of a nearby footstep sent him scrambling to yank his pants up, cringing at the sensation of stiff fabric against his entirely too sensitive groin. “ Not here ya’ crazy thing. Let’s go back to yer room Lyall. “ He hissed, though inwardly the male cursed the unwanted intrusion. “ I don’t need t’ be booted outta Casa cause ya couldn’t be bothered t’ wait. “ He chuckled, the sound forced. All he could think about was fucking that sinful mouth and not waiting for an answer, Aberama latched onto Lyall and dragged him towards their shared room.

Down, down, down he went, aiming to swallow the glossy looking cock, even though he had never even done it before. However it didn’t take a genius to put two and two together, yet, before he knew it the hybrid was husky with his replies, and then quickly picking his pants up. Another passed them by, making it difficult for him to even hide his growl, yet he did, and with a lick of his lips he stood upwards and tightened his arms around his chest.

Like a pouting child he looked at Aberama, yet, he absently wished he would drag him, and boy did he. Aberama clasped onto him with a ferocity that made the Hushhowl let out a surprised Yelp, which in turn revealed a grin from his lover. Were they even lovers? Could it be portrayed as such a thing? Or were they merely friends with benefits? Whatever the fuck that meant.

The thought alone made his heart ache, and his groins clenched, why was he acting so weird? Feeling so weird? It wasn’t like it was abnormal, right? Aberama threw the door open, and Lyall pushed him from the back, into the room, a devilish grin on his face, before grabbing the back of his shirt with one hand and pulling him into a tight, hard, kiss. His arms were over his shoulders, and one hand wove it’s way into the brown hair, his foot aiming to shut the door behind them. However he didn’t think about the weight behind the two of them, and with a “umph” he was crushed against Aberama’s weight and the door, yet, he didn’t mind, a gentle growl escaped through their locked lips, taking his lower lip into his mouth and suckling on it.

His other hand sank down to his cock, squeezing it, and then further down, touching the sack through the pants and giving them a gentle, but firm tug.
Wc – 374

The look that passed over the white and grey of Lyalls face was nothing short of petulant, the frustration at being denied roiling off the hulking male in intoxicating waves. The stormy expression morphed into one of surprise as he was unceremoniously towed towards their residence, yelping in shock at the sudden change in direction. The passage of time between destinations was filled with wild forays into the depths of Aberama’s imagination, each new thought bringing on a new wave arousal that rocked the male down to his core.

Thankfully they didn’t come across another living being and barely made it into the Hushhowls room before Abe felt strong hands press into his lower back urgently. Holding down the snicker that threatened to spill from his teeth, the male allowed himself to be rushed through the door and turned to Lyall in the same moment he was embraced tightly, this time the kiss coming hard and fast and marked by desperate urgency. Aberama tilted his head upwards, deepening the kiss before withdrawing slightly, Lyall teasing his lower lip. A guttural noise rumbled in the hybrids dark throat at the sensation that flared in his groin and he pushed back possessively, knocking the door shut with the body mashed against his.

A searching hand quested over the top of his pants and Aberama moaned, the solid length of him straining for release against the leather. “ Fuck. “ He gasped as Lyall gently fondled his balls and growled low, stiffening against the Cavalier. “ No more games. “ The words were ground out and Abe began to pant, pushing wayward palms away as he stepped back to shuck off his shorts. A promise of what was to come flashed in the depths of turquoise and gold and a wicked smirk played across his lips. The shirt came off next and then he padded towards Lyall, pushing the wolf onto the bed with a sure hand.

He looked down with a strange gleam in his eyes, a marriage between lust, need and hunger churning within them. “ Well? “ Aberama purred, “ You can get back to what you were doin’ before that lil’ interruption, I reckon. “ Licking blackened lips, the hybrid trembled with anticipation.

Their kiss was passionate, feverishly divided with want and need.

Lulling himself down to a level of appreciation, the brute was interrupted with his kiss, as Aberama growled, a deep rumbling sound, deep inside from somewhere animalistic. After all, they were nothing but animals. And yet, here he was squeezing that sack and awaiting the cock that was teased to him before. Somehow, the brute had managed to get him onto the bed, his groans and grimaced tone, speaking a different story.

Lyall was still in his pants, but managed to rip off his shirt before he accepted the command from Aberama, something deep inside him stung with a whimper. Yes Daddy.

Lyall then, pulled himself up to a seating position on the furred bed, standing before his bobbing cock, the twitch it made when he breathed the hot breath onto it, made him grin. Licking those black lips, monochrome hands pressed onto each side of his hips, before two thumb pads dug into his hip bone, gently, then he yanked him towards him, that toothy mouth wide open. With a lap, gently at first, Lyall tasted the salty precut sitting at the edge of its glistening tip, licking it up, then down. Multi-colored orbs shifted upwards making sure Abe was watching.

This was his first time for anything, and Lyall felt inexperienced, but knew what would feel good to himself. And so, he spread his jowls, one hand cupped his balls, pulling gently. Then the tongue slid up, and down the shaft before his lips closed around it. Another finger shifted backwards towards his anus, gently rubbing.
Wc – 298

Lyall obeyed without question and the resulting twitch of Aberama’s cock was all it took before the Hushhowl took him by the hips and pulled him closer. Experimentally a salmon-pink tongue darted out and flicked the tip, causing a shudder to visibly roll through the Recruit. Lyall glanced up at him with blue-green eyes and with a feather-light touch the hybrid stroked his cheek tenderly, softening the lust-fueled gaze fixed on those bi-colored eyes.

He felt pressure around his sack and couldn’t stop the breathless moan that slipped through black lips as the Hushhowls warm and wet mouth tentatively closed around Aberama’s cock. “ Fuck! “ The Hybrid ground out, taking fistfuls of raven hair in each hand. Panting at just the initial contact, he had to think a long moment about how long this was going to last if he didn’t control himself.

Lyall bobbed up and down on the slickened rod, pausing to lick the length of it and play with the tip, a certain vulnerability shining in his eyes. Closing his eyes, Aberama surrendered to the feelings of pleasure and moaned again as a pressure began to grow under the firm fingertips of his lover, the sensitive skin the other aimed for tingling. “ Good boy. “ The male managed to pant, jerking in surprise at fingers that now tried to slide inside of him, bucking his cock deeper into the Officer’s face, feeling a wild thrill begin to overtake him. “ A-ah, I’m going to cum if-f you keep doing that, fuck. “

Aberama didn’t stop though, slowly increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusts, inch by inch. “ Hmm, ya like that Lyall? When I fuck your face? “ He’d fuck any part of Lyall that was offered and greedily Aberama found that he liked that he’d be the males first.

Lyall felt the thumb stroke his cheek, his entire body shuddered. It was delightful, the feeling sent shivers down his spine resulting in his tongue to hesitate only a moment.

The moan that escaped made the Hushhowl sort of smile while he tightened another grip onto the sack, slickers with saliva, a moment of escape in his own mind. Taking a half decent break before Aberama was grabbing fistfuls of raven hair, pulling him back on. The cock felt large in his maw, abnormally so, but somehow it felt right, felt good. His own penis grew in size, the tip already glistening with precum.

All the encouragement he needed was “good boy” and Lyall felt his own stomach grow with butterflies. It didn’t feel as though he were a dog, as those who once were had told their own pets. But instead, comfortable feeling like his pet.

Aberama mentioned fucking his face and although the words caused his skin to light on fire with small embarrassment he only nodded his head, a gag in his throat, but he continued onwards, accepting the bucking of his hips, until Aberama was jerking backwards, pulling his hair, Lyall choked on the cock, causing his own penis to cum a little bit more. A tail wagged slightly. Hands ground harder in his hips, focusing, wanting him to cum. Just for him.
Wc – 352

Pleasure washed over Aberama in lazy waves, the moist warmth surrounding him undulating ever closer to the edge. As much was he wanted to give in and find sweet release, there were other matters that needed attending too. “ S-stop, Lyall. C’mere for a second. “ Slowly the bliss that had enveloped him began to evaporate and the Hushhowl looked up at Abe with wide eyes of verdant green and ocean blue, questions beginning to rise in their endless depths.

With a gentle but commanding grip, Aberama took the males chin in his fingers, guiding Lyall to his mouth and kissing him deeply.  The faint taste that lingered on his partners tongue further lit the ember being coaxed to life between them and the hybrid reached down with a questing hand, making a grunt of displeasure into the white mouth of his lover as it found a fabric barrier still remaining, blocking further exploration. This wouldn’t do, a swish of his thick tail signaling growing agitation.

Breaking away with a trembling gasp Aberama fiddled with the fastenings of Lyalls pants, finally tugging them down the males long thighs impatiently, a snarl curling the edges of his lips. “ Why are you so fuckin’ tall mate. “ He huffed out, dropping gold-rimmed pools of cerulean down to what was now on display, twitching with need and beading with want. Slowly the hybrid ran his large hands up the inside of Lyall’s thighs, noticing the quiver that ran underneath steady fingertips as they arced across downy fur closer still to the sensitive flesh that marked the final destination.

Taking Lyall into his palms, a low grumble sounded in the depths of Aberamas throat at the hardness he found. With a single-minded focus he concentrated on stroking the males length until he heard the faintest of whimpers slip through the others lips and with a wicked grin the hybrid sank down, guiding the wet shaft into his mouth smoothly. He would need to warm the Hushhowl up considerably if they were intending on getting anything substantial accomplished tonight, though his own cock twitched in impatience.

Part of the hybrid wanted to joke around and give Aberama a push, but that wouldn’t do. Instead, he was stopped, and a gentle whine touched his muzzle. Had he done something wrong? No, with that look of serendipity upon Abe’s face, it wasn’t likely. The Hushhowl hesitated, then obeyed a small smile on his lips.

Wha—oh, oh man. His hands fiddled with his fastenings and the brute already had precut ready, he had only ever played with himself, never letting another touch him or anything like that, let alone something such as this— so intimate— so, close. He fantasized often, but this. This was something unlike anything he had ever experienced. There was a brief moment he paused and then wanted to chuckle, whenever Abe asked him why he had to be so tall. But any of that dissipated quickly.

The second that Abe’s hands touched his throbbing member, the Hushhowl let out a grunt of pleasure. And then, soon, he was whimpering, sinking down onto his knees and taking Lyall into his mouth. And… Lyall bucked his hips. He hadn’t meant to cum so soon, but it had happened and he grasped Abe’s head and bucked hard, spilling the seed into his throat.

Panting Lyall pulled him away, and shied away for a brief moment. “S-sorry…” Need he say anymore? It was a no brained this was his first time.

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