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It might have been too early, but he was awake and the sun was still sleeping but he could see the glimmer of it starting to build beyond the horizon. That didn't stop from from grabbing Zasha by the foot and slowly dragging her out of the tent, gently, slowly so as to not awaken her with everyone else, and then there would be yelling and eye rolling and 'Caspian why are you awake its too early go to sleep.'

Caspian could be quiet.


Maybe. >_>

Anyway. He successfully got Zasha out of the pitched tent without waking either herself or anyone else. and it was only when he'd gotten her a fair distance from anyone else and clapped a hand over her mouth that he shook her like a dirty pillow.

"Wake up, Zasha!! It's time to be awake!"

The young female's eyes bugged wide as she struggled against his hold.

"We gotta do stuff!" He told her earnestly, giving her another shake for good measure and then lifting her to her feet and setting her on them, entirely ignorant of his own strength.

"What should we do??" He asked her, tongue lolling, as if he'd not just absconded with her in the early morning and it had all been her idea anyway. She'd said the previous night that they needed to do something cool and fun and well, it was morning and here he was. Here she was

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Zasha had been burning the candle at both ends since she and her pack arrived at the Lancaster Stockshow.  There was so much to see and do, that the few hours she did sleep, she slept hard and not much could wake her.  So as she was somewhat quietly dragged out of the tent, she stirred but did not wake.  Her dreams started to run wild until she was abruptly jolted awake by her best friend.  Of course in the twilight of the morning, when her eyes flew open she didn't process it was the Knight boy, she snarled and kicked him off of her in a panic, pouncing him they rolled until she pinned him to the ground with a growl. It didn't matter that he was bigger than her, she would not be another Nilda.

Now that the young Hushhowl was in a position to see, a wave of relief came over her with a sigh as she sat back on him, her hands resting on her thighs, and laughed shaking her head.

Morning Cas… her heart was still racing.  You know, next time, you should just wake me in the tent.

She patted his face and smiled. She thought back to his words before she freaked out.

Yeah we gotta do somethin'. she smiled trying to think.

Zasha's eyes lit up as an idea came to her,

I know! Lets…lets go climb a tree and high as we can! Then watch the sun come up! Then maybe some breakfast?

Pausing for a moment another idea came to her, she tapped his chest excitedly as she tried to get the words out.

When I was at the trade stalls…I …I saw this amazing thingy!  We have to try it! It some big ladder…thingy!

She jumped up grabbing his arm to pull him up, holding his hand they started running and looking for the tallest tree they could find.
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Cas met her gnashing teeth and fearsome growl with a dopey grin. He knew she wouldn't bite him because she knew who he was, she just needed a second to remember that and everything would be just fine and dandy. Besides, his new pastime of poking her in the sides while she chattered was amusing and his grein stretched wider to show off his pearly whites too.

"Gotta be a super big tree!" He promised, still poking her in the side.

Cas' stomach gave a loud gurgle, the idea of breakfast was appealing.

"It smelled really good over there last night. I wonder what they'll have today!"

Still on the floor, still poking her between the ribs, although the dull ache in the back of his head where it had hit the floor made itself known, it wasn't much to take notice of. 

"A ladder?" The boy asked as they both scrambled to their feet in a tangle of legs and youthful enthusiasm that would have been disgusting to any adult around at this time in the morning.

Searching for a tree proved to be easy, cause there was one very big one that stood taller than the rest. He pointed it out, despite its very obviousness.

"There!! That one!! Race you!!"

Then he was off, zooming across the space between them and the tree with boundless laughter. He knew Zasha would catch up quickly, she was smaller and speedier. Cas, however, had a longer arm's reach and the moment he collided with the trunk, he was leaping up from the ground and grabbing hold of the lowest branch to pull himself up rapidly.

Turning his head, he looked for her breathlessly, holding out a hand in case she needed a boost up.

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The Hushhowl giggled and laughed, her body jerking in different directions to avoid the poke while still sitting on her friend. Laughter was contagious and usually once she started she couldn't stop, especially around her best friend.  Eventually she fell over to the ground laughing uncontrollably and holding her stomach as her muscles became sore.  Tears of joy streamed down her face and it was becoming hard to breathe, she had to stop laughing or she might die! Taking deep breaths she tried to calm her self and finally a giggle or giggle-snort would escape, but she was able to receive oxygen to her lungs. Now that she could actually talk she could respond,

Yeah!  Biggest tree we've ever seen!  All the way to the tip top!  And food! Yes, all the food we can eat!

No idea what they would trade for it, but she was sure they could find something, she could maybe ask her papa.

Oooooooo! Yeah!  There is this ladder that's super super wobbly and people just fall off of it and crash land!  How fun is that?!?

Less than gracefully they got to their feet as they both looked to the tallest tree around, she had the biggest grin on her muzzle.

Yes! That one…

Before she could finish, Cas took off in a race.  A playful grown erupted in her throat and she took off after him.  The Knight son might have longer legs, but she was fast and agile and caught up to him as they both slammed into the tree, their tongues hung long as they panted. 

Cheater… she said with a chuckle.

Grabbing his paw she climbed onto the first branch and kept climbing, higher and higher they went, reaching from one branch to the next, checking to make sure it would support her weight.  Finally Zasha reached a spot high in the tree that gave a perfect viewing spot for the sunrise. Hooking her legs around it, she flipped upside down, her braid fell with the gravity, and she had to tuck in her shirt so it didn’t fall off.

Cas, check it out!  It's perfect!

Soon the sky came alive in blue, pinks and oranges, the sun painting the most beautiful picture she had ever seen.

Doesn't get much better than this. she said looking at her friend and smiling before watching the sun come the rest of the way up.
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Hand over hand they climbed, higher than the low brush, higher than the tallest of the buildings and the tents and the other luperci still blithely sleeping away these wonderful hours that they didn't even know they were missing. The Adults were confusing at the best of times though and Cas put it off as another of their strangeness.

Zasha was quick to pull ahead, lighter and more lithe, she slithered up the tree like she had been born up there and Cas scrabbled after her, heedless of the rough bark against his paw pads or scraping against his belly.

"I'm coming!" He barked up at her, scrambling himself up the rest of the way and perching just below her upsidedown-ed-ness.

"We can see for foreverrr!!"

Cas babbled, staring at the beyond of the horizon.

Hanging off the tree in what was surely an alarming manner to the adults, Cas let go with one hand and held on with the tips of his claws, staring out and among and looking towards the mountains in the distance.

"Uncle Temnota told me they was, the Burnt Church mountains... I think... or maybe burning church?" He couldn't recall clearly, but that didn't matter anyways, but he could see where burnt or burned or burning would be god because as the sun came up the light poured across their sides and they lit up as if they were ablaze and well, that was just amazing too to watch.

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Zasha giggled as she watched her best friend scramble through the branches to get to her, and the giggle turned to a laugh as he flung himself upside down with her. Swaying into him, but just barely, she smiled. 

You can!  The best view in town.

Looking over to him she watched how animated he was and it made her smile even more.  The two had been best friends and two peas in a pod for as long as she could remember. Reaching over she grabbed his hand,

Promise me Cas, promise me it'll always be like this. You'll always be my best friend and things will never change!.

The serious moment didn't last long, and she dropped Caspian's hand swinging her body up she grabbed a branch to sit right side up again.  The blood that had rushed to her head, started to return to the rest of her body and it felt funny.  She giggled again.

Come on! Breakfast awaits!

Now that she had her bearings back, she slipped from branch to branch climbing down the tree.  She paused waiting for her friend to join her at the bottom, hanging from the last branch and swinging before she finally let go and dropped to the ground with a thud.  The Hushhowl brushed her hands together sending dust and debris falling before looking up and watching Caspian drop from the tree, falling on top of her, she broke his fall. Sitting up on her elbows Zasha shook her head and laughed.

You're so graceful Cas. and she laughed some more.
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