[P] M - Fiery fairies in the flourishing forest of flowers

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Abi's journey back home had brought forth a number of questions about her readiness to live the life that she had chosen. No longer did she feel the urge to produce friendships outside of Casa, despite her friendly nature that had been crushed and stepped on by a stranger she had never known or come in contact with. If she had been approached amicably instead of attacked, the two might have been able to talk things through. Instead, she walked through The Dampwoods closest to Casa's borders than she had been before. Her thoughts had become a jumbled mess, resembling her body which was still covered in mud in places, tangling red fur here and lighter, almost cream toned fur in other places.

She had grown more sore in the days following the attack than she had been the day of, when she'd hidden in that cave, cold and mired by the fear that she was going to be found again. She had passed by strangers on the way back. Many had looked at her and kept going. Others, despite her fearful appearance, had left food for her, some even salves and oils they thought might help with the injuries that were visible.

Her right hand was stained in her dried blood, puncture wounds from his teeth set into the fur of her right forearm. That was probably the worst of her wounds. Her back, her neck, even the area of her arm around the teeth wounds, had grown sore. She had grown a slight limp that had carried on with her for the remainder of her journey. She had been too scared to turn around, to look for her daggers or the belt that had been attached to her in the moments before the attack. Her only saving grace, the reason she had trekked so far without sending word to Casa, was the necklace at her neck that had somehow survived the attack and the fall she'd taken in trying to get away.

Her hand settled against a nearby tree as she paused to capture her breath. The sun was higher in the sky than it had been only moments before, letting her know that it wasn't quite noon yet, that there were several hours of daylight still before she would find her way home. Though it was dull flavored, she reached behind her, grabbing the bag some of her food had been given to her in and retrieved a piece of dried jerky. The rubbery texture had no good wonders for her teeth but it was something to eat when she needed the energy most.
Wc – 1118

Four days, it had been. Four entire days that Abilene had been absent – having not returned to their packlands at all from what Aelin could discern. Callum and Cedric had been notified the second night, the onyx and frost-hued wolf unable to keep the worry and fear from her shaky voice as she’d begged them to help her look for her missing mate-to-be. Around the borders they went, checking for a fresh trace of the Damaichu’s scent but nothing turned up. Not a stray hair, nor a footprint.

Aelin had known as soon as the heavy wooden door of their dark home swung open that something was amiss. There was no trace of her wife, the fire in the hearth had been burned before they left and not since. Granted, it had been hot but nothing had been disturbed since the pairs departure to the Stock show.  Still, she waited, falling asleep uneasily that first night. The second day Aelin had lost her appetite and began to pace, worry curling in her gut like a parasite. Panic bleated with every heart beat and she wandered around the house like a ghost, silent and empty.

After the preliminary search came and went with no good answer, she couldn’t sleep. For a long time on that third day the irish female had sat on the floor of their bedroom – staring at the wall blankly. Is this what her parents had felt when Aelin had fled? That thought brought bile to her throat, sending her running for a bucket to empty her anxieties into. Maybe Abilene had second thoughts and that’s why she’d left unannounced. Still, why hadn’t she returned? How come nobody knew where she was? With the attacks around their lands lately… None of it was good, Aelin decided, before curling into a ball on the bare floor and trying to get some rest. It was futile, and the seconds stretched onto minutes and then hours, each moment painfully quiet and hushed as the last.

The 4th day came and went, and though sleep had been abandoned long ago the wolf readied herself. Red-rimmed eyes blinked blearily as she dressed, wearing a blue tunic and leather pants. It was hard to concentrate on bringing the necessary items should trouble have befallen her mate, but Aelin forced herself to ready slowly and take inventory before tacking up Lindir. A rope, her bow and a quiver, a small first aid kit, pemmican. Strapping a wicked dagger to her thigh, the wolf threw a hand axe and a canteen full of water into a bag before popping the top off a bottle of moonshine and drinking deeply from it. She threw that into the bag too with a grim expression. There was no telling what the First Officer would find out there in the woods, but she had to look. There was no other choice.

When all was ready, Aelin tied her hair back into a loose braid and left the house, mounting Lindir and setting off at a slow pace at first to warm the stallion up. It was difficult, every cell in her body crying out for rest but her mind was wound tight and unable to concentrate on anything other then the missing Luperci she’d grown so attached too. She passed Fort Kingsbury like a wraith, fading into the mists of the early morning atop her speckled steed – not calling for help nor assistance this time. There was a single minded focus about this task and the wolf began to urge Lindir into a trot, and finally a canter as they hit the sugarwoods.

At Casa’s border, Aelin took a moment to scent her surroundings and double check her weapons before digging her heels into Lindirs side, urging the stallion forward at a fast gallop. There was a lot of land to cover and with the recent rains any trails were boggy, mud sucking at Lindir’s hooves and after an hour or two they slowed down to a walk, both thoroughly covered in mud. Panic was ringing in her ears, there was no sign of Abilene and it dawned on the wolf how fruitless this mission might end up being.

“ T'is godforsaken land is massive, w'at am I going t' do? “ Aelin breathed, sliding off the horse with shaking legs. “ Where is she? “ The wolf said, burying her face into Lindir’s mane and clutching at the course strands. She wanted to scream in frustration, but that might alert someone dangerous of her presence. Roaring filled her ears and Aelin let out a choked sob, reaching up with dirty fingers to wipe away the moisture building up in her eyes.

She was so tired. Inhaling deeply, the wolf forced herself to let go of the horse and step away. He jerked his head up suddenly, speckled ears focused in interest on something in the distance. Equine nostrils opened widely and he lifted his nose to the air, scenting something new entering the area. Instantly on alert, Aelin sniffed the air herself but smelt nothing out of the ordinary. Eyeing Lindir, she began walking in the direction he kept looking at, glancing between the trees as the wolf took great efforts to be silent.

Carefully, she dropped his reins and drew her bow, nocking an arrow and stooping down while passing over the gnarled roots of the forest, hearing a twig snap nearby and a slight, wheezing pant. Mud and fear filled the air, wet wolf along with it. Wrinkling her nose, Aelin noticed at once the smell of old blood and new and abandoned all pretense of being silent to crash towards where the noise had originated.

“ Who’s t'ere? “ The wolf snarled, the picture of fury as she swung around a thick tree stump and aimed her arrow directly at the green eye of the Luperci who was leaned up against it. Shock momentarily passed over her frost-touched features and Aelin sobbed, the tears she’d been holding close to her chest the last four days spilling down dark cheeks instantaneously. “ Where were you! “ She shouted through her tears at Abilene, discarding the bow to her right and grabbing the Damaichu by the shoulders, hardly able to breath as she looked her up and down frantically for signs of serious injury.

" Why did you leave! Why didn't you tell me! W'at t' fuck 'appened Abilene! " Fury lit in her bitter-coffee eyes as she beheld each injury on the woman in front of her and Aelin was glad to let it take over, happy to step back and let it stamp out all the fear and all the worry. 

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
As she paused, her mind cut to the smell of his breath at the back of her neck, in that moment when she'd swung her spear's broken shaft, slamming it into his face. She saw the fear in her own face as she recalled how she'd felt in trying to get away, when in the moment, all she felt was that drive to stay alive and out of danger, when she could have done anything to get back to Aelin, to Casa properly. It garbled down a sob that she hadn't known she'd been holding.

Aelin... She wanted to see her, to hold her, to be held. Instead, all she had for now was the tree that dug uncomfortably into her hand as she pressed closer to it. SNAP! A twig had snapped beneath her hand's grip, almost sending her to her knees on the ground if she hadn't grabbed for the tree again, catching herself before she actually had.

She should have smelled Aelin's approach. Perhaps she could have warned the other woman to her presence, at least. Instead, her green eyes bore down upon the arrow suddenly pointed in her direction and the dark and light coloration of the canine who now pointed it at her before sudden awareness and recognition had taken the place of potential anger or self-defense. She half-smiled, humor and relief filling her eyes and she leaned heavily against the tree and that twig that had snapped under her hand's weight. "Hi there, gorgeous," she answered with a small, choking sob that sort of trailed off as Aelin tossed the bow to the side, freeing the arrow of its potential flight and rushed forward to grab her by the shoulders which received its own little whine. "Careful," Abilene warned, "I'm sore... and definitely not in the best shape."

Guilt tugged at the strings of her heart, caused her chest to hurt as a pang of pain wrenched through her at the thought of Aelin being angry with her. She was quiet for a moment before she leaned forward and rested her head against Aelin's chest. "I didn't mean to worry you, love," she said with a small whine before she stepped closer. "I'm so tired," she said with a shift of her weight toward her intended. "Can you take me home?" She didn't answer any major questions yet. Part of the fear of what had happened still lurked within her eyes. She had found herself looking over her shoulder every time she'd taken a moment to stop and breathe. That went further now since she also wanted to protect Aelin from any possibility of her being injured. Abilene's hand instinctively moved for her spear's broken shaft beneath the blade.

"I.. I can't be out here anymore." Her hackles had risen before she'd realized it, before she realized she was probably safer here than she'd been only moments before. Her hand felt slightly numb and one of the wounds caused by that fiends' teeth dribbled fresh blood. "Maybe we can find somewhere to clean me up before we scare anyone who comes across us?"
Wc – 419

Her mate was muddy, pelt soiled with dirt and debris. Dried blood crusted the gashes and bite marks that the strange assailant had left behind, and the hybrid limped noticeably. Aelin swallowed hard, dark gaze dropping to the ground. “ I will take ye ‘ome, yes. That’s why I’m out ‘ere. To bring ye back. “ Her tone was clipped and there was a weariness to the wolfs words. “ Come wit’ me, Lindirs just back a ways. “

Fright was hewn into Abilene’s face, noticeably avoiding all of Aelin’s questions. Steeling herself to not let the anger roiling within her chest win, the First Officer turned away with ears pinned against her skull and gently took her mates hand with the intention to lead her back to safety. Raising two dirt covered fingers to her lips, Aelin sharply whistled once as a signal to the trained stallion, beckoning him to come at once.

As they walked carefully over roots that might send the injured hybrid tumbling, the First Officer glanced over her shoulder just to make sure it really was Abilene and that her mate was whole and mostly unharmed. “ I know yer tired lass but ye need t’ answer me. I’ve been worried sick. I ‘avn’t eaten or slept in days. I… I thought ye might be dead. I want answers. “ She began with a noticeably shrill voice, ears still pinned flat against those long, silvery locks.

“ Why did ye leave the coyote clan in t’ first place, Abilene? “ Talk about mixed signals. “ Ye just didn’t say anyt’ing and left. As if t’at wasn’t worrying enough! I return, n’ ye aint even made it ‘ome yet. “ Her breath was coming faster between each string of words, though it was difficult to take in anything but a shallow inhale. Aelin felt a lightness settle between each temple and thought she might be sick again, but with a sharp gulp the wolf forced everything back within herself. Rubbing her temples, she turned to Abilene with a scowl.

“ Did whoever ‘urt ye…. “ Another sharp inhale and the wolf felt dizzy, truly fearing the Damaichus answer. Pausing, she stumbled and steadied herself against a tree, raising a hand to her chest and closing her eyes tightly. “ Were t’ere any internal injuries? “ Aelin managed, voice thick. Briefly in the silence that followed, she imagined skinning the perpetrator that had done this and hoped Abilene had escaped before anything truly devastating had occurred.

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
Tragedy had its way of burrowing deep into the minds of people who did bad things. Abilene had certainly done something wrong. In her mind, she deserved what she'd gotten, though she didn't want to tell Aelin that. Abilene wasn't great when it came to serious emotional situations. She much preferred to joke around, to make the other laugh in the face of seriousness and what had transpired between her and the dangerous man who had come after her... well, that was a matter that drove serious consequences home to her. Aelin seemed content to take Abilene home but the Damaichu woman had already noticed signs that Aelin's questions were teetering around in that beautiful head of hers and she knew that she had to admit to Aelin what she had done, what she believed she had done.

There were smells on her, from DCG and from her travels. All of them had been changed by the mud, the rain, the days worth of travel. There were smells from her attack, mostly ebbed by the blood's scent that had to have been stronger due to her newly reopened wound.

Abilene's uneasiness around horses had shrunk during the few months of having Applewood and working with Lucian and the other horses that roamed freely in the stables and fields beyond. The stallion had been the source of some fear for Abilene, despite her never telling Aelin, but that fear had calmed to a dull thud in the back of her mind, forgotten as Aelin began her string of questions that left Abilene's ears pinning to the sides of her head as well, mirroring the other woman's look. Embarrassed, deserving of all she got, Abilene stalled in her steps toward the horse just as Aelin moved to turn her way.

"After you accepted my proposal, I wanted to celebrate. You were tired and long gone with the spirits." Abi lifted a hand, brushing her fingers through her hair.

"I don't know what happened. I was there having fun with you one moment and then you were asleep and I just kept drinking. I figured someone we knew would help me get you back to the tent and I'd be there with you but I woke up elsewhere." She didn't mean to go into the story like that. "The attacker didn't get much of a chance.." She gave a nod toward her broken spear, the blade glinting. "Nothing is damaged inside... except maybe my mind. It's been nothing but nightmares since.. I can still..." She seemed worried, far more worried than she should have been. She shook her head as if clearing her thoughts. She had lifted a hand moving to brush it against the side of Aelin's face.

"All I could think about during was getting back to you..." She sighed and then looked back in the direction of the horse. "We both need to get home then. We'll get food and drink in our bellies and talk. I'll tell you everything."
Wc – 290
eep it is short.

Aelin willed her stony features to soften and released her mates shoulders, knowing that despite the anger roiling deep within that an emotional outburst wasn’t what Abilene needed right now. It was difficult none the less to stop earthen-hued paws from shaking as the Damaichu recounted her tale vaguely. “ Woke up elsew’ere aye? “ The wolf mumbled, not meeting Abilene’s eye. Her face felt flushed and for a long moment the female was silent, digesting what little information had been shared. “ I see. “  Was her reply, the tone clipped.

With a sigh, Aelin turned away and shrugged off backpack and slate-blue tunic she’d been wearing, leaving the females ample chest bare. Slinging the garment over a snow-dusted shoulder, next came the leather pants. The wolf balled the clothing up and passed it to Abilene, her bob-tail twitching like an uncertain lamb. “ ‘ere. Let’s go ‘ome, n’ get ye cleaned up. I’ll call fer a medic once I see w’at the damage be. “ Glancing between the shorter hybrid and Lindir, Aelin motioned towards her stallion, judging the ability to hoist Abilene up into the saddle.

“ Once ye get dressed, I’ll ‘elp ye up on Lindir and you can ride ‘im back alright? I’ll shift t’ keep up and you can apply some of t’ salves I brought. T'ere's canteens in it, pemmican too. “ The woman offered, silvery voice muted and sad. Her eyebrows were fixed in a permanently concerned expression and she found herself hardly able to take her umber gaze off of Abilene, lips drawn into a grim line. Lifting the backpack up off of the ground, Aelin hung it from the horn on Lindir's saddle and loosened the opening for easy access.  

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
Thoughts that waged war within her mind told her that there was plenty to be afraid of, when in regards to her betrothed. She had to make it clear, though, that it had been her fault, even if it was under the guise of alcohol consumption. She had to make it clear she wasn't a victim in the matter, that she had been stupid, that she had fallen into the act. Despite all those many thoughts, above all else, she wanted to make sure that Aelin wouldn't leave her to her vices after finding out.

She was afraid, terrified, that she had ruined things. Almost to the point of tears, as Aelin had drawn near, Abilene had quieted, near stiff with soreness and baited breath that failed as shaking hands worked to rid Aelin, herself, of clothes before they were passed toward her, her words thrown back at her in a brief question. "I think.. I think I slept with someone else. it wasn't intentional.. I was... drunk. It just happened."

Aelin's eyes hadn't met her own in a short while, leaving her feeling even more guilty for what she had done. "That's why I left early," she said. "It was my fault I got attacked. I was stupid, careless.." Her words came out trembled, scared even, as she observed Aelin and the twitch of her tail. The plan set into motion was easy enough and she followed the gentle guidance of her hopefully soon-to-be mate as Abilene carefully pulled the clothes over herself, wincing when she brushed over a particularly painful area. She limped along right up to the point of reaching Aelin's horse before she looked back at the other woman. "I'm sorry.. I know I messed up."

Abilene knew she wasn't a light individual but she was smaller than Aelin, built a little more sturdily, but still smaller. It hadn't taken much to be lifted into the saddle. She used her good foot to help her into it, the other slung over Lindir's saddle and into place on the other side. She barely touched the bag until she settled her vision upon it after Aelin had finished explaining the plan in general. She knew basic first aid steps. She'd been the brunt of injury more than once. Come to think of it, the same ankle that had been sprained had gotten injured several other times. She was surprised she didn't ache there more often.

Still, it was hard to feel anything but her guilt as they began their trek back. Her vision cut to Aelin on occasion, the corner of her eye garnering a quick look or two before she focused her hands on rubbing salve on her wounds. She couldn't reach the back of her neck, though she knew it was bruised, possibly nasty and crunchy with the remnants of dried blood.

"Do you hate me?"
Wc – 430

It just happened? The dark femme had to stop herself from outright laughing, the sound bubbling up in her throat pointed and cruel. Had Abilene just stumbled and fallen into bed with somebody else, that was all? After asking Aelin to be mated no less. Instead of replying right away, the silence became forced. The First Officer lingered by the saddle and after a long moment, glanced over her shoulder with a pointed look. “ I ‘ardly believe that t’ be an accident. “

With each moment that passed Aelin remained silent, listening to Abilene’s explanation with a blank expression while her heart threatened to jump out of her throat. It took immeasurable control to keep the breath steadily flowing down to the females lungs, not give into the emotions threatening to overwhelm and choke her. A pale lip trembled, and the Fireheart paused to observe Abilene dress. Try as she may to stay righted, it felt like the world was tilting on its axis. Blinking, breathing – speaking. It all felt like a chore, something Aelin had to think through in order to do.

The words wouldn’t come. If she spoke now, the dam would break and the resulting catastrophe would sweep her away in its fury, a vicious riptide that would carry the knight far, far away. It was tempting, go feral and run away from all of this. The thought crossed her mind a few times but.. there would be no satisfaction in leaving Abilene wounded, hurt, upset and traumatized. It wasn’t the right thing to do, nor could Aelin bring herself to be so cruel. Even if distance would be a balm right now.

Blinking back the silver that had formed a noticeable sheen over her bitter-coffee eyes, the wolf cleared her throat and turned around, stalking away to shift into her halfling form in the cover of the underbrush. Once all four paws were on the ground, Aelin shook out her long, white splotched coat and trotted towards Lindir. Once confirming visually everything was in order, the wolf set off at a brisk pace that Lindir could easily follow.

Her ears dipped back at Abilene’s question and Aelin’s pace faltered, causing Lindir to stumble before they both recovered. After shaking her head and exhaling a terse breath the wolf glanced back over a pale shoulder. “ I could never ‘ate ye. I am……You’ve wounded me, Abilene. Deeply. Let’s go, please.“ Aelin answered in a voice that was pained. It was all she could bear to say for it felt like at any moment her chest would cleave open and spill all over the dirt path below. 

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
The thoughts leading up to her act of indiscretion had been rather intense, especially considering they had been born from a mixture of drug induced hallucinations and questions asked of a stranger who had given her a walk into the unknown. She was not spiritual, though her time with Aelin had opened her eyes to the possibility of there being more in the world than just them. She understood to some limited degree that what she had done was wrong and she did not condone her actions. She had been scared, terrified, to let Aelin know what had happened but the prospect of her ending up without Aelin was even more terrifying in that moment than any other, especially since the question had been asked and the answer had been given. Aelin... she hoped that the other would forgive her.

For now, she had fallen into silence as Aelin changed. She had walked away into the underbrush, as if afraid to let Abilene see her in vulnerable state but there was only vulnerability to be seen in that moment between the both of them. The two followed one another for several long moments in relative silence with the news of what Abilene had done hanging between them. "It was a mistake, one that'll never be repeated again," she answered apologetically. "I messed up.. I know that. If there are gods to punish me, I believe they saw fit to," she had stated as she leaned down to rub a bit of ointment against a small cut at her leg, one that had mostly gone unnoticed except for that moment.

Eventually, the two made it back home. She drew Lindir to a stop a short distance from the doorway and without some difficulty, maneuvered herself so that she had thrown her injured leg over the side to sit that way within the saddle. She came down on her injured ankle though was quick to put the rest of her weight on her good leg despite the flash of pain that followed the action. She had ridden back in relative silence after Aelin's admittance to having been wounded. She wanted to shift herself, to nuzzle Aelin but she felt as if doing so would be too much for the other. Instead, she opened the door and stalked in, careful to lean against a wall just within before she followed Aelin to their shared living space.

"Would you help me?"
Wc – 350

Aelin looked back at Abilene, aghast at such a statement uttered from her mates lips. Surprised flashed in the umber depths of her eyes before a white lip carefully peeled back from ivory teeth. “ Like ‘ell I would ever want t’is t’ be yer punishment! Over me dead body was yer assault retribution. “ The Irish beauty stated firmly before looking at the russet-hued female closely from where she was paused, midstep. For a few moments there was silence and it seemed like that would be the parting comment, but at least she sighed. “Regardless of what ye may ‘ave done, I’m glad you are now ‘ome, where you belong. Wit’ me. “ It made Aelin sick that someone had harmed Abilene in this way, but the most important thing at the moment was getting home. Arguments could wait.

The trip took some time, longer that it had been originally much to the wolf’s dismay. They couldn’t keep a faster pace with Abilene’s injuries and Lindir was nervous and unsettled, which sparked a deep paranoia in the First Officer as she led them back into Casa’s lands. Not a word more had been spoken between the two females until finally they drew up to the large home in Wolfville, dark and dusty from the time out of the lands. Abilene dismounted and walked towards the house, but Aelin lingered a moment to shift back into Optime and untack Lindir, brushing the stallion before turning him out into a fenced area behind the house.

Walking through the door, she noticed Abilene had waited outside for her and wandered in only after Aelin. Turning to face the Damaichu, she crossed her arms and nodded at the question posed. “ Yes, just sit ‘ere, I’ll fetch a washtub and a bucket and get some water boiled. ‘ere, let’s get ye out of those clothes. “ The wolf didn’t tarry and approached her mate, gently removing the clothing that hid the womans injuries. Clucking her tongue in dismay Aelin abruptly disappeared into the depths of the house to fetch materials for a bath.

[Image: bdmpOoy.png]
The words spoken by her Irish betrothed seemed to soothe some of the anxiety within the Damaichu huntress. Fingers had curled roughly around the shoehorn of Lindir's saddle to prop her into place but the movement, as jostled as it was, sent the occasional pain shooting through her that had caused her to wince and at moments, whine. Perhaps that was why she had gone inside before Aelin when they reached their home.

She did not believe she would be of any help in putting the horse away, though as a parting gift, she had lifted one of her hands to brush it against the horse's nose in thanks as she departed for the outer depths of their shared home. She belonged with Aelin and the taller woman had said as much, leaving her to believe that even if she hadn't been forgiven yet, she at least still had a place beside her betrothed, that she wasn't being given up on yet.

When Aelin returned, the two had walked within, Aelin leading the way. Even with crossed arms, she could still feel the warmth of the Fireheart beside her and it soothed her more than she cared to admit in that moment. When Aelin turned to face her, helping her with her clothes, she'd felt more than safe. She didn't understand why she had done what she had but she knew Aelin didn't believe she had been attacked for what she'd done in the end.

Her hand had risen, pushing hair away from her face. She was still rather sore and she moved with a limp but the idea of letting Aelin go without telling her, her thoughts simply felt wrong. "Wait.. Aelin," she called out as the other woman moved to set things up so that Abilene could be washed.

"I know this may be ill timing but I need to say it and I need you to understand." She watched Aelin for a long moment, her green eyes fighting back nervous tears. "I love you.. Thank you for finding me."
Wc – 261
A chuisle mo chroí – vein of my heart.

Aelin had already begun to sashay away, nervous energy bubbling in the pit of her stomach. It would bring relief to rush into the depths of the large house to collect herself for a moment, emotions crashing forcefully against her in unrelenting waves. The wolfs heart felt in her throat and secretly she was already thinking of how to access the alcohol stash to see them through this evening.

Abilene called after her mates retreating form and Aelin halted, turning back towards the other with a questioning look in her eyes. Meeting those evergreen hues and finding them filled with tears was a momentary surprise, but of course the quivering, injured Cavalier standing before her would be upset – her ordeal sounded terrifying and left Aelin with a piece of her heart missing.

At the womans admission, the Fireheart blinked once, twice before a sad smile graced her muzzle and she swept back to Abilene, gingerly taking the shorter female into a hug and pulling her close, pressing a kiss to the red, tangled crown pressed against her dark chest.

“ I would always find you. If I didn’t have Lindir, I’d walk. If I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl. No matter what happens, who comes for us, we’d fight our way out - together. Home isn’t Casa, home is wherever you are, a chuisle mo chroí.. I love you..“ Her tone was soft but pained, ears dipping back as the emotions threatened to overwhelm her once more. What if she hadn’t found Abilene? That thought was almost too much to bear.

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