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He took her hand in his with eager fingers and looked in the direction of the Stockshow, pointing before brushing blunt bangs out of his face, hair knotted and falling over his shoulders. "Come on, ma," he urged her, tugging her along as they headed towards where the booth with the games had been set up. He smiled back at her as they went, eventually releasing her hand once they drew close to the Gang's show.

"They've got games," he mused, gesturing with hands palm-up to the sight before them. Paninya, who he had spoken to the day before when she had a different game set up, greeted him with a wave. "I played some yesterday," he told Nyx with a nod, folding his arms over his chest. "Bobbin' for apples, that's what it was called!" Nico remembered diving head first into the water, trying to grab as many apples as he could with open maw while his breath bubbled around him.

Today, there was a board before them with pegs crammed into the wood, peeking out haphazardly. A collection of rings sat nearby, and Paninya picked them up and handed a few to Nico, which he took eagerly.

"All you've gotta do is land those rings on those pegs, and there may be a prize in store for ya," she said. Nico nodded, poised to throw the rings.

He paused. "Is it ok if I go first?" he asked, turning to Nyx, hoping that she would actually play the game instead of just standing and watching. He wasn't sure.
Her youngest children were in that stage of life where they were no longer quite those cute little dumpling pups they used to be, but at the same time, they lacked the strength and independence of a fully formed adult, and what that left Nyx with was a bunch of large, very rambunctious playmates hell bent on dragging her half way around the peninsula when they wanted to play, yet never seeming to be around when things like chores were on the table. 

The former situation is where Nyx found herself this day, an adolescent boy dragging her through the foreign pack of Del Cenere by the hand, musing about all the carnival games they had set up for people to play. Admittedly, it was a strange situation the mother felt she had found herself in, but there was no use putting up a fuss when the purpose of this trip was to build rapport with the surrounding packs and solidify trading opportunities, she may as well give in and have a good time while she was here, spending time with her family rather than taking the whole trip looking for work.

She listened to her son explain a game he'd played prior, something called bobbing for apples, and she could only imagine what that entailed, not having been there for it. "Oh r-really? What was that l-like?" She asked, before they came to stop at their destination, the ring toss. "Sure, g-go ahead." Nyx spoke, eyeing up the tossing game and the peg that stood a short distance away, standing there mocking her like the horseshoe game that looked oh so similar to this but that she had lost at with flying colors. 

She was content to watch at first, observing her son's technique in tossing the rings to glean what she could about her own, knowing that what she had tried with horseshoes had failed miserably in the long run.

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