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Losse rested his hand on the knife, tucked securely into the sash around his waist, as he disembarked the hayride. He had a nice chat with Azalea -- Elowyn, she said to call her, he had to remember that -- and was feeling good about things. Her advice conflicted very directly with Salka's advice, and while he knew Azalea a little better than he did Salka, only one of them was a packmate, so he favored Salka's advice. It didn't hurt that he had already stolen a knife, so he was in just a little bit too deep to go back now.
It was fine though, because his fellow Caledonian had assured him that girls were super impressed by knives and theft and it was a completely fail-proof plan. He was a little nervous to admit that he stole from her pack, though, so he wasn't sure if he was going to actually say that part. Maybe he would just show off his cool new knife and hope that nobody recognized it at all at any point. As he walked through the open areas of this foreign pack, he looked around, overlarge ears twitching and searching out Esper's soft voice and not finding it. Losse hoped that she wasn't sequestering herself away into the areas outsiders weren't allowed, hoped that he would be able to see her again. 
Dual-colored eyes slid shut as he took a deep breath and sighed, then widened as he realized he caught her scent. It was a new one, but he would recognize it anywhere now that he had taken it in. He turned abruptly and walked briskly, trying to restrain his natural urge to sprint to her, until he was near her.
"Hey," he said, trying to project coolness like Salka had advised, "Esperanza right? What's up?" He was so nervous, he hoped she didn't notice.
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Esperanza had a blast perusing the trade stalls, happily taking food from Alonso once he flagged her down and insisted she eat – with flatbread in hand she listened to Dill reminisce on some time that felt long ago, watching her worn, knobby fingers wrap her dreamcatchers in leather to secure the sinew to the wooden hoops, and the general sounds of reverie and bartering.

It was thrilling. There was an excitement, to it all – from stern words on negotiations to Paninya’s cajoling just outside. She licked the syrup left from the berries off her fingers as she ventured back out onto Charmingtown’s main street, only to pass Lossë’s tall figure just outside Pasillo Gris and hear his voice call her over. Her tall ears perked, surprised at being addressed, and she turned to look, perplexed.

He had a cool expression on, aloof, impressive – his braids woven with flowers and expression stiff, but exuding a jittery confidence.

”Oh! Yeah, that’s me,” she started with a nervous little laugh, noting that he didn’t seem to know what to do with his arms, or if he should be leaning back onto the wooden walls of the building behind him. ”I was just checking out the trade stalls. There’s some neat stuff in there, if you haven’t gotten a look yet?”

Her gold eyes drifted over him a moment, and there was that familiar little thrill. ”What have you been up to?”

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Now that he had located her and begun conversation, he had no idea how to proceed. He hoped it didn't show on his face or in his body language, but he was riding off of advice that he wasn't sure he should have trusted, but it was probably too late to go back now. She laughed a little when acknowledging she was who he thought she was -- as if he could ever mistake anyone else for her -- and his heart flipped over in his chest a little. Just being near her was exciting, putting a little fire in his veins that he didn't completely understand, but when she smiled at him it intensified. 
He zoned out, lost in her honey-golden eyes and the way that they sparkled, and realized belatedly that she was speaking to him. He hoped she didn't notice and he hoped he wasn't staring as intensely as he felt like he might have been. He didn't want to creep her out. Losse crossed his arms, then uncrossed them to lean against the building behind him in an extremely cool way, that definitely wasn't stiff or awkward, and shrugged. "I haven't really looked at them yet, but I guess I could if you wanted to," he said, very smoothly including her in his exploration of the market. He was so cool and good at this. "I've just kinda been hanging out, I ditched my big brother so I've been doing whatever I want, mostly," he kicked himself internally for saying big brother, which made him sound like a little kid, but he was pretty sure he was putting out extremely cool guy vibes. Esperanza was sure to be impressed.
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