[P] it was a great big world, with lots of places to run to
NPCs: Rum & Abelie
Naomi quirked a brow at the strange pause in the other woman’s introduction, and her confused expression lingered a beat longer with the rather cryptic continuation that followed. Initially, the strangeness of it all sent a warning through the fighter’s nerves. The more sensible and reasonable part of her stopped any further consideration of the knee-jerk thought though. Whisper’s tone had not been said with animosity. As well, her stance still remained rather open, even if it wasn’t overly friendly.

Family. Family… Family…! “I see,” the Stryder hummed, her gaze morphing from questionable to considerate as she looked Whisper up and down. Could the golden-eyed woman before her be a Salsolan? The Thistle Kingdom was not too far off, and Naomi had known them to be a secretive bunch. She knew from her visit back in the spring and from her mother’s recounted tales of her experiences with the mysterious pack. And that was not to mention that her milk-sister had a relationship with one, apparently. All in all, Whisper being a Salsolan certainly would have explained her ambiguous introduction.

Naomi’s smirk remained at the edge of her lips, doing well to play along despite the moment’s delay. “Nice to meet you then, Whisper.” Even as she accepted the introduction though, part of Naomi wondered if Whisper was her real name or the fake name she gave to strangers. Sólveig’s “friend” had two names, after all. The Stryder’s eyes shifted to her horses as Whisper asked about them. She supposed the other’s name didn’t truly matter so long as their conversation remained in neutral enough.

“They’re mine. My friend found the stallion without its rider last winter. He sort of gave Rum to me when he joined my pack since I knew more about horses than he did.” Naomi patted the chocolate palomino’s neck. “I’ve been training him ever since to be a warhorse like my mare,” she revealed with a hint of pride while gesturing to tobiano that stood on the other side of Rum.

“Do you like horses?” She asked suddenly, curious if Whisper merely casually rode them or if she actually knew or cared to know more about them. Since Amon had moved to Portland, Naomi didn’t have any packmates that truly cared for the beasts. Her family and Merlin had been about the extent of those knowledgeable in horses beyond merely using them as a convenient way of travel.

Naomi Stryder
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