[P] it was a great big world, with lots of places to run to
Naomi explained that not only was her horse trained, but it was the descendant of a bloodline bred for battle. Enthralled by the idea of this, Whisper's hawkish eyes fixed on the paint again. Though she could clearly see the muscle and sturdy build of the mare, it was hard to gauge the quality of an animal made for war at rest. Some were more obvious – Altan, with his ferocity and prideful steps, or even her father's newest trainee, the heavyset Gulliver, those had the looks of creatures meant to fight and carry warriors into combat.

It was narrow-minded of her to overlook animals that did not fit the suitable colors or shapes of those her homeland valued, but Whisper was deeply ingrained in such lines of thought. Even now, she found herself seeking out flaws, wanting to find a reason to devalue the mare before her.

She kept these thoughts to herself. Offending a trading partner, even if Naomi was no more than an errant wanderer like herself, would not reflect kindly on her. There was no way Whisper would violate the agreement between Salsola and New Caledonia, least of all from being mean-spirited.

All of the things Naomi mentioned sounded foreign and strange. Whisper, despite her xenophobia, was intrigued.

“We have a few,” Whisper offered vaguely. “I've been working with them for a while. I'd like to know more about how you trained yours, actually, I –”

She fell silent as a howl rose from the nearby wood. While Whisper did not recognize it, Naomi did. Citing it as her absentee companion, the rider from New Caledonia mounted her horse again. The two girls shared a brief farewell.

Conscious of her own exposure, Whisper was quick to gather up her things and be on her way.

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