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The event was drawing to a close, tomorrow would be the final event - a barbeque contest. It seemed to be a complicated thing but Abilene had assured Aelin that all would be well. As long as they all had fun and didn't poison anybody it seemed to be a worthy way to spend their last day, anyhow. Lyall was the last member to their team, a looking Hushhowl male. He'd been stuck like a burr to his equally tall, mysterious friend he'd hauled in wounded.

Aelin had only seen the male, Aberama as the sailor had learned, compete in one event and that was ram roping. Thinking about the spectacle lit up her features with mirth, the chocolate hybrid had ridden a blonde cow into the ring and somehow managed to place 3rd in the event, overall. On a cow! The Lancaster Stock Show had sure been an interesting place to end the summer, chalk full of many different characters hailing from all the packs within travelling distance.

The knight finally had decided she'd met with enough Ashen, proceeding to spend the entire week here wheeling and dealing while learning about the culture of Del Cenere Gang. As a wolf it was true, she had felt out of place on her first visit but Aelin could tell perhaps the coyotes weren't so against outside friendships. Any ill will lingering from their previous formation, Inferni, was not outwardly shown without a reason. It wasn't lorded about and certainly a division between the other Luperci who lived in this land wasn't on Del Ceneres priority list.

Therefore, it seemed fitting for Aelin to talk to the Rey Salvaje and offer her services as Ambassador. Counseled by other Cavaliers, the wolf knew to bring a gift to signify her goodwill and intentions to grow the relationship between the two packs. The pack on her shoulders was heavy, and Aelin adjusted the strap digging into her shoulders before glancing around for the tall, rust marked coyote. She was curious about what had happened to his eye, but much like her missing tail that was a subject best left unasked after. Still, it set him apart and in the afternoon light Aelin could see Nazarios golden eye flashing, marked by the passage of the sun.

Taking a deep breath to still any nerves, the Irish female closed the distance between them with swift purpose, waving a dark hand to try and catch the Reys attention in what seemed to be a quiet moment.  " Rey Salvaje Nazario?" The woman called in a silvery voice, brushing a lock of snow colored hair behind her dark ear as she approached.
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There was inevitable hustle, bustle, busy-sounds and clamor, the sound of chatter, bartering and livestock a constant, dull thrum; Nazario was, admittedly, equal parts impressed and overwhelmed with the turn out of traders come to patronize his Gang, to barter and see what the intrepid coyotes had to offer them.

He would show them a good time, an opulent time. Casa di Cavalieri had happened into their territory on more than one occasion, often on downswings, inopportune moments – and, paranoid of the reception, he did not care for such a reputation of being downtrodden. The Stockshow had wiped their slate clean and cleansed the Gang of its misfortunes; And, perhaps, with it, the locals would utter praise to coyote perseverance.

There was no shortage of faces to see, names to gather, words to exchange.

His ear twitched as an accent heralded him, and the Rey Salvaje turned to meet it, watching the wolfdog approach, blanketed in white and looking every bit like snow-kissed stone.

”Yes?” he answered, speculative, his dark nose twitching a moment before he offered a thin sort of smile, as though it would lessen the severity of his monitoring stare, leveraged against the crowds and turned on her. ”Are you enjoyin’ your visit?”

His gold gaze flickered to the pack over her shoulder, before he raised a hand to rub at his chin. "Surely you aren't leavin' so soon, amiga, with a feast so close at hand?"

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