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Aelin spotted Aldora from across the bar, seemingly having a similar idea as the black and white wolf. For a moment she thought back to the previous night, when some Del Cenere had danced her way over to the Sola at the Gamblers Den. What had transpired next was sure to raise eyebrows, as Aelin had met Aldoras mate several times. They had just had puppies, as well. No stranger to partying, the First Officer had simply shrugged her shoulders and engaged in a rousing round of 7's and 11's. It was likely the domineering female needed to let loose and blow off steam. Probably. Entirely new to relationships, the dark female had little to reference when it came to proper, respectful etiquette.

How many chances would the Sola have in the future? It was something Aelin was wondering herself. Now that she knew her and Abilene were to be mated, it was hard not to get intimidated by the unknown thay was fast approaching. Aelin didn't know any of it, either. The thought of how embaressing it would be to open herself up like that made it appear as some insurmountable obstacle. That was just her anxieties though, and the monochrome wolf knew that. Still... It would be best if she made an effort to not be woefully unprepared and ignorant of all a mateship consisted of. Who else to get the run down from then one mated to another female? It would be weird getting that sort of advice from a male - not that Aelin was close to any besides Cedric back home.

Downing the rest of a very potent cup of moonshine, Aelin ordered another from Boone - sliding a handful of arrowheads across the counter in exchange. Walking over to the Sola, Aelin sat down in a nearby chair to catch the females attention, noting how the air around them smelt strongly of split liquor. " 'Ello, Sola. Enjoying t' stockshow so far?"
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The embarrassment wrought from the night prior still clung to her like grime on her fur. She had bathed, of course, hoping to wash the scent of alcohol and smoke off of her, to try to reclaim some of her dignity. But there truly was only one way to do that, and that was to face head on any rumors or whispers that may have sparked; to do that, she had to return to the scene of the crime.

The Ugly Coyote was a different beast in the morning; sure there were still drunkards about, still games of chance being played, but the raucous crowd of evening had dwindled to nothing more than a few small groups. It was much more quiet, almost serene, and the smell of cooked breakfast dominated that of whiskey and cigarettes.

Aldora had found herself a seat near the same place she had occupied the night before, when that red succubus had made a fool of her. The heat of shame still pulsed on her cheeks, but she sat tall and collected, a mostly untouched plate of bread and meat in front her, and in her hands, a book. It was a journal, fresh and pristine, purchased here from a vendor. Clearly Luperci made, the bindings were of thick leather embossed with images of leaves, and the pages was made of lamb vellum. It was expertly crafted and Aldora had had to trade away the remaining crystal and sea-glass jewelry she had to obtain it.

There was a charcoal pencil in her hand, but she just kept staring at the blank page, her mind whirling with what to write. She had hoped to use this to make notes and take stock of what had happened here, but she could not find the will to fully concentrate.

Lavender eyes drew upwards as someone approached her, and recognition sparked as she saw that it was Aelin. Relief quickly turned to caution as the clearly drunk Cavalier nonchalantly took a seat nearby, her brown eyes not even hesitating to meet the Sola’s, as she asked with slurred speech how Aldora was enjoying the Stockshow so far.

The Knight gently closed her empty journal and placed it on the table before her.

Now, Aldora had made a promise to herself before leaving Casa, a very important promise. That promise was that she would not reprimand her subordinates for their behavior here, as long as it fell within the Ashen’s set laws. The drink poured here as earnestly as spring waters did back home, and the Sola knew that this was a chance for them all, herself included, to let loose. So, with a deep breath, she steeled herself against her desire to chastise the First Officer, and instead softened her features, "Yes I am, and you too, Aelin?"

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There was a slight pause between the offered question and Aldora’s response that felt.. tense somehow. It took the First Officer a few moments to work through the body language being presented before umber eyes widened slightly. As if only just now cluing in a social faux pau had occurred, Aelin straightened immediately and reddened beneath the contrasting shades of thick, plush fur before glancing at the floor purposefully.

Her interest in the wooden boards beneath them seemed magnified before the Sola appeared to relax, answering Aelin with a softened expression. Nearly deflating with relief, the wolf hesitated as if unsure how to proceed. Perhaps drinking this early in the morning had been a poor choice, but Abilene hadn’t been there when the Cavalier had risen for the day which.. posed all kinds of stressful questions, if she were being honest with herself.

Shrinking down into a more submissive position as subtly as she could, Aelin focused most of her attention on the glass set between earthen-hued paws before answering, willing the vessel to be the focal point in the room. “ Ach, Sola, one would ‘tink.. Abilene asked me t’ be mated last evening, then disappeared after celebratory drinks.. Not sure I understand ‘ow t’is entire arrangement is supposed t’ work, t’ be frank. “ Sighing lightly, a more subdued subordinate glanced up at Aldora, clearly bewildered by this sudden change in behaviour in her mate-to be.

Sheepishly the wolf played with her glass, willing what she wanted to say to Aldora to come forth. “ Ye are mated with Minerva.. Any wisdom to impart one a poor soul with… no experience… As far as that goes. “ God she wanted to curl up and disappear admitting such a thing to the leader of her pack, but there wasn’t many other couples she could approach.

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While Aldora had made a valiant attempt at being quick about being as nonchalant as possible, Aelin was sober enough still to pick up on her body-language. The Officer fidgeted, submitting, and Aldora relaxed all the more.

What Aelin had to say, however, caught the Knight off-guard. She blinked wide-eyed at the white-haired woman, "Abilene…?" Aldora mumbled, her brain trying to make a connection between the name and a face. No, it couldn’t possibly be that Abilene? Not her fresh, innocent, young niece; the daughter of her litter mate?

Was she really old enough now to be asking for a mate? Much to Aldora's chagrin, she realized dear Abilene was already three years old now, an adult through and through. In fact, in comparison with others her age, she was a bit slow in the relationship sphere. With a slight exhale, Aldora scratched at her chin, "Ah, I see…"

Leaning back in her chair, Aldora crossed her arms, her eyes closing halfway in a visage of self-reflection, "Do you love her?" That really was the long and short of it, Aldora had learned after her short relationship with Howland what true love was. That fire had burned hot, it had consumed her; but it was not love. With Minerva… it was different. There was a stability there, a comfort, but something subtle and cool. The two women worked well off each other, and while the heat between them could sometimes flare like the sun, most of the time it was a partnership more than anything else. A trust and understanding that was more akin to sisterhood than mateship.

"If you do, then that’s all you need to know. Or is it the sex you are asking about?" Aldora said this very dead pan, not meaning to embarrass or rile the Fireheart up.

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Did she love Abilene? That much was very clear to Aelin, but it would be good to sit back and really look at their relationship thus far. “ T' lass 'elps me see things….. In a different way. “ The wolf said, a small smile warming onyx and snow features. “ Before I found the Cavaliers, I 'ad my tail.. removed, in Dublin where I’m from. It was not by choice, nor injury, it was taken from me. “ The sing-song lilt to her voice fell flat at this admission, but the Cavalier remained emotionless. It had been sometime since Aelin had last glimpsed the shores of her homeland and while the worst of the memories still woke her from sleep – the pleasant ones had begun to blur as details became fuzzy.

Fiddling with long silver locks, the wolf considered. “ Abilene helped me heal, bit by bit. I see sweetness in the world once again and I’m never more happy then when I’m with her. She feels safe. “ With a chuckle Aelin pushed her empty glass around the table she sat at, ears still trained on Aldora. “ I’d say t'at, yes, I do love 'er. “ Came her final answer, and the Knight felt better about it over all even though it did feel a bit rushed.

“ I’m afraid sex is t' question, I 'ave never slept with anybody before. “ A late bloomer for sure, but there hadn’t been anybody she’d let close to her after losing her tail. There hadn’t been time, or inclination. Which suited her just fine up until now, but Aelin knew that her hesitancy in moving forward intimately would begin to grate on the other female if she didn’t do anything about it. So, here she was, asking the head of her pack how to sleep with a woman. Jesus, take me now.

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Aelin explained how she felt about Abilene, how she helped her see things from a different point of view and Aldora nodded sagely. At mention of her tail however, Aelin took the Sola off-guard; that statement came out of left field and Aldora was not sure what to think about it, or what it had to do with Abilene.

"Well, the tail does not make the wolf." She said with a smile, gesturing to her own broken appendage.

"It’s good that you love her," Aldora said, "Of course love is important in any relationship, trust too, and understanding." But it was clear that how she felt about Abilene was not in question here, and it was soon revealed that yes, the confusion that came with the physicality of same-sex relationships was why Aelin had approached her. That, compounded with being a virgin… well Aldora could understand Aelin’s hesitation with it all.

"Well, it’s not strange to be curious of such things, but I will let you know that it mostly comes naturally, after you get past the initial discomfort and awkwardness of touching another body and letting them touch yours. If you want my opinion, wait until one or both of you are in heat, that’s what helped me and Minerva become intimate for the first time."

Aldora leaned forward towards Aelin then, "And then after that, it just comes down to practice, figuring out what each of you like. I do suggest cutting your claws dull if you plan on using fingers for penetration, the tongue is always the safe play. And once you are ready to have puppies, find a male that will be gentle with you; you’ll find sex with a male is a bit more violating as they do become attached to you for a time after they climax."

The Knight hoped her bluntness was not going to scare Aelin off of the whole thing, and also, there were several other patrons of the Ugly Coyote now openly staring in their direction; Aldora shot them a warning glare.

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