[RO] [LCS] You'd think shoes and sand would go together
1,011 words. Let me know if I need to fix anything. Asher speaking

The beach was an interesting place to hold an event where they were tossing horseshoes around, at least that was the opinion of the coy dog who looked towards the water and wondered if anyone would accidentally lose one of the metal shoes into the lake. Though that would likely be rather amusing, Morris didn’t envy anyone who would have to go fish the item out. Not that he minded swimming himself, but diving into the cold depths was another thing altogether. 

Morris moved the horseshoes that he was supposed to toss in his hands, testing the weight and glancing to who he had been paired against. It was a female pack mate that he was pretty sure he had not crossed paths with yet. The pack held a lot of canines though, so it wasn’t too surprising that he wouldn’t meet every single member. She looked happy to be there, and taking part in the toss they were about to do.

She was taller than he was, which he was actually pretty used to at this point. Her coat was a mix of tans and browns, while her eyes were a golden yellow that seemed rather common in their pack. Morris was also pretty sure that she was younger than he was and he wondered for a moment if she was the youngest taking part in the friendly competitions, or if there was any that were younger. “Hm” he looked towards the crowd and easily spotted Asher, who had come to cheer him on.

Giving his friend a brief smile, honestly feeling glad for the support. Even if it was for a simple event such as this one. The coy dog then looked towards the stick in the sand that they were meant to toss the shoes at and wondered if the object would even stay in the sand. “Hm” moving one of the shoes he tossed it towards the goal and watched its movement until it landed in the sand, sending some of the substance flying around before even reaching the object it was meant to hit. 

“Oi! I thought you could aim better, Morris!!” The familiar voice distracted him and he sent a glare at Asher that didn’t truly hold much heat to it. His white coyote friend knew that this was a different situation than hunting or even knocking someone out with one of his darts. Still, he knew his friend well enough to know better to not expect some sort of comment at all. It wasn’t in Asher’s nature to hold back on such things.

The sound of another thud in the direction of the stick brought his focus back to the simple game at hand. His opponent had managed to get their shoe to be around the stick, proving that the wooden item would stay standing. It must be jammed pretty deep then. Not that it truly mattered, as long as they were able to play. “Good throw” he said, though he hadn’t actually seen it, then he tossed his next shoe and felt a little better when it joined the one already there. 

Looked like this was a game mostly based on luck then, and his aim would only help in that he would hopefully not overshoot the stick to a ridiculous amount. Though if he did, he was sure that Asher would try to cheer him up about it...while also teasing him for it. Morris found himself smiling gently at the thought as the female at his side took her second turn and was lucky enough to hit the stick again. This game was actually pretty relaxing, and at least he didn’t have to worry about getting hurt. Or so he hoped.

It would be pretty embarrassing to be hit by a wayward shoe. Looking around at the thought, Morris dismissed it at seeing the others were far enough away that being hit shouldn’t be an issue. Feeling relaxed again, he wiped his brow a little and pondered the choice of location again before turning to face the second stake. Why they couldn’t just use one was beyond him, but the rules were the rules. The coy dog tossed his third shoe, and chuckled a little when he missed again. So far he only had a score of one shoe against two. His female opponent may win, not that it was that big of a deal to him. It was a game, through and through, and he was treating it as such. 

The female's next throw missed, and Morris gave her a sympathetic smile before taking his last toss. It reached the stick again, leaving them at a tie in the amount of shoes that had reached the stake until her last shoe also managed to make it to the stick. After a moment it sank in for the female that she had the clear win, and looked very surprised at it. “Congratulations lass” he offered and even smiled. Smiling in return the female offered her hand and Morris shook it willingly enough. 

Honestly he didn’t feel bad at the loss, the toss had been fun. Morris moved to the group of onlookers, soon standing at Asher’s side and giving a shrug at his friend’s amused gaze. “Wow Morris, maybe I should hunt for us from now on.” The coyote said in a teasing tone and Morris huffed. They both knew that Asher was far better at catching fish than anything on land. Not that the slightly younger male wasn’t trying to branch out, but his skills in hunting were still lacking.

Morris shook his head “This was differen’ lad” which just gained him a wide grin from his friend. “Sure it was” Asher said, and by the tone Morris knew that this wouldn’t be dropped for a while. Rolling his eyes at his friend he sighed then looked towards the rest of the canine’s that were still trying their luck at winning the game. 

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