[P] [LcSs] Broken Wing
OOC: for Ponti! Arran's sprain is painful but not completely debilitating. WC: 232

Although Arran insisted that he was fine after his frustrating failure of a sheep trial outing, he wasn't. His sprained front leg, where his wrist would be in Optime form, was now starting to hurt more than it did initially. He tried to hide it as he walked past some of the stalls. With so many canines around, he felt uncomfortable shifting, so he was hoping for some privacy to do that. Then, at least, he wouldn't be putting weight on his injured leg. He was certain that it wasn't broken, and that it could be a much worse sprain, too, but the throb with each step was not pleasant at all.

He looked around, wondering if he could duck around one of the stalls to hide for a moment. Preferably one that New Caledonia had, but he couldn't immediately see it. He also couldn't catch the sent of any pack mates with how many were mixed together now, and he didn't want to wander too much. Instead he continued forward, gingerly setting his paw down. After a few more steps, he sat down instead. He wanted to lift his paw off the ground, but he left it there, sitting so that it held none of its weight. After a few minutes, he decided, he would continue walking. In the meantime, he kept his expression pleasant.
the shepherd of new caledonia
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