[AW+] [LcSs] Hopalong
OOC: if anyone needs a last minute LcSs thread, this is one for spectating the sack race! | WC: 251

Auger wasn't sure what a sack race was when they first heard about it. When he learned how it worked, at first he thought it was a joke. That couldn't actually be a thing, right? Hopping towards the goal while standing in a sack? But it was. It was exactly that. Notch was excited, though, so Auger was excited for him to compete. It wasn't something Auger would do, but it definitely sounded like something Notch would enjoy. Notch had even gone so far as to do his hair so that he would be hopping towards the finish line in style... or something.

Along with Dynia, Auger stood to the side, watching as the sacks were handed out and the rules were explained. The sacks looked to be a decent size for a taller than Notch Luperci to stand in, but for Notch, it was ridiculous. He had to roll it up and bunch it a few times to keep it from pooling at his feet, which would probably hinder his movements. Hopping.

"Go, Daddy!" Dynia shouted. Auger had made sure to stand in a spot that Dynia would have a clear view since she couldn't shift yet. Then the race started, and Auger was instantly glad they had come to this one. It was absolutely hilarious. He winced as one Luperci fell, and his eyes widened as Notch listed to the side for a moment. Thankfully he recovered, and Dynia continued to yell encouragement to him.

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