[RO] [LcSs]Oh! I Will Take That! It is Perfect!
//OOC: Kai browses the trade stalls looking for gifts, and visits the livestock auction on Thursday//

The Wolfe-Denahlii woman had spent the previous days wondering around visiting with friends, and making new ones. The horseshoe tournament went better than expected, placing third.  It was a complete shock, but she wasn’t about to complain about it.  With her other hand she massaged the still sore muscles from throwing the heavy horseshoe and laughed to herself.  Adjusting the bag over her shoulder she meandered through the trade stalls looking at all they had to offer.  One could find anything they were looking for, but Kai was on a mission to find something for a friend back home who had stayed behind to look after the pack. It had to be perfect, she wasn’t sure what it would be, but she would know when she saw it.  Stall after stall she traveled to, but nothing really stuck out to her. 

Soon she came upon the trade stall run by her dear friend Pontifex.  Kai waved and gave the coydog a hug and kiss on each cheek.  The two chatted  as she perused the goods at the stall and the other woman was very happy she had stopped by. From back behind the stall, she pulled out a letter, a few parchment papers thick with a wax seal, Pontifex handed it to her and asked that it be delivered to Lucian who hadn't made the trip to the stockshow.  Kai nodded happily and assured her friend that she would give the Marino boy the letter as soon as she arrived home.  Continuing to browse the items, there off in a corner was a wide leather bracelet with a piece of bone.  Tilting her head she picked it up to look closer and she smiled, there carved in the bone was a shield, it was perfect for a particular someone.  Smiling as she held it in her hand, her thumb rubbing gently over the engraving.  Handing the bracelet to Pontifex they were discussing trades she began to open her bag, when a warm breeze blew moving something hanging in the corner and it caught her eye.  Mismatched orbs looked up as she tilted her head in curiously.  The most beautiful dreamcatcher hung there with string, leather, beads and feathers. Kai thought back to the meeting between her and the Lune before she left, it was also a perfect gift.  The coydog grabbed it for her and placed it with the bracelet to discuss trade again.  Kai kept staring at the items as they discussed trade, and you couldn’t pry the smile off of her face. Placing honey, beeswax and seeds from her bag on the table, she took the two items and gently placed them in their spot.  Closing the flap, she held her hand over her bag for a moment and smiled before bidding adieu to her friend, Pontifex.

The sun was starting to drop in the sky as she finished her shopping and made her way to the stockyard, she wanted to check on her mare Willow, but also look at the animals available at the livestock auction.  Casa di Cavalieri had more than enough livestock but maybe she would find a companion for Willow to hang out with while she was gone.  By the time she had arrived, most of the animals had sold.  The sable woman was most interested in a goat or another horse but they had all been sold except for a few horses that wouldn’t work.  As she was about to leave, she noticed a couple of lambs off in the corner that no one had paid much attention to.  Humming and wagging her tail she made her way over to them.  Squatting beside the pen she held out her hand, while most shied away from her, a red and cream ewe came up and let out a loud baaaa as she pushed into her inky hand.  Well hello to you too. she chuckled softly as she looked for someone to do a trade with, the ewe had found a new home and a couple new companions. A couple of daggers and some seeds lighter, she would be going home with Willow, a small lamb, a letter for Lucian, and gifts for her dear friend, all in all, not a bad trip.

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