[P] [LcSs] Burninating the Countryside
OOC: Set during the closing festivities on the 28th. (Notch missed the warning sign lol) | WC: 362

Notch had really been looking forward to the closing festivities. The scents of the various cooking stations had been very tempting. He wasn't sure what all of them were cooking, but now that it was finally time to try them, he was excited. Auger and Dynia were around as well, looking to try the food. Notch started with the food that New Caledonia's team had made. It had the most interesting scent, although Notch couldn't quite figure out what it was. When he and Auger cooked, it was never really anything fancy because neither of them knew more than the basics, like how to build a fire and how to roast meat over said fire without it falling into the flames. The important stuff.

He sniffed it again and the scent caused a bit of a burning sensation in his nose. That was okay, Notch had eaten spicy foods before. None had ever smelled quite like this, but he was always up for trying new foods. He carefully lifted it to his mouth and took a small bite. For a few seconds, it tasted quite good and he thought he might have to go back to get some more as he swallowed the first bite.

And then it hit.

Spiciness unlike any he had experienced in his life engulfed his mouth as his eyes practically bugged out of his head.

"HOLY SHIT!" The screeched words left his mouth before he realized he was saying them out loud. He wasn't one to swear normally, but if any situation called for it, this was it. Notch wondered briefly flames had come out with his words. He coughed, making the mistake of touching his nose with the hand that had touched the meat, which only made things worse.

With his mouth and nose feeling like they were on fire, he looked frantically for somewhere to ditch the rest of the small piece of meat. He couldn't just toss it into the bushes because a pup may come along and eat it. Also he needed something--anything--to drink immediately. Should he warn anyone? Also when would the spiciness go away?!
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It was nice as well as a bit sad that things were wrapping up for the packs little event. Morris had enjoyed himself, even with his tumble off a horse. The coy dog hoped they would do it again, and if they did he might try out different activities. For now he walked near the cooks and looked over the food until he heard a shot. He was both amused and concerned when he saw it was Notch, seemingly reacting so some of the cooked fare on offer. His pack mate had some left, but looked as if he didn't truly want it. So Morris ambled up and snatched it "Is it really tha' bad?" He looked at the bit of meat dubiously then shamelessly put it in his mouth and chewed.

At first he wasn't sure what the big deal was. It seemed tasty enough for another mouthful or two. Then, what he supposed the other canine had reacted to went into effect. The heat hit him and he raised both brows in surprise even as he managed to swallow it down. "Oh" he gave a light chuckle "It does have quite the kick." He looked over Notch thoughtfully as he licked any remains off of his teeth. "Ya need milk or somethin' there?" The other male looked close to tears for sure, and Morris knew from past experience that water likely wouldn't help any. Not with this amount of heat. "I think I still have some from milking Bill earlier..." He added thoughtfully, knowing that he had certainly not drank all that his goat had offered.

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Notch gladly turned the rest of the meat over to Morris, guessing he was going to find somewhere safe to put it. But as he brought it to his mouth instead, Notch tried to warn him not to try it, but he couldn't seem to get any words out. It felt like his tongue had gone numb or something, while at the same time it still felt on fire. So bizarre. 0/10 Notch would not recommend this experience. He definitely would not be eating anything that smelled like that before. There were other things available there, but Notch wasn't sure he wanted to go back anyway. What if the rest of the food was contaminated with whatever that was?

Milk. Yes, milk would be good. Notch's first thought was water. He could go dunk himself in the lake! But no, if Morris was offering milk, that had to be a better idea. He seemed to be less affected than Notch was, so maybe he had experience with spicy foods and was also knowledgeable about how to calm it down. Honestly, he would try anything right about now. What about grass? Dirt? Anything, really.

"Yes. Please. Milk sounds good," Notch managed to say through a couple of coughs as his eyes watered. He thought the eyes watering was more to do with his nose burning than his mouth, but either way it made his surroundings slightly blurry. Hopefully the New Caledonia cooks hadn't heard his reaction. He wouldn't want to offend them even if they had made a monstrosity.
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Morris nodded and then motioned for Notch to follow him. He still tended to sleep outside, and his tent had been moved to make it a bit easier for himself to travel to the event while still being out of the way. The milk he had mentioned would still be there unless someone mingling around had stolen it. Deciding not to think of any of the canines stooping so low as to steal some goat milk, he started on his way to the tent. As he walked he was finding that there were stages of uncomfortable heat to the food he had just consumed, and he felt bad for anyone unused to such things. Even he was starting to tear up just a little, and he was used to spicy foods in general. 

Glancing to Notch, he offered what he hoped passed as a sympathetic smile. "We're almos' there. Maybe I shoul' bring the whole jug...an some cups. Offah it out, but discreetly." He had a feeling that it wouldn't be smart to upset the canines who had made the heated food. If this is how they cook, who knew how they would act when offended? Giving a light cough he scratched his head. "I wondah if the othah goats have been milked yet? I only take care of Bill, so I don' rightly know how it normally works." There were cows as well, and he hummed in thought. If he could manage to milk a goat, he was sure that a cow wouldn't be much different, save for being a bigger animal. Keeping the idea of gathering more milk in mind, he spotted his tent and hurried the rest of the way before slipping inside and grabbing the jug that he used to keep Bill's daily offering in. 

Slipping back out of the tent he hurried back to Notch then offered the other male the jug "Ya first."

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Notch followed Morris willingly. All he could think of was how on fire his mouth felt. Why would anyone cook with that stuff? Did they even like it or was it a mistake? It had to be a mistake. Nothing about New Caledonia had made him think that they liked their food to be face-meltingly spicy. Those mysteries were going to go unsolved though because he was not going to go back and ask. Some of the other foods at their stall had looked good, too, but now he was afraid they'd all be like that. Nope. Next he would be sampling food from other stalls, assuming that he could even taste it at this point. His tongue had a weird sort of numb feeling while still managing to feel the spice, too.

"Bringing it out might be a good idea. I'm sure others will need it." Notch agreed. Maybe the jug should just be an addition to New Caledonia's booth. While he waited for Morris to return with the milk, he stared at the ground, considering the likelihood that eating dirt would make the burning stop. Thankfully Morris was quick, so he didn't need to try the dirt thing.

"Thanks," Notch croaked and took a drink from the jug. He held it in his mouth for a moment, letting it soothe the spice burn before swallowing. His throat was on fire, too, of course. He took a second drink, which knocked down the rest of the spice to something that was tolerable, then handed the jug back to Morris. Having food from a different booth now would probably handle the rest. He could taste the milk, too, which he took to be a good sign.

"Alright, I suppose we should head back in case anyone else needs to be rescued." Notch said with a laugh.
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Morris gave an easy nod at Notch's words, and watched as his fellow pack mate drank the milk for relief. Water would have been fine as well, but Morris had found that milk worked a lot faster when it came to cooling a burn in one's mouth. Once Notch was finished and the jug was returned, Morris took his own drink, though not in such a hurried manner. As the burn eased he licked at his teeth and looked towards the festivities. The food honestly wasn't too bad, he might eat some more as long as milk was still within easy reach. "Aye, let's go rescue some othahs" he didn't want to hurt the feelings of the group who had made the meat, but sometimes such things were unavoidable.

Before they left his tent, he put a stopper into the jug he used for milk, then carried it at his side as he moved to walk back. It was as uneventful as going to his tent had been. By the time they got back, he could tell some others had eaten the spicy bit of food, and scratched his head for a moment. Now that he was here, he wasn't sure how to pass along the milk discreetly, or if it was truly wise to just set it on the stall where the food was being served. Either option would eventually bring attention to him and what he was trying to do. Sighing softly he finally just walked up to some poor soul that looked near tears and held the jug out to them "Some milk, it'll ease the burn some." He made sure to talk softly, and figured that this was the best that he could do for now. 


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OOC: wordtober - murder. I think we can probably wrap this one up? :D | WC: 284

Notch was a little surprised that there wasn't anyone running around screaming bloody murder. Still, there was at least one person in distress, and thankfully Morris was able to help. Notch wasn't sure how subtle they should be about it since the food was so spicy. Notch wasn't even sure if it was really okay to eat. He needed to warn Auger and Dynia about it because the last thing he wanted was for his daughter to have that same experience.

As he looked around, he spotted Auger trailing after Dynia. Notch waved, but Auger wasn't looking at him, which was fine because Dynia looked like she wanted to scamper off. Sometimes she was shy, but had bursts of outgoing braveness. He was fine if she was more introverted like Auger was, but he didn't like that she was afraid of adults sometimes, and that wasn't a good way to live. Pups were far easier for her at this point.

"I'm going to go warn Auger," Notch told Morris, gesturing towards his mate and daughter. "So Dynia doesn't end up with any of it." His stomach was feeling a little off, but he figured that would pass soon enough. Maybe it was a combination of milk and spice. If he kept feeling like that, he was sure that Auger and Dynia wouldn't mind going home, especially Auger who didn't like crowds all that much. Dynia would probably want to come back for the lanterns. "Thanks again for coming to the rescue," he said with a laugh. Notch would definitely be asking what's in the food when he tried things from the other teams.
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