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Aberama is vaguely around the stockyard, in some quiet shaded corner brushing his ridiculous cow.
For Myst/Notch.

Aberama tugged the bone comb through the long, strawberry tinted locks that fell in soft, shaggy waves off of Cletus. The cow grunted softly, enjoying having the many knots present on his coat dealt with, finally. The wolfish hybrid had been lax in this duty as of late with so much going on, but if he wanted Cletus to win it would take a lot more effort on Aberamas part.

The Cavalier had found this entire experience rather strange. Maybe it was the place of his origin that influenced such opinions, but down south the atmosphere seemed more… wild. Interactions amongst Luperci folk hadn’t been nearly so civilized as what the male had witnessed at the Stockshow so far. Hell, even the impromptu fight club that had popped up had still been chaperoned.

His pack seemed to be the most violent of the bunch, truth be told. The yearlings were pit against each other in a garish display of physical prowess and the display Aberama had witnessed mere weeks ago was vicious, all in the aim to draw first blood. Del Cenere definitely seemed more relaxed then Casa, but there was a innate competitiveness amongst the coyotes that surprised him.

A particularly tough knot snagged his comb, breaking a tine. “ Fuck sakes. “ He groaned, running a large hand through dark locks in frustration. “ Why is a damn cow in possession of such long hair! I should shave ya, buddy. “ Aberama complained to nobody, working on untangling the comb. The males mother would skin him alive if she heard that kind of talk and the memory of the headstrong woman who loved to dance was enough cast a somber light over the morning.

Quietly Aberama worked, ears halfmast. Letting his dual-toned eyes roam, the hybrid spotted an oddly-colored coyote set up preparations on an even-stranger looking horse nearby. Cocking his massive, shaggy head, the Cavalier took in the pairs appearance and wondered what the smaller male was up too. One or two of the bottles stashed with the others grasp appeared to nearly be dropped by the over-encumbered male, earning a soft snicker from Aberama. 

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Gaucho prompt Wrote:Help care for some of the communal animals - feed birds or livestock, brush horses, or help someone to care for their own animal!

Notch was very excited for the best in show event. He had rushed to enter Loom into it and since then spent probably a little too much time deciding how he wanted Loom to look. He had already clipped Loom's mane into its fun pattern of triangles to show the dark stripe down the middle. He had thought of doing something more intricate but he was afraid of doing it wrong and not having any time for Loom's mane to grow out. Instead, he went with a pattern he had done many times, but had also gotten many complements before.

Now, it was time to give Notch a good scrub-down to make sure that his fur was nice and clean and gleaming. Then Loom would be stalled until it was time to take him over to the best in show pens. He had a few bottles of water with him, along with sort of rusty bucket that still held water when it was only half full, that also held the brushes. It was a bit much to carry at once, but at least Loom just plodded along behind him willingly. He would have done that if Loom had looped the lead line over Loom's neck. As it was, it was just draped over Notch's shoulder and he wasn't really holding it at all.

He heard a sound as he started getting his stuff settled and when everything was safely on the ground, he turned to see what the sound was, only to see the most perfect cow to have ever existed.

"Oh. My. God." Notch gasped, bringing his hands up to his face. How had he not seen the gloriousness of the giant shaggy cow?! "He's amazing!" Notch wanted to comb his fingers through all the shaggy fur. There did seem to be some knots, and really, with all this fur, how wouldn't there be? He would spend literally all day grooming this bull if he owned it. "Are you entering him into the best in show event?" Notch asked while lowering his hands. If he wasn't and the cow was here to be auctioned, Notch was absolutely going to empty his stock of everything to bid on him.
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It seemed the stranger was happy to carry his load, setting everything to straights before glancing up at Aberama’s snicker. His eyes grew large and in a show of adoration gasped out a compliment, which the traveler did not expect. The outright friendliness surprised the Recruit and he paused his brushing to examine the pair with renewed interest, perking crooked ears.  “ Ah, thank ya. You’d be dead right, names Cletus. He’s about the only thing I got to show off these days. “ The hybrid chuckled nervously, sneaking glances at the coyotes fancy hair and equally fancy horse.

“ Interesting horse ya got there. “ He replied neutrally, raspy voice somewhat guarded. “ Entering him into the best in show as well? “ A horse seemed to be more useful to these folk, but with how large Aberama was really he was hard pressed to find a beast that could handle a weight of a large hybrid like himself. Lyall seemed to face a similar problem, but had come across a horse to ride during the events in an unlikely stroke of luck.

Resuming his brushing, Aberama frowned ever so slighty. “ My own name is Aberama. I’m from the knight pack. “ This coyote didn’t seem to have any reservations about the hybrids heritage, there was no aloofness he’d spotted so far whenever the coyotes had dealings with those with wolf blood. Sticking out a tongue slightly, the hulking male tried attempting some of those braids he’d seen woven into other animal’s fur, but it was a pathetic attempt, loose and limp

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Cletus. That was such a perfect name for a majestic cow. Notch had never seen a more perfect cow before. His attention turned to Loom as the other canine asked about him. Loom flicked his ears, lifting his head slightly in a way that his neck arched. Preening. Notch couldn't really talk, though, since he regularly preened as well. Loom looked good and he knew it.

"Yeah! This is Loom. I've already got his mane clipped, so I'm just going to be giving him a little bath to get rid of the dirt he rolled in this morning." Sometimes he envied his mate's horse color. The dirt showed up so much more easily on Loom's cream colored fur than it did on Monte's brown. "I'm Notch,", he said and watched for a moment as Aberama started trying to do a few braids. Would it be bad to help someone who wasn't from the pack with their best in show entry? Notch wasn't sure who was entering animals, but mostly he just really wanted to get his hands on that cow's fur. Hair? It was definitely more like hair.

"Can I help?" Notch asked, nodding towards the braid attempts, attempting to be calm about it. He clasped his fingers together to keep from making grabby hands. "I really like doing braids, and I think what you have started is a good idea." Cletus didn't need fancy braids, but a few simple ones? That would look great. He also wanted to help work some of the knots out of the hair. Notch was sure that it wouldn't be long before more formed just because of what the hair was like, but it was still something he enjoyed doing.
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Why did a cow have so much hair? Aberama grunted as his thick fingers got in the way of themselves and he had to steel himself from throwing his hands up in exasperation. The coyote approached, mentioning that he planned on bathing his horse. “Hmn. “ Shit. He hadn’t thought to do that, who bathed their cow? With a steady look he nodded in affirmative to Notch, crossing well-muscled arms and standing back to watch the shorter male work with Cletus.

It surprised the Cavalier somewhat that Notch genuinely seemed to want to mess about with the oxen and frankly, he was grateful for the help. “ His hair is ridiculous, help would be good. “ A sidelong glance was aimed at the males deft hands and Aberama glanced at the stallion tied to the fence thoughtfully. “ So, have ya’ll been doing this… Stock Show for some time now? “

The traveller wasn’t from Canada originally, and had spent much of his life down in Maine. There weren’t celebrations like this, really, not with all the packs in the area intermingling like it was just another Tuesday. It was an interesting thing to observe though, how nothing had gone horribly wrong so far despite all the wolves and coyotes milling about. 

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Notch was fairly certain that he had died and gone to heaven. This cow was perfect. So perfect that Notch couldn't think of any better word to describe him. He supposed he probably shouldn't whisper to Cletus how absolutely perfect he really was. Not a great thing to do in front of someone he didn't know. He sometimes told Loom he was perfect, but whispers weren't necessary then.

"This is the second year," Notch said as he worked his fingers gently into a knot. "That's how long we've been a pack, so it's becoming a yearly thing. This year seems to be really successful so far." Cletus seemed to be fairly tolerant so far, but Notch knew that he was an unfamiliar Luperci to the cow, so he didn't want to startle him with a sudden tug. He also didn't know how to read cow body language the same way he could with horses. Did cows also pin their ears back when they were annoyed? Stomp their feet? Hm.

Once he had the hair in the current spot untangled, Notch started a small, simple braid. He supposed it would be possible to do more ornate ones, but it wasn't like braiding a horse's mane where the hair just kind of flopped off to one side. Braids for Cletus might restrict his movement and cause painful tugging. Notch didn't want that, so he didn't weave anymore hair into the braid.

"Maybe a couple of big braids to frame his face? And then some smaller ones?" Notch lifted a lock of hair the size he intended to turn into a bigger braid as he looked to Aberama to see what he thought.
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