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OOC: Arran does his best in show voting and attends the livestock auction. | WC: 1176

The livestock auction and best in show competition events were ones that Arran was especially excited for. He was on two feet for once because it was the only real way to carry the goods he had with him to trade. And although he wanted to trade for every animal available, he knew that was not going to be possible or practical. He'd still have to get them home, which would likely prove difficult even with help. Instead, he decided to look for one animal to bid on. Because it was going to be for the pack rather than owned personally by him, he had permission to use cloth and thread from the pack's stores to offer during the auction. He kept the bundle of goods tucked under his arm rather than stressing his injured wrist with it. His wrist was feeling a bit better over the couple of days since the timed sheep herding event, but he still did not spend time in Lupus form.

He started the best in show options with the horses, with his three acorns clasped gently in hand. Arran knew little more than basics with horses: how to groom them, some things they ate, riding skills with especially calm horses, and what a healthy horse looked like. The ones in front of him were all healthy-looking to him, so that took away way of deciding his vote. Really, they were all pretty and Arran wished that he could vote for them all. But he had to choose only one, so he did. Arran knew only a little about cows, too, and once again they all looked to be healthy. He knew the brindle cow, Pim, on sight and smiled at seeing him entered into the contest. Pim was the only brindle cow that Arran had ever seen. There was also a really hairy one that caught Arran's eye. He placed his vote for this category and then moved on again. The next category was one that he was very familiar with: it had sheep and a goat in it. He looked at them carefully, taking much longer at this spot than the others before finally making his decision and putting his acorn into the bucket.

And then it was time for the auction! He moved slowly by the pens, looking over each available animal carefully. Del Cenere Gang had some really interesting looking birds, which he had never seen before. Their long tails looked like they might be kind of heavy and get in the way, but the birds didn't seem hindered by them. Arran wasn't sure what they would be for. Eating? Feathers? So he moved on to look at the next option. There were quite a few rabbits available, although those also were not the sort of livestock he kept. Maybe someone else would, though? Since he couldn't think of someone off the top of his head, he thought it would be best not to bid on them since there might not be anyone to care for them until they were likely killed for meat and the pelt.

He looked at the chickens as well, and while there was a variety of colors, he wasn't sure what the pack would need for them. They had some chickens, but would they also want these? He helped feed them sometimes if it was needed, but they were another type of animal that he had little experience with, having his family's main focus been on goats and sheep.

Thankfully there were goats and sheep available. A small group of each that Arran took time looking over like he had done while voting for best in show. He squatted down outside the goat pen, not caring that he might look silly. He extended his hand to see if any wanted to come forward, but there was a lot going on around here, so he didn't expect them to. At least they weren't trying to escape. Maybe they were too young to have learned that yet. Still, did Arran want yet another goat to chase after and bring back? It was happening far, far less often since he had been working on reinforcing the fence. He really didn't need one running off and getting hurt, or running off to Kalypso's house to finish eating whatever clothes had been nibbled on last time.

No, the kids looked nice, but he decided he was not going to bid on them. He stood up and moved over to where the lambs were and did the same, squatting in front of them. There was a reddish one that looked interesting; Arran had seen one like that before. The fiber, sadly, did not grow in the dark red color, but it had still made nice wool fabric, at least from what he had been told. His part ended with the task of shearing. He decided that he would try to at least get two of them during the auction. 

Decision made, Arran had to wait until the auction began. He had never participated in one before, so he was a bit nervous about it. He had asked around for how it would work, but he was still a bit worried that he would mess it up somehow. And now that he had actual lambs picked out, it mattered even more for him to do this right.

As the auction began, he watched closely, seeing how others placed their bids. There was one auctioneer and it all seemed easy enough to him. Hopefully no one would outbid him, or he could at least win. Assuming he didn't stumble over his words or anything when the lambs were up. Surely that wouldn't disqualify him, though, right? When the lambs were next, Arran moved closer to make sure that he would be heard. He felt nervous and excited when the auctioneer started the process.

In the end, one lamb went to someone else But Arran managed to win the bidding for the other two. This left him, or rather, New Caledonia, the new owner of the reddish lamb and the one that was mostly white. He was especially excited about the red one because he hoped that it would mean having a new fiber color for the pack eventually. With that done, he went to find out where he would turn his goods over since the lambs were owned by Del Cenere Gang. He couldn't wait to tell Fennore! And King Iomair!

Wait! maybe Fennore was at the auction and already knew? Arran looked around, trying to find her bright hair among the other bidders. He was short in comparison to a lot of them and so was she. Well, once his cloth and thread was handed over, he would see if he could find her and tell her the good news! He also needed to come up with names for their two little rams. The trip home would be a good time for brainstorming.
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