[RO] [LcSs] Family Time
OOC: After trading for some pretty fabric, Notch, Auger, and Dynia go see the best in show candidates | WC: 811

After Auger traded for the cups and plates, Notch had been down to the last shirt that he made in preparation for the Lancaster Stockshow. It wasn't a very pretty color, but none of the things he made were because he didn't know anything about dying fabric other than dyes could apparently be made from things like berries. The only way for him to get pretty fabric was to trade for it, and until now, he hadn't done that because he considered his skill level to be too low to use anything more valuable than plain stuff--which was still valuable in itself, so it was frustrating when he messed things up. It did improve his improvisation skills, though, which he supposed were useful with fabric that was often far from perfect. Thankfully, a loner attending the Stockshow had been willing to trade a nice amount of blueish cloth for the shirt, and Notch was very excited.

After the trade, he swung back by his house to stow his new favorite fabric ever. He also wanted to pick up Auger. Dynia also wanted to go because she wanted to go see the best in show animals even though she wasn't going to vote this year. Maybe next year she would vote! He thought she was especially excited to see Loom since he had told her she had to wait after he did the final grooming.

"Ready to go?" Notch asked Auger and Dynia as he folded the fabric and put it onto a shelf. At least he didn't have to worry about Dynia chewing on things anymore.

"Yeah!" Dynia cried, her front end bouncing with excitement. Auger smiled at her and they headed out the door together. Dynia stuck close to them as they navigated around the others who were there for the same thing they were. They decided to start with the horses because that's what Dynia was most excited for.

"Daddy, he looks so pretty!" Dynia's tail wagged as she looked at Loom, whose head rose at the sound of her voice. His ears flicked towards her and she giggled. When it came to voting, Notch was obviously going to vote for Loom. How couldn't he? His horse was perfection, after all! In his opinion, anyway. He wished that he could peek into each of the boxes for the other horses to compare to Loom's votes so far, but they were locked, which was understandable. Less chance of cheating there. He also refrained from trying to talk Loom up because he didn't want to seem like he was pressuring anyone to vote for his horse. Instead, he dropped his acorn into Loom's bucket (Auger did, too, of course) and then the family went over to the next category, the bovines. This one was also a no-brainer. He was absolutely voting for Cletus.

"Look at how much fur he has," Notch said, pointing Cletus out to Dynia as Auger chuckled. "I helped his owner get him ready." The other cows were certainly nice, and the brindle one was especially interesting, but Notch only had eyes for the shaggy one. He quickly cast his vote and Auger decided on which cow to vote for as well.

Last up were the goat and sheep options. They all looked nice to him, but he had to choose one of them, and so he did, dropping his last acorn into the box.

"You shoulda entered our goats," Dynia said while looking over the small group.

"Maybe next year," Auger told her. "It took Notch a while to get Loom ready, but next year we can work on the goats while he's doing that. Sound good?" Dynia nodded enthusiastically, getting chuckles from both of her dads. After Notch and Auger each chose which box to put their last acorn into, they stepped away so that others could move in to cast their own votes.

Notch looked at both of his other family members, trying to judge if they'd had enough of being around so many others, but they both seemed fine at the moment. He knew that his social endurance was much better than Auger's, and Dynia was young, so while she had boundless physical energy, sometimes being in a crowd made her tired.

"Want to go see what animals are going to be auctioned?" Notch asked. Dynia frowned a little.

"What's auction mean?" She asked, so Notch explained how it worked with an auctioneer accepting bids before declaring the animal sold. She seemed interested, and Notch was happy just to have more time with his family. Dynia walked between them, but Auger reached over her back to take Notch's hand. He glanced over at his mate with a smile as they headed on to the next event.
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