[AW+] out tonight and the beat goes on
The tall youth looked back at Aidan, the warmer tones of her pelt lost in the poor light of the evening.  What light managed to shine through the less dense parts of rain cloud, was mirky and almost felt second hand, like it’d been through a good few sets of eyes already.  The pair didn’t speak to one another, the Warden’s ears swivelling and nose twitching as he scanned around. 

For several moments the rain continued to fall, the sound of it filling the world.  Once again Aidan was reminded that this wasn’t a night to hunt.  The grey eyed male’s patience was rewarded though, and when the flash came, the youth’s pointing was unnecessary.  With the reactions of one who’d honed their reflexes through years of rigorous training, Aidan sprang into the trees.  When the flash had come he’d kept one eye closed, ensuring that any light wouldn’t blind him if it vanished.  There was nothing there though.  Circling a few times, examining the woods and looking to see any disturbed earth, a fool’s errand in this weather, Aidan found nothing.

Emerging near the home again, Aidan moved to the youth.  As he neared her, the scent of horses came to him, and once again he nodded.

”There is no scent, and I can find no tracks, though I know of nothing that makes a light so bright and wanders on land.  Other pack mates have insisted that there are such things as spirits to me, and if that light is one, then there is very little that can be done with teeth or claw.”

Though Aidan knew the youth on sight, and guessed her family given the home she stood before, he decided to introduce himself.

”I am Aidan Blacksun.” his tone was a flat expressionless thing, with an inscribable face to match it. ”Did the light wake you?” Aidan asked, drawing the conclusion as to why the youth would be up at this hour.

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