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Spotlights for September 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
This month's Spotlight Soul is Jimena Escuella from the Del Cenre Gang.  A youngster born into the pack, Jimena comes from a family haunted by loss and divided by the wake left from tragedy. This hasn't kept her from trying to make the most of her youth, nor dissuaded her from exploring new skills. Though yet to really branch out beyond her pack, the recent event held in her homeland has given Jimena a glimpse into the people and groups beyond the Gang. No doubt there's interesting adventures coming as Jimena learns to navigate the world with her brash little attitude!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
Solo leading is hard enough, but to then attempt a giant, community event filled with multiple main threads, prizes, and baubles? Despi went all out with DCG's Lancaster Stockshow, and managed to keep both her own pack and everyone on the forum in attendance engaged and actively plotting and threading with one another! The event is superbly organized, and Despi had made sure that there is plenty to do, as well as that you have all of the information available to you! She's done her best to answer questions quickly, promote threads (both event-related and spin-offs!) and individual ideas/plots, and has been genuinely involved with every aspect of this event! Her positive attitude and leadership skills have certainly made this event run both smoothly and kept players excited to interact with one another across packs and band lines!

Featured Pack Adoptable
Kaimkillen of Salsola is a mysterious young man from the far west. Nobody knows much about Kaimkillen's past - Only that his present has been the result of a series of extremely unfortunate circumstances. His voyage to Nova Scotia was beset with hardships, from poverty and hunger to illness. Destitute, and with a deadly winter nipping at his heels, Kaim made the poor mistake of falling in with the Underhill Camp gang - who were, themselves, about to become victims of fate.

Persecuted by Salsola for their nearness to the border and unrelated, less scrupulous crimes, the Underhill camp were confronted by a raiding party of some of the Thistle Kingdom's finest. Whilst the other members of the crew were swift to fight, Kaim - wise for all his youth - saw the inevitability of their capture, and submitted.

The only detained survivor of what turned out to be a bloodbath, the coyote was dragged back to the kingdom and sentenced to serve as a Mendicant until the totality of his debt (being, if temporarily, an aggressor to the crown) is paid. At least this way he has regular meals. In this hard life, beggars can't be choosers.

News & Updates

Table of Contents

The worst of the heat has begun to abate, and as the month moves along the change in season becomes more apparent.  Rain becomes more common and long-lasting. Canadian geese continue their migration towards the south, with large groups stopping to rest throughout the territories but especially near water sources. Hints of amber and gold become visible among deciduous trees as the days go on, and acorns are soon found underfoot. In forests where these are common, the presence of black bears becomes notable – as is their rising need for food in preparation for winter.

New Catacombs

Oh look, some new skulls to earn! :3

[Image: canine-bnpc5.gif] Stone: Use a bNPC prominently in a thread 5 times
[Image: canine-bnpc10.gif] Granite: Use a bNPC prominently in a thread 10 times
[Image: canine-bnpc15.gif] Marble: Use a bNPC prominently in a thread 15 times

bNPC Updates

There are no new bNPC quests this month, as our previous batch remains incomplete.

If you're looking to get a jump start on those new Catacombs, take a trip and visit the Oglethorpe crew! As their second winter in Nova Scotia approaches, these characters will be on the hunt for more supplies to help prepare their campsite. Got some extra goods you're trying to unload? Want to make some new trade connections? Head south and see what's happening with the crew!

Additionally, our Messengers for Hire are still traveling throughout the lands, and eager to help your characters communicate with friends far and wide. 

Update Your Profile!

When's the last time you checked out your character's profile? Is it looking a little bare? Time to add some information! Updated profiles and wiki pages are an important resource for both yourself and other players. Did your character recently get a scar? Move packs? Have puppies? Make sure that's down in the books! Don't wait until Yearbook time to scramble for a summary. ;)

Completed profiles can also help your fellow players quickly reference details about your character. This help when it comes to ensuring accuracy from your fellow writers! (Your character is how tall!?)

Quick update/clarification to rules regarding temporary NPCs!

Old Wrote:You don't have to request permission to introduce tNPCs into the game; however, you must create an explicit note regarding their introduction to the game, either in the OOC section of the first post of each thread or by privately via PMing the 'Souls Assemblage.

New Wrote:You don't have to request permission to introduce tNPCs into the game; however, you must create an explicit note regarding their introduction to the game by noting it in the OOC section of the first post of each thread. It should always be clear which characters are tNPCs, and tNPCs should not be referenced except with regard to events from a played thread -- this means tNPCs cannot be "seen around" for any amount of time prior to or after their official use in specific threads.

You can still PM us to declare/clarify tNPCs, but regardless, tNPCs should always be declared at the start of each thread so it's clear to all players that they are tNPCs. This also makes it much easier for us to keep track of the threads they're in.

tNPCs are intended for specific plots over a set period of time. As such, they should not exist in-game until they are declared, which means they cannot be referenced as being "around" prior to active use. This is to prevent "floating" NPCs that exist without a proper designation for undetermined amounts of time.

For example, a band of tNPCs cannot be referenced as having been seen in an area unless there was a thread in which they make an appearance in that area. Once tNPCs have been officially introduced into the game (declared + actively used in a thread), they can be referenced with regard to that specific thread and more generally ("saw them in the area"). Once tNPCs have expired (5 threads used or 5 weeks passed since introduction), they cannot be used further, which includes referencing them actively in-game but "off-screen."

In short: don't try to make tNPCs last longer than they're supposed to.

Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns or need further clarification!

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