[AW+] When Evening Falls :: Ceremony of Stones
The Wolfe-Denahlii woman came back with joy in her heart from the Stockshow at the Del Cenere Gang. She had acquired not only a new sheep and horse, but had also came back with a new dagger and gifts for the Lune. Most of her stock had been traded away,  andshe had met some new friends and caught up with old ones. But nothing, NOTHING, could prepare her for the heartbreak that would meet her at home.

Veri was gone, Lucian and Caspian were destroyed, and the terokla was beside herself, having to do what no one should ever have to do. Put their best friend to rest.  Kai didn't even know where to start, she tried to help but most met her with resistance, which was fine, everyone grieved in their own way. At least when they were finally ready to talk, her door would always be open, no matter what time of day or night. While she had worry for Jace, most of the counselor's worry laid with the brothers, Lucian blamed Caspian and Caspian blamed himself.  It was nobody's fault, it was an accident, but to get them to see that now would be futile, so she let them be. 

It had been a few days since the tragedy that shook the pack and the leaders had arranged for a Stone Ceremony to say goodbye to their beloved elder.  Kai arrived early to see if there was anything she could do to help and offered and shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen.  The Sola gave a beautiful eulogy before placing the first stone.  Caspian and Lucian were next, both seemed dead on the inside and looked like they hadn't slept in days. Though if she was honest with herself, she hadn't slept much either, she could feel the pain of those around her and she kept watch for Veri's spirit, but it had not appeared to her yet, perhaps she was already gone.

Of all the places, it was the Silent Meadow that drained her of energy and empathy the most.  Kai had to be conscious and work to keep up the wall so that spirits stayed at bay.  There were many spirits here, which made it difficult, but she needed to be here.  After a few more  stones were placed, the sable woman took her turn.  Kneeling down beside the other stones that had been placed she closed her eyes and said a prayer to the All Mother and Atoi to guide the Secanti woman to her resting place.  Opening her mismatched orbs and single tear ran down her check as she placed the stone.  Wiping the tear away before she stood up, she took her place on the edge of the crowd, somewhere others could reach her should they need a counselor without disrupting the ceremony.

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