[AW+] When Evening Falls :: Ceremony of Stones
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[Image: CaspianAv.png]It had been a wonderful world. Now it was rotten and empty.

Caspian sucked in his breaths through numb lips and exhaled them through his cold nose. Each one trembled, a leaf in the storm. Gold could not stay still, and they looked upon pieces, this and that, impressions caught and locked away; the colors of the gathered cloaks, the sighs and sobs, the weeping and sniffles, and Guinevere's song, cutting through the stone.

His teeth were chattering, shivering together.

He was... he was...

Nausea rose, a black tide, and he crushed it back down, and away, trapping it away behind his jaws. He could not... he could not dishonor her memory further by vomiting at her funeral pyre.

The young boy sucked in a ragged breath and held it fast.

His lips quavered and for but a moment he met the blank, hollow hardness in Lucian's own eyes and looked away hurriedly, unable to hold it at all.

From a long distance, in his mind, he could hear the voice of his mentor, Pushok, keep it steady, and shuddered ever more with breaths that he couldn't draw in properly now at all.

"Ow..." Whispered the lost boy, bringing a hand to clutch at his chest.

Caspian was choking on his own self loathing. The lump rising in his throat blocked off everything.

Staring at the ground, the tears came then, with no sob or sound to herald them, just pouring effortlessly from his eyes like rain; And then it was, that he heard the voice, the old, ragged voice that cut through his senses in a way nothing else had done.

<"Poor lass. She didn't deserve this, was always so kindly. Stuck with Luca through and through though he went quite mad and all that bad business. Tch, tsk...">

Morty, the old healer, was frowning down at the corpse of his mother, as though she could not understand the decision.

"What did you say." Caspian's voice was a fragile, frail papery thing as the shaking, shivering boy turned to face her properly, his hands clenching into fists at his side.

<"It was a shame boy, but he lost his mind at the end. Didn't know whether he was coming or going, or who his family was.">

Caspian gaped at her, losing his grasp on words, on his self.


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