[P] Spun Circles
After returning to Casa proper, Abilene had remained by herself when Aelin wasn't home. Hunting brought little in the way of pleasure for her right now when she thought she heard him in every corner, despite the logical noise in the back of her mind that told her that he could never get this far into Casa without someone finding him which also served as a potential fear in and of itself, considering there were people she loved here and that man, as vile as he had been, had been so strong that even she hadn't been able to lift herself up after he'd pinned her face down to the ground.

Still, there were other things to be done within the knightly lands. Training had become harder, due to her ankle sprain but every day, she felt as if she could do more upon it and by now, it was a dull thud at the back of her mind when she did too much or went too far.

She had sent word to Aelin through Morty after she'd departed her presence that she wanted to meet at the cusp of dusk. They had often come upon each other around that time and it had become something of a ritual to go home together after a day full of their duties. Abilene had spent most of the day carving bone, rather than hunting, training with her spear (which was still broken), or even going out swimming or in search of pretty shells or stones. She was growing her quality of life, ensuring that if something happened and she became unable to do what she loved, she'd at least have something to fall back upon. She now stood at the cusp of a forested area near a clearing they'd been to before.

Nearby, the making of a brook seemed to billow its gentle, rolling waters. She could smell the remnant stench of a deer who had marked the land but she felt no overwhelming urge to follow it. Instead, the flickering of flames nearby from a fire she had built seemed to illuminate the path through the woods she intended to take after Aelin found her. She wore a long dress made of brown coloration that seemed to blend in with her fur under the firelight and in the night's moon and her necklace that she wore now on a regular basis. Her hair had been pulled and tied back in a loose braid, her arms ringed by leather bands secured with wooden beads.
Wc – 241

Aelin trailed along the small brook, the scent of Abilene heavy throughout the area. Her mind had been a busy place since discovering her mate-to-be injured, muddy and afraid beyond the borders. After ensuring she was safe and cared for, Aelin had time to process what had occurred. The trust had been broken between them, and daily the wolf wrestled with how to move on from what felt like such a deep betrayal.

Remaining tight lipped throughout it all, now the Damaichu had healed enough where she no longer needed to be coddled, but still Aelin fussed. It felt like the right thing to do, what she should do.. but still a furrow in her brow persisted, day after day. Her stony expression didn’t match the caring acts carried out which did not go unnoticed by the Second Officer.

They had decided to spend time together this evening to reconnect, the wolf wearing a thin, tight fitting sweater  colored a crisp, dark ochre tucked into a pleated leather skirt for the occasion, simple yet flattering. A belt cinched around her middle completed the look, silvery hair hanging in long, straight panes down her back. The smell of campfire became discernible, and soon Abielen’s figure cut a silhouette against the flickering light source as Aelin approached.

“ ‘Ello Abilene. “ Came the soft, lilting voice, her doe eyes seeking out the depths of unending green that had become the center of the females life.

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