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Dated 10th September in the evening for now- For Auger/Notch - Let's go rescue team >:D

Freddy put his faith in Nazario and the rest of the Ashen to keep Charmingtown and the Del Cenere lands safe. As much as Freddy wanted to be there to protect others just as his job intended, he knew he was the only one who could complete this part of things... to prevent Pirate from having any leverage against the Ashen and save a poor girl from torment. The boy should, honestly, still be in a bed resting. But Freddy couldn't allow himself to stand by when things were about to explode, with the Vigilante feeling more than just a little responsible for the problems coming the pack's way. Nazario hadn't banished Freddy yet, so the boy still had some use for the Gang and aimed to use it. 

Against the wishes of those caring for him, Freddy had hobbled to his home and collected Euphorus, leaving without word to his friends... not even sure he'd see them again after all this was done. With the large horse doing the leg work, Freddy wouldn't need to worry about his wounded thigh causing any issues, provided the jackal didn't fall from his steed. A difficult task given how much pain he was still in. 

Holding it all in, whilst wondering when he'd actually get to give into the agony and rest, Freddy took off out of Charmingtown in the dark to hopefully avoid the sight of any who might be watching. The charred village was a good distance on foot, but not much for an eager horse that hadn't been ridden in a while. Which meant Freddy could get there quickly, rescue Dynia and get back to help protect the pack, in the most ideal situation anyway. Because truthfully, Freddy wasn't sure when Pirate and his crew aimed to move out, or if they'd take Dynia with them or leave her behind with a guard. The Vigilante was hoping for the latter; assuming Pirate wouldn't want to risk bringing the child back to Charmingtown in case he lost her, but wondered who was going to be keeping tabs on the girl. 

Slowing Euph down for a moment to try and get some semblance of comfort on the saddle, Freddy's ears picked up movement behind him, causing the boy to hoist up his crossbow from his side to aim it at the noise. He'd expected perhaps someone connected to his father, here to keep Freddy in line... but was instead both surprised and filled with dread by who he saw.

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The past few days had been absolute hell. Neither Notch nor Auger had realized that this level of fear and anger were even possible. They hadn't talked much after finding out what had happened to Dynia, but they hadn't needed to. There was only one thing for them to do, which was to go get her. Auger had spotted Freddy heading out of Charmingtown. He hadn't looked particularly comfortable on his horse, which Notch had hoped would let them catch up to him. Hopefully he would be leading them back to where he was held, and if he wasn't, they'd get him to tell them where to go. Or take them there.

Either way, they would be getting to Dynia and taking her home.

Notch let Auger take the lead as they galloped after Freddy. He took a moment to feel guilty about leaving the pack when an attack was looming, but Dynia was their priority right now. There were plenty of pack members who were able to fight if it ended up being needed. Notch put that out of his mind and shifted a little on Loom's back, leaning forward more when he picked up speed. Then Auger suddenly slowed and Notch pulled up as well. He came to a sharp halt as Auger turned Monte sideways as soon as it was safe to do so. Notch leaned around him and spotted Freddy up ahead of them with his crossbow aimed their way.

"We're going to get Dynia!" Notch called out. It wasn't optional. But Freddy was armed and they weren't, not with a bow at least, and Notch knew first hand how well it worked. "Can you show us where she is?" Loom pawed at the ground anxiously, sensing his mood, and Notch could see how tense Auger was.
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Dated 10th September in the evening for now- For Auger/Notch - Long one, Freddy gains info that Dynia is on the move!

It was a good thing Freddy wasn't facing a foe; he'd yet to test out his wounded hand at holding the crossbow, so a jolt of pain made Freddy lose his aim for a moment. But a shoot wasn't needed anyway, because it was Notch and Auger who were intending on approaching the boy. Before Notch even announced it, Freddy knew why they'd followed him out of town, and the Vigilante almost winced at the knowledge that there was no way he could refuse the two fathers a chance to save their daughter. A daughter who was also Freddy's sister... a piece of information he'd not share with them yet.

Lowing the crossbow, Freddy ears pulled back with a moment of hesitation. He really didn't know what he was going into... who would be waiting in the charred village. Notch and Auger could defend themselves but... the Vigilante would be the one responsible for anything that happened. Which changed this reckless mission from one of little care for his own fate, to one where Freddy would now have to make sure things were done right and done successfully. Though again, the boy knew he couldn't refuse to bring the two along. 

So with a small nod, Freddy turned Euph so the horse was sideways to the approaching pair, waiting for their approach. "I-I can." Freddy rasped. "Th-they k... kept us both. Not far." The boy added. Once all together, Freddy guided Euph back in the right direction, though glanced his tired eyes back to Notch and Auger. "I... a-am sorry sh-she was t-taken." Something Freddy felt at fault for, but he wouldn't word that outloud. Instead, the Vigilante held back a wince as he urged Euph into a run, trying to block out the screaming pain in his leg as they moved. 

A pain that did numb somewhat as the journey carried on, into the night and beyond. None of them thought of stopping to rest, the horses were driven on by the determined spirit of their riders, and in the darkness of a very early morning they came upon the burned village. Freddy slowed Euph down to a stop, his ears and nose working to check the air. There was no light from the buildings to suggest a fire, nor any strong smell of anyone within the husks... Freddy knew most were gone but he'd expected more of a sign. With his heart in his throat, Freddy dropped from Euph and latched onto the saddle to stop himself from collapsing due to the pain in his leg, detatching his crossbow to hold it ready as he limped towards the buildings. As cold as Freddy felt by approaching, he continued on into the husk of the building he'd been kept in, a building still foul with the smell of blood. 

Blood, but no other scent. And as Freddy entered, his suspicions were proven true: Dynia wasn't here. Nobody was here. 

Releasing a shuddering breath, the Vigilante tried not to panic as he looked around for any sign for their whereabouts. The table was clear, the floor was bloodstained but otherwise untouched, the crooked chair that Deonach would side on was on its side... and a small crack in the wooden seat seemed off. Freddy picked at what looked like just a splinter of wood, only to find it was actually an incredibly small piece of parchment, rolled up and stuffed into a gap in the chair. With two claws Freddy unrolled it, noting the very quick note made on the paper with charcoal. 

'St. John.' 

A clue, no doubt from the one member of Pirate's awful crew who seemed reluctant to be there, one that would lead Freddy, Notch and Auger to hopefully intercept them. If they hurried, though as Freddy stepped forward to get back to the others anc Euph, a wave of pain from his leg dropped him unceremoniously to the floor.

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I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.

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