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The weather is shifting, and the relative calm settles throughout the Ganglands in the wake of the Lancaster Stockshow before the conspicuous vanishing of a high-ranking member and a child is brought to everyone's attention. The momentary peace is shattered as news spreads faster than fire at the state of The Vigilante once found, alongside the notes and maps of Charmingtown.

Left to recoup in the Rey Salvaje's home, the wounded, weakened Fredrick shares unsettling news of seedy figures setting their sights on the Gang, and their coffers. A call to action is issued, and the Wild King readies for conflict.


PREPARATION (September 10th - 13th)

  1. The Gang are provided information on the upcoming raid and are told to prepare. However a few of the Gang members start to feel sick after drinking. Is this some kind of sabotage from within Charmingtown?

  2. Charmingtown is set to be raided, and the notes on the map have given the Ashen a good idea on where to thwart plans. Setting up some blockades, boobytraps, or other blockades will surely put a wrench in these thieves' plans!


The night of the 13th comes upon the Ganglands, and, from the shores of Moosehead Lake, Pirate Calloway's Crew steps onto Del Ceneren soil from their small rafts. A storm is brewing, and the Ashen are prepared to weather it.
Combat Sign-Ups Wrote:
  1. The Rat and The Blaze
    A scrawny looking raider heads straight for the Lancaster Stockyard to try and set it on fire. Someone probably needs to stop him before he can cause a disaster!
    • Remy Debois
    • Rafaela Tejada

  2. Merlot the Merciless
    A mottle coated man heads straight for the center of town to cause some chaos and look for a fight.
    • Lyssa Fontaine
    • Jimena Escuella

  3. Azure and the Challenge - [M] A Brother's Love is Never Ending
    Rushing in like a deadly shadow, this large wolf looks to find an ideal opponent; someone strong who can give him a challenge, or someone weak that he can take down easily.
    • Bennett Braithwaite
    • Florene Braithwaite

  4. Nazjure and Valentine
    The sneaky duo who avoided capture once are now using the chaos to try and claim some loot. With Valentine out front and Nazjure in the shadows, the pair may just try and lure some Ashen into their trap.
    • Hosea Courtright
    • Cent

  5. Raj, the Bold and the Brash
    A large woman uses the raid as a chance to find the one she came to Del Cenere to find. And she doesn’t really care who witnesses it.
    • Anya Southpaw
    • Johnathan Winthrop

  6. The Bandit and The Brute
    Hiding in the shadow of his giant bodyguard, Pirate skulks closer to the action, deeming the Ashen to be less than worth his time. Bandit, his guard, does not look easy to take down, but perhaps someone might get lucky? The glimmer in the large wolf's eye foretells a troublesome, grueling fight.
    • Morris
    • Peony Braithwaite

Thread Log
Post below to indicate which fight thread you'd like your character(s) to participate in - preparation prompts don't require sign-ups, but please notate in OOC fields and post your thread here in order for them to be logged!

I'd like Morris to join fight 6 if that is all right. If not, any other fight is fine.
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Adel and I would like to do prompt 3, Azure and the Challenge with Bennett and Florene please <3
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Bennett for # 3

Peony for # 2

Peony for #6
2 for Jimena
oh man Rafa will join Remy in fight #1!
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Brief Thread Synopsis: Morris and Peony, pissed off, and prepared, encounter Bandit and a hidden figure, Pirate.
can i sign John up for fight 5 with Anya please :)
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Hosea for #4 please!
Sing up Cent for number 4! :D
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Participants: Morrigan and Florene.
Synopsys: Morrigan comes to patch up Florene, giving her something strong to cut the pain.
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Participants: Remy Dubois, Rafaela Tejada, and Rat Calloway
Synopsis: Rat confronts Remy in the Lancaster stables and attempts to burn them down. When his efforts end up in vain thanks to Rafa's quick action, the pair face off and Rat is ultimately subdued.
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