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— Hiding in the shadow of his giant bodyguard, Pirate skulks closer to the action, deeming the Ashen to be less than worth his time. Bandit, his guard, does not look easy to take down, but perhaps someone might get lucky? The glimmer in the large wolf's eye foretells a troublesome, grueling fight. 

Freddy had been found, by herself and Morris, and among the others with them; Jimena, Callhoun, Rafaela… however, this hit home for her. The note that Bennett had found, indicating that they were going to infiltrate and attack, aiming to raid the Gang. 

Who the fuck did they think they were? 

Peony’s eyes narrowed as she tied her hair up into a close bun, and slipped on tight fitting clothes. A shirt of which looked to be Belinda’s and had buckskin patchwork’s near the stomach, elbows, and shoulders, a sort of padding in a way. The pants she pulled on were an incredibly tight leather, making it near impossible to pull up and not hurt her tail, but she settled with tucking the tail into her pants, cutting a small hole, and the tail poked outwards. Her bow, polished freshly, and her arrow— the one she was sharpening— was finally joining the others. Five arrows to be exact. Stored, and stashed as she walked silently alongside Morris, readying herself for anything. 

The arrows and bow weren’t far from her, though, as she sat, watching the brute stalk with anger. After all, she knew the rendezvous points. They all did. Peony teamed up with Morris and decided this would be best. Peony had skill on her side, training from a young age, and knowing the pack lands gave Peony an advantage. Morris was silent, the hostility radiating off of him given, and Peony also reveled in the anger, letting it deep into her pores. 

Use that anger to create a new emotion. Revenge.” Grandma’s voice rang out in her brain, and the female fashioned herself with the tiny dagger, bone hilt sticking out above her tan pants, before she covered it with a handkerchief. The color of blood, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but the Braithwaite was a hidden badass. And every inch she stepped forwards into the territory, she felt the world go silent. 

That was, until a figure looked in the shadows quickly ducking behind a tree. Except, it wasn’t a tree, and Peony watched as the figure moved forwards from the shadows. Swallowing down any form of fear, Peony made eye contact with Morris. 

Now or never, Peony. With a quickness she headed into the shadows of a tree, and took in a deep breath. The heavy, falling footsteps took to her brain, and she breathed in deeply, readying herself to take on a man practically seven feet tall. Or so it seemed. 
Morris was beyond furious, to the point where he had burrowed Asher's harpoon. The metal on the weapon had been sharpened recently, and gleamed in the light as he moved. Peony was nearby, seeming much calmer than he was, but he bet she was just better at hiding her anger. Who wouldn't be angry at what had happened to Freddy? To know it had been the lad's own father to do the harming... Well, Morris had dealt with pirates before, it was just this man's bad luck to be named the same. Peony gave him a look before going behind a tree, and he paused. At first he was confused, but then he saw the beast that Freddy's father was apparently hiding behind. Well, that wasn't good, but he wouldn't back down now. 

Huffing he moved the harpoon, holding it steady and glaring at the giant. Morris himself was only five feet and eight inches. So he was positively tiny in comparison to this brute blocking the way to the filth that had harmed their friend. No, the male hiding was lower than filth, lower than dirt. Morris cursed in his native tongue then pointed the borrowed weapon towards the larger form "Yer blockin' my way." He scowled "I don' much like folk who do that." The coy dog adjusted his stance, he was no warrior...he was a sailor and fought like one. Focusing on the larger male, he hoped that Peony was going to use him as a distraction, since that's what he was acting as right now anyway.  

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Quote:tNPC: Bandit.

Peony struggled to control her breathing, a small staggered breath was drawn out as Morris distracted the taller, burlier man. His voice echoed in her head as she drew her knife from beneath the handkerchief she had there. There was a moment where she debated if she was doing the right thing, Hosea would likely be pissed if she was hurt again.

However, it worked, Morris had distracted the brute and he snarled at the smaller male. He was larger than Peony, by a few inches, and Peony grit her teeth. A part of her didn’t want to attack, didn’t want to harm anyone else, after recalling what happened with the Del Mar’s. Sucking in breath, she held it, calming her heart rate, calming her staggered breathing.


No, this wasn’t that. This wouldn’t be that. Peony could easily take him. Right? Doubtful but once she drew him in, she could get her bow, could hurt him, Norris had a harpoon, and it looked dangerous, but what distance could he shoot from? Was he even going to shoot?

A burly shadow loomed by the tree she was hiding behind. A little more. But instead, it steadied itself a baritone voice breaking her concentration. “Move boy. Or I’ll crush ya!” A sting from biting her lip, the Braithwaite had severely under evaluated the situation. She would need her bow. He wasn’t moving though, and her foot moved, purposefully to snap a twig.

And then her body slunk around the tree the other way. However she had underestimated the brute, he wasn’t dumb and his hand came digging around, finding the sharp sting of a blade that bit into his wrist. Mother fucker he’s huge!

Peony growled, before he stumbled backwards, taking her and the knife she clung to with him, she dragged it down, and then out, attempting to maim him by cutting his arm. It worked, sort of, as he howled, and furiously reach out for her yanking her up by her hair. Wildly, she swung out with claws and a four inch dagger.

Maybe I should just cut my hair. Goddamnit, she had severely missed his hand, and instead slashed the side of his face which was attempting to chew on her ear.
Morris growled at being called a boy. A boy! Just because he wasn't as large as this brute, did not make him a boy. He adjusted his hold just a little. Then a snap of a twig made his ear twitch, just the barest movement was to the side of his field of vision. The ploy hadn't worked though. Looked like the brute also had a brain. Morris found himself needing to move as the larger canine made a grab for Peony. For something so large, they could move fast. Morris cursed and then aimed a strike to one of the meaty legs even as Peony was trying to harm one of the arms.

Her knife didn't do much. The harpoon fared a bit better. As a weapon intended for large sea animals, cutting into a large canine was no problem. Well...not for the weapon at least. The brute lashed out and Morris moved to dodge, but wasn't quite quick enough. He was hit with enough force to knock him over, and to wind him a little. He rolled in case the brute tried to stomp on him then realized that the harpoon had been left lodged in the leg. Thankfully he had two more weapons on him, and his first thought went to his bola, but he dismissed that as he got back to his feet. 

No, he could no more trip up this brute then he could walk on water. That left his blowpipe, unless he wanted to chance going to retrieve the harpoon. With another glance at the weapon, he decided that wouldn't be wise. The blowpipe would have to do. He got it out, wincing at a sharp pain in his left arm as he loaded the weapon with one of his darts. It was coated with poison, but he wasn't sure how it would effect someone so big. Hopefully it would slow the brute down. Morris brought the pipe to his mouth and blew. It probably felt like be bitten by a bug, or perhaps stung by a bee to this larger canine, but it was all Morris had left. 

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Shaking Peony around like a bobble head, Peony found herself discombobulated for only a second. That was, until out of the corner of her eye, a whistling sound to her ears, and the harpoon sunk deep into the thigh of the brute. There was no care for the inanimate object in his leg, just the fact that his sites were now set onto Peony.

With a furious little snarl, Peony wrapped her hands tightly around his hands woven into her hair, and clawed. Of course, doing so made her quite literally suspended in the air by her hair, and Peony let out a gentle whine whenever his hands tightened, and yanked. Plucking a handful of hair with him, she didn’t even understand how he could make her pretty bun unweave itself.

Finally, she was free, and the hair sat in a mass at her shoulder before she attacked with her knife at his leg, the same one the harpoon was sticking out of. Aiming for his ankle. Peony landed it. However, a sharp blow to her head made her dizzy, falling backwards and scrambling towards the bow.

Two seconds later she looked backwards and let out a screech towards Morris. “Behind you!” Pirate was upon Morris then. Oh no. It was cutting the air, her left ankle being grabbed and he quite literally tossed her, or attempted to. Slamming her instead, onto the ground. Kicking at his face, the woman growled, a sort of war cry erupting from her muzzle as she kicked furiously, and was able to dig those claws into the dirt, before she touched the tips of her bow.

Fuck! Looking downwards, the brute had recovered and managed to grip her other leg, this time he sunk fangs deep into her tissue. Grimacing against the pain, Peony screeched. He ripped her a foot away from the bow, and the fight began again.
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Pirate was expecting something of a challenge with the Ashen. He'd seen their home himself during the stockshow and had time to judge it himself. Whilst he could tell the place had decent fighters, the open nature of the 'Charmingtown' would surely help Pirate and his raiders get within and attack quickly. Like venom into a bloodstream. With Freddy also helping them from within, along with Nazjure, Raj and Valentine, the mission to plunder and burn the home that had stolen his children seemed easy enough. It felt oddly silent as they arrived on the shores, the town lit only by the few dancing lights of torches or within windows, but the experience from both the captain and his guard was that they weren't alone. 

And sure enough, someone came to stand in the way, burning through Bandit's very limited patience and getting the beast ready to fight. Bandit however, wise to battle, knew a trick when he saw one, and discovered another hiding nearby. Pirate smirked, but within a fury was building. This was fine, they expected resistence, but the pair of Ashen fighting them looked prepared as if expecting an attack. Which meant someone had let something slip... be it Pirate's useless son or the others hiding in Del Cenere. This would be no easy raid, though Pirate did admit his crew were asking for this. Demanding a good fight like petty children whining over their hunger. Pirate had promised them this was a means of releasing some tension, it was up to them to deal with the consequences. 

The pair focused on Bandit by design; the mountain of wolf was clearly the bigger threat and Pirate had ways to keep himself on the outskirts of combat, so it let the captain observe the situation for a moment to decide where he wanted to drop in. The woman had a knife and a burning look to her eye, but she was also given the most attention from Bandit. Watching the brute bite into her leg just like he'd done with Freddy, Pirate sneered and looked to the other Ashen who was trying to fight them. The merle coloured man seemed to have various options in the fight, from the harpoon stuck in Bandit's leg to a blowgun, though now that he was holding the latter Pirate could see a chance to join in. Poison darts were an issue only when they could hit, the one in Bandit might take effect eventually but the raging bull of a man would take a fair bit to be knocked down, and if Pirate could get in close he could easily prevent anymore attempts from happening. 

So rushing forward like a curled snake finally lashing at its prey, Pirate brandished his sword and swiped towards the man. "You might want to avert your eyes." Pirate snarled. "Bandit isn't a clean killer, you've probably seen what he's done to my dear Freddy. Oh the screams of pain are something to behold, though you might find them far less endearing."

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Morris was thankful for the call of warning, even if he didn't fully evade the strike. He looked over the sword before focusing on the man who had struck. "Ye bilge rat!! Nothin' but a yellow belly ta ya." The coydog growled out, his fury reaching a peak he wasn't sure he had ever felt before. They were lucky Asher had not joined this fight. Morris doubted his coyote friend even knew about it. Or...perhaps they were unlucky, depending on how one would view it. Changing his stance, he focused on Freddy's father, since the male had asked for it pretty much. "Yer not the firs' pirate I've fought. Though on land, I think their called bandit's aye?" He drew out his bola. Some would laugh at the action, for what could a bola do against a sword?

Someone like this filth would likely see it as another distraction. Perhaps they would be right. Morris twirled it idly with his right hand, his left was still hurting from being hit by the beast. He wasn't sure where the sword strike had hit, his adrenaline and rage were covering the hurt for now. "Eithah way, yer lowah than the dirt we stan' on." Another shift of his feet was the first sign of his strike. He was not aiming to trip the white male up as he normally would. No, he was aiming to disarm the man who had hurt his friend. The three stones tied to the ends of the long leather cords may bruise more than break, but they just might through the male off enough to give Morris an opening to perform a tackle. 

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Pirate!? Wasn’t that Freddy’s dad? So it was him, all this time? Snaking his way into Fredricks life and into theirs… Peony snarled, out of pain and out of anger. Teeth tore into her tendon, she could feel it ripping, and if she didn’t react she wouldn’t have time to finish what she started, hell she wouldn’t have time to even kiss her babies goodnight tonight.

Peony was slammed into the ground, hard, the teeth ripping flesh as she craned her neck to avoid another blow to the head. The giant was twice her size, and Peony couldn’t help but stagger, as she even sat upwards. He reached out with clawed hands, aiming for her head, Peony dodged it, barely, and rolled slowly away. A sharp pain in her foot once she stood on her two legs, once again.

Come and get it then, puta!” A growl, her left foot, injured, Dangled lightly, brushing the earth as she put all the balance into her right foot. Those lilac orbs narrowed, watching his every move. The only way she would win was to shove the harpoon further into his leg, or to get her bow. The bow was a better option as she was far enough away from the circling brute that she would be able to hopefully get it before he ascended upon her, once again.

The man gave a smirk, but Peony just grimaced, he had injured her, perhaps severely, as she stood, hair in a tangled mess on the base of her neck, her left orbital and temple was bruised and not quite bleeding, but definitely swelling, blood lines her teeth, staining her milky whites with crimson colorations, a spit onto the ground was followed— unladylike but spiteful— her left leg was injured, likely wouldn’t be severe, or at least that’s all she could hope, and last but not least, her ribs ached with each breath she took in.

Finally, he lunged, and the Braithwaite jumped to her right, landing on the left foot sending a shock into her spine, and buckling her at the knee. Peony quickly recovered and scrambled on all fours towards the bow and quiver.
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Pirate couldn't really offer time to observe Bandit's fight. As much as he usually enjoyed watching the brute disembowl others, usually Pirate wasn't also partaking in the fight. Right now, the man would need to focus on his own battle, though was confident that he finish off this wounded man and get back to the show right afterwards. Snarls and wafts of blood were all Pirate needed to sense to know that Bandit was doing fine, so he glared down the merle man in front of him and sneered. The lad had some words of his own, perhaps even some experience of Pirate's old way of life too. A shame then, that the man had to die, Pirate could've tried to persuade him to join the better side. 

Over-confidence, perhaps, but Pirate had been waiting long enough for something like this. Hurting these Ashen wasn't just revenge on them for taking things from the cruel captain, but also because Pirate knew every drop of blood from them would be a stab to the heart for Freddy. The boy was so weighed down by his guilt and fear of being rejected that he didn't want to see anyone else hurt because of him, Pirate had seen it before, so knowing the kind of suffering this would cause the boy made it all the better. 

The idea of Freddy coming back to see the blood-soaked corpses of the friends who had trusted him? The look on his face? Pirate dreamed of such a thing, and knew it would shatter any semblance of control the boy had left. 

Pirate and Bandit just needed to work hard now to ensure it would happen. "Lesser?" Pirate repeated, grunting a little as he moved to avoid the bola hit. His sword swiped down again but missed flesh, given that Pirate needed to back away to avoid Morris tackling him. "I think you'll find I'm much more. So quickly has your pack fallen into dissary. Whilst you fight here, my crew have no doubt bled your friends dry. A fitting fate though, for vermin like you Ashen." To parry the bola would be a foolish idea, the rope would tangle Pirate's sword and risk him becoming disarmed, so instead the man continued his dance, keeping away from the furious merle man whilst trying to locate the perfect opening.

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