Hounds of Eternity; a "warrior cats" dog & wolf rp
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Hounds of Eternity is a “Warrior Cats” dog and wolf RP. What does that mean? It means it’s sort of similar to Warrior Cats, but with dogs and wolves instead. It’s also crossed with a game by the name of Cattails, so things are a bit different: the regular warrior names of Fireheart and Bluefur aren’t there, they’re simply given a name and that sticks with them throughout their life unless they wish for a name change ceremony. If I’ve sparked some curiosity in you, you can always check out some of the links above to see what it’s all about.
Currently Hounds of Eternity does not have a site-wide plot, but one is in the works and members are welcome to chime in on what they’d like to see! In fact, members are encouraged to get involved with site plotting to let staff know where they’d like the site to go!
So don’t be shy, come check out Heaven’s Peak Pack, Sawtooth Forest Pack, and Limberlost Swamp Pack and see how they’re similar and different to the Clans of Warrior Cats! No knowledge of the books or the Cattails game is needed, however, and the site owner will gladly help with any questions anyone happens to have about either.

- PG-13
- All skill levels welcome
- No word count
- LGBTQ+ friendly

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