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Eros wasn’t the type to ‘check-in’ with pack mates.  His job was to protect the pack, what they did within the lands on their own time was their business.  Right now though, he was making an exception, and mostly on Armani’s behalf.  The fiery pelted Damaichu hadn’t seen Maisie since the attack, and Eros was pretty sure the younger female was brooding about it, or at least doing something unhealthy with all the guilt he saw her lugging around.  So, for this one time, Eros was going to make a house call.  Which was why, just after sunrise on a very crisp autumn morning, the fiery Damaichu was strolling through Wolfville and into the little courthouse.  Despite the kit Eros had slung over his shoulder, he moved with the quiet grace of a shadow.  Though the early risers were stirring, most of the folks here were still sleeping, or at least lying there thinking of what the hell they were going to do with themselves today.  If there’d been any sort of loner party, he’d definitely not be up this early, but Eros was clear headed.

Once he got to Maisie’s room, he did the polite thing and knocked twice on the door, before opening it and strolling in, dumping the kit he’d brought with him on the bed.  Eros then let out a whistle, which was far too loud for the small spaces of the room.

”Rise and shine sprog, I’ve got work to do, and wouldn’t you fuckin’ know it, I’m going to drag you along with me.  You’ll be carrying this, don’t drop it or break anything.”

Without waiting for her to argue, or even acknowledge what he’d said, Eros strode out of the room and headed towards the entrance to the courthouse.  The fiery pelted Damaichu was so confident he’d be obeyed, it clearly didn’t occur to him that Maisie would stay lying in bed.  During their training he’d taught her to always be ready to leave anywhere quickly, and that meant, always having something packed, or a weapon close, so Eros knew she’d be close behind him, once the shock of the awakening wore off, but even that wasn’t a unique experience for Maisie.
In sleep, she found solace from her emotions. Many believed Maze to be hard to get to know, a bit rude, and overly competitive. However, some of her family could attest that this was a mask she wore well, and as of late it had come out in full force due to her mother’s early retirement. The teenager was full of emotions, feelings she didn’t know how to control so instead she pretended like the world did not exist for many moons. Days passed and she would slink away in the morning, scouting the borders and hiding in the sea of grass in hopes that no one would bother her. This morning, however, she was awoken by surprise.

She awoke suddenly with a grunt and snarl as her claws dug into the pack that Eros had thrown at her, and her ears perking up at the loud whistle. “What the fuck!?” She growled, her eyes adjusting just in time to take in the back of her ex-mentor as he barked orders at her and disappeared around the door frame. Blinking she took in what had just happened, a wild mix of anger and excitement twisting and turning in her gut. Still, she was a good apprentice.

Rolling out of bed with a nasty attitude she tossed the kit over her shoulder, half debating throwing it out the window. Eros was lucky he was Eros. If anyone else had tried this shit she would be asleep and their shit would be shattered on the ground below in retribution for the rude awakening. However, her curiosity brought her to kneel, not to mention the fact that Eros and her had not spoken since Armani’s injury. Trotting to catch up, she slowed at his heels, “And here I thought you were too busy with your new pet.” She huffed under her breath, clearly loud enough for him to hear.

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Just as Eros was confident would happen, he heard a scramble and rushing paw pads, before Maisie was walking, grudgingly, behind him.  When she spoke, her tone was groggy and the comment was definitely snarky, but Eros smirked and ignored it until they were outside, and trees had started to appear around them.

”I’m always busy, and don’t think that just because you’ve had your first blood, means I’m done teaching you.  Fuck, if I did that, Casa would have you preaching uphold justice for the weak blah blah blah.”

Only once they were surrounded by the woods and trials, did Eros stop and look at Maisie.

”I’ve not seen you around, not practicing, your alone more, and all of this got worse since the attack.  I know folk may think I’m stupid, but why the fuck are you moping around sprog?  What’s wrong?” He raised an eyebrow and paused for a beat.

”I mean, sure you could go silent, turn away and dump the stuff I just gave you on the ground.  That is definitely an option that is open to you.”

What Eros didn’t say was, that while that was an option, he’d simply drag Maisie back, or perhaps tie her up, start a fire and wait for her to get herself free, before doing it again.  He was aware of her abilities and her talents, and while he’d been reluctant to mentor her, the sprog had potential, and with a burgeoning Wolfville, might be one of the very few who could actually help him sort out the security of that part of Casa.

”I didn’t learn to be this much of a charming fucker in the space of time I’ve been mentoring you. This took years of experience and practice, and I’m not finished imparting all this to you.”

Although she put on a snarky face and an attitude, she was drawn to please Eros in ways he had never been pleased before. Not in that way, of course, but to be the first youth the scout would let under his skin as a partner in arms. She dreamed about going out into the wilds with him, kicking ass, and taking names all for Casa. She understood that Casa needed unsung heroes, wolves to do what needed to be done. At least her young mind, naive as it was, believed she understood.

With ease, Eros sassed her right back and the pair marched out into the woods. At the comment about upholding justice, she let out a scoff, though she really didn’t understand completely. She didn’t care though, whatever Eros said she would laugh and nod along with, pretending she was just as cool as he was. Then the conversation turned to her downfalls and she felt her ears perk and her lip curl in frustration.

Before she could shove the pack back at him with a curse he had called her out. Fuck. She was trapped in this emotional bullshit and she knew it. Wasn’t Eros supposed to be a safe space for no feelings needed? “Years of people trying to punch your teeth in I bet…” She mumbled under her breath. She wanted to keep walking. Why weren’t they walking? Instead, she was faced with Eros wanting the truth. Jade's eyes fell to the floor as she thought about what had happened to Armani, then they moved up, locking with his golds in a daring display. “It’s nothing I can’t handle.”


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As Maisie locked eyes with him, Eros felt the hackles rise.  Within him, memories of New Dawn returned and though civility was worn in Casa, the wolf was very much still present in the fiery pelted Damaichu.  His golden gaze was unwavering, and unblinking, boring into his young protégé.  Without looking away, Eros spoke.

”What exactly are you handling? The fact that your decision nearly got another pack mate killed, but instead has left them injured and probably crippled for life?  Is that what you’re handling?” Eros paused for a moment, letting those words sink in.

”Because, believe me when I tell you, you’re not.  Fucking lying around in bed, not training and not practicing what you need to?  Oh yeah, just a stellar way of handling it sprog.”

Eros could be charming and understanding.  He had an uncanny talent for empathy and insight, but both he chose to employ sparingly, and with Maisie, right now, he needed to draw out the guilt which had festered, doubtless his sparkling personality could convert that guilt into anger, squeeze and squeeze until Maisie burst and attacked him, broke down or did something equally rash and stupid.  Whatever was going to happen, Eros wanted it to happen here, with him, in a safe place.  Of course, he could pretend he was doing it for her own good, and perhaps that was part of it, but he also needed Maisie focused, and something like this could stay wrapped around her heart for years, and come out at the most awkward of times, like in the middle of a mission.  He was going to wear the sprog down, if not now, then he was going to exhaust her physically and keep pushing until the physical exhaustion and pain, bled into the emotional crap and it all came out.  At that, Eros paused mentally and wonder if Minnie had rubbed off on him?  Crap!

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