[NEWS] October 2021

Spotlights for October 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Our Spotlight Soul for this month is Solveig Dawnrunner of New Caledonia! Solveig has come quite a ways from her beginnings; raised by a windowed father and walking down a path similar to her mother's in apothecary. She's an utter sweetheart (no wonder the bees are drawn to her!), and her long-distance relationship with Salsolan, Azalea, is adorably wholesome with their love letters and secret rendezvous! Beyond this, Solveig has spent a lot of time getting to know her fellow packmates (including pack NPCs) and various characters throughout the land. Where will her journey take her next? We know we'll be watching!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
This month's Community Soul is Adel! You may recognize Adel from her many characters across the board, with those that range from sweethearts to pure evil. She is always engaging on discord and has proven to be super active with characters she picks up. Her high level of activity and community involvement when it comes to plotting, running or assisting with projects, and helping others achieve co-ranks in various packs have stood out. Well done, Adel!

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable

The young and energetic son of one of Casa's Scholars, Borya, and the spiritual giant, Tlamatini. With his mother teaching him to understand the invisible chains of spirits and souls that keep everyone connected, along with the honorable culture of the Cavaliers, it seems Vezda is on the path to become a kind soul and perhaps powerful warrior. But Vezda's choices remain his own, and his father's tales of adventures and thrills have teached the young Hushhowl that he can decide his own fate and make his own story, something the boy looks forward to as he continues to grow.

If you are interested in adopting Vezdatini, please contact Jazzy for more information!

News & Updates

Table of Contents
Overnight temperatures begin to plummet as autumn arrives in full force. This is especially noted as precipitation increases, with rainfall occurring more frequently and for longer periods of time. Most days remain cloudy and cool, and even when the sun is out the daytime temperatures remain chilly. With this change so too comes the shift in color, as deciduous trees turn to brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow and begin to drop their leaves.

Fog becomes a frequent occurrence, lingering late into the afternoon in the lowlands and obscuring long-distance vision. Deer sport impressive racks of antlers, and throughout the forests the sounds of bugling mating calls and bucks challenging each other for breeding rights can be heard. Black bears begin to return to their dens to begin hibernation, though a few stragglers can still be found fattening themselves up.

Wiki Updates

There have been a few changes and additions made to the 'Souls Wiki!

Pack Tags have been reformatted for easier readability. In addition, a section for Plants has been added. These changes should help make it easier for pack members and leaders when it comes to their inventory. A big shoutout to Despi for suggesting the addition and helping kick off these updates!

You may have noticed that we now have some super neato footers in our Areas, Flora, Fauna, and Lupercism pages! These navigational tools are intended to help everyone find their way around the vast amount of resource information available both on the Wiki and our RP Guide. This massive undertaking was spearheaded by Mandi!

If you have an idea for the Wiki or want to organize your own project, why not make use of our Wiki Collaboration Forum or start a conversation in the #wiki-collab channel of the Discord? Even if you aren't confident in coding, compiling information, links to threads, and writing up details and summaries of events can really help get things up to date. :D

Wordtober Challenge!

Everyone's favorite spooky contest Wordtober! 31 Days of Spooky Words returns! Challenge yourself to our fun word-use challenge and win some profile swag.

bNPC Quests

We've rebooted the current bNPC quests with three new spooky adventures!

As always, our long-term bNPCs remain available for use. Looking to get some goods before winter hits? Oglethorpe has you covered! Want to get in contact with someone you met from another pack but aren't up to making the journey yourself? Send a letter with one of our messengers!

mNPC & Preybot clarifications

Guidelines regarding minor NPCs and Preybot have been updated with clarifications and a few more examples, in the case of mNPCs. In case you missed it, tNPC guidelines were clarified last month as well.


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