[NC] Spooktober 2021

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Things have been quiet in the Realm as of late. Too quiet...

As another fruitful summer ends, the fall season is ushered in by a familiar sense of intrigue and mystery... a great Spookening is upon us again!

Welcome to Spooktober 2021!

Like previous years, October is a month for strange happenings, misty mornings, irritating moths, and bone-chilling temperatures! It is a time to bust out your creepiest, juiciest writing yet — there will be no shortage of weird, spooky occurrences in the Realm for your character to get themselves into!

➼ Starting Things Off with a BANG !!

A house in the City Square is mysteriously lit on fire in the middle of the night on October 5th (Find the AW+ thread HERE). Members are free to investigate and see what they can do, or watch the building burn at a safe distance. After the fire is contained, everyone goes home to get some sleep. What could have caused such a freak accident!?

Not just that, but there seem to be a few new members in the Realm that show up around the time everything goes haywire... surely just a coincidence?

➼ Spooktober '21 Thread Prompts

In lieu of our usual monthly thread prompts, we will have a larger number of prompts available for the duration of Spooktober! Completing one (or several!) of our spookalicious prompts with at least 1,000 words from your character will net you an extra 20 Honor for each thread! One prompt per thread, though, and Read-Only threads won’t count. ;)

Please reply below with your qualifying threads so that leadership can keep up; you can edit your post as the month progresses to add in more threads!

○ Letters are found throughout the City Square and Haven that are creepy and read:

  • I like the way your hair smells.
  • You look pretty when you’re sleeping.
  • I like the way you walk. It's very pretty. Pretty. Pretty. Pretty! I hope you like my letter, it made me so happy to write it.
  • I want to walk by your side, holding your hand.
  • When I watch you I feel like I'm there with you.
Have your character come across one of these unnerving notes! Who could they be talking about...?

○ Splatters of blood, as well as paintings of eyes and tears start appearing throughout the territory. Your character encounters one such display.

○ The dense fog rolls in well before the dawn, but it refuses to leave, even after the sun comes out. Have your character lose their way!

○ Your character is enjoying an evening at the Brass Potato when suddenly, all the lanterns are snuffed out by an unnatural gust of wind!

○ At the dead of night, there is a sorrowful, warbling howl at the borders. However, upon investigation, there is no one there — until your character hears the eerie siren song right behind them!

○ Have you ever wanted to go spelunking? Explore the dark caverns of Underthing; be sure to bring a torch!

The Garden of Bones' central mausoleum has been picked over countless times, but there are still several human bones and artifacts for the adventurous Luperci to uncover!

- Ierian finds a creepy letter among his study notes
We got some fog here y'all

Yuki Tanaka

Valkyrie hears a scream.
Rand finds a lil note and it makes him mad!! (because let's be honest what doesn't make him mad)

Rand also comes across an eye and tear drop symbol in the City Square big spoopy

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