[AW] Take your children to work year
AW for one! Bellad's bandaging Fleur while his children "mingle" inside the Circle building
Front dated to just a few days after the fire[+299]
Whatever helpful advice or, better yet, helpful hands (many of them suitably deft) Bellad received, sometimes the days of combining his paternal duties in tandem with those of the healer repeated. “Stillness.” He instructed the woman seated on one of the beds in front of him. After a slight pause, he noticed that somebody else followed the request – his pups sat at attention, staring up at Fleur and himself. Atica, in particular, was fidgety and waiting anxiously for a chance to cast said stillness off.

“Not you.” Their father breathed out. Almost immediately Atica gleefully made a sharp turn straight into Rohan, sending the two of them tumbling, mercifully away from the healer and his patient.

“C'est adorable…” The woman murmured, so quiet Bellad could barely tell if she was speaking another language or muttering some incantation. “Nothing. C’est rien.” She corrected herself, falling quiet as soon as she felt eyes on herself. The carver had a way of making Bellad feel like a chatterbox by comparison.

Throughout the exchange she kept her hand up and Bellad could keep on working. Layers of cloth soon hid the bloodied fabric closest to the original wound. Fleur didn’t mention just how she received said wound. For her to have hurt herself while handling her knives was unlikely – the woman handled them better than an average Luperci handled their very own claws and teeth. The Circle did not yet have a good enough policy on how many questions were asked of the patients. Bellad’s were just enough to know what poultice or concoction would need to be applied.

He tuned out the sound of his children playing in the background well enough. Until Atica, sniffing the air and turning towards the doorway, barked an imposing (in her opinion): “Halt! Who goes there?”

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