[AW] Take your children to work year
AW for one! Bellad's bandaging Fleur while his children "mingle" inside the Circle building
Location: Circle of Athelas clinic || NPCs: -- || Form: Optime

A light fog hung over the Realm, softening the whispers of the trees and dimming the vibrant colors of autumn. But Sólveig didn't mind. It was peaceful, this stillness of the mists, and it did nothing to conceal the smells of the forest. To be without sound or sight would be a terrible thing, but to lose the power of scent? That was altogether unthinkable. Smell was too valuable a sense to be without. As was the case with canines, so much of her success in the world relied on scent to receive and process information -- from broad, plain facts to intricate, nuanced details -- that being without such an integral sense was certainly akin to... to...

Twisting her lips and wrinkling her nose, the young Dawnrunner considered these repercussions with intense focus. There was a wicker basket hanging from the crook of one arm, its shallow base containing several plant materials that she had gathered throughout the morning. She was walking at a relaxed, casual pace but there was purpose in her direction now that she had lacked while she had been foraging. Her search complete for now, her destination was the Circle's little clinic where she would sort and process her Apothecary commodities.

Lifting her eyes skyward, Sólveig's lips parted as an idea came to mind. Surely, the loss of one's sense of smell would be like missing half of their mind or half of their heart. Maybe even half of both! She nodded to herself and wagged her tail, satisfied. That was how important scent was to her: to lose it would be like losing half of yourself.

Coming up to the building that the Circle of Athelas had claimed for their Guild, she realized suddenly that these thoughts had carried her the entire way there and she hadn't even noticed the time it took her. Tittering softly to herself, Sóli shrugged and started for the door. There were voices and scents within that suggested occupancy but she wasn't expecting such a greeting as she received when she reached for the handle.

"Oh!" she yapped, withdrawing her hand again quickly. A smile grew across her face and she gave her tail another wag. She thought that she could recognize the voice of a puppy anywhere. "It's Sólveig Dawnrunner. If it please my lady, I would very much like to come in."

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