[AW] Take your children to work year
AW for one! Bellad's bandaging Fleur while his children "mingle" inside the Circle building
Heeyyyy! Likewise! Let's do this thing! <3
NPCs: Fleur (leaving), Rohan, Atica [+418]
“It please!” Atica yipped, seeming to swell ever so slightly at being taken seriously. The Circle’s adolescent sentinel wandered on over to Bellad, beaming as she announced the visitor. “Papa, it’s Sólveig Dawnrunner!” Her father watched his daughter from the corner of his eye, though most of his focus for now was on tying a knot on Fleur’s bandage without saying anything.

“Father?” This time it was Rohan, looking up at the Songthorn as he finished his work and sat back in the chair. The boy’s ears were lowered slightly as though reading some kind of tension about his parent. “Yes. Very good. Sólveig is welcome.” He mustered a smile, finally giving his children some more direct attention. The smile, it seemed, was outlasted by how intently Rohan watched him. The boy seemed rather unconvinced as far as Bellad’s assessment of the situation went, but knew better than to talk over his work, even if most of it was done by now.

“No scratching, no removing the bandage. Find me here same time tomorrow to replace it.” He instructed the woman before him, who nodded with quiet words of thanks, then got up. It almost seemed that having more than just the healer and his pups in the room made her progressively closer to whispers. She hurriedly made herself scarce, just barely affording Sólveig a nod of recognition.

“Papa okay?” Atica nuzzled up to Bellad’s knee just before he got up from the chair. The man set aside some of the supplies used to treat Fleur’s cut on a nearby bedside table, then knelt down to pet his daughter on the head. “Yes, Little Light. Let me speak to Sólveig for now. Then we three should go eat.” Despite his suggestion, as the pups padded off across the floor, it seemed they still felt some reservations about their father’s condition. To them, who did not directly witness their father’s reaction to the recent fire, his state of mind may have remained an unsolved mystery. Yet, even adolescent, they had the capacity for suspicion and, more importantly, for concern.

“It’s good that you’re here, Sólveig.” Bellad spoke before he could be easily interrupted. Almost as though by being the driving force of conversation he could prevent it from unleashing some line of dialogue he would not enjoy satisfying. “I have finished with Fleur, but you could help me stow away the ointments and bandages. We would do well to procure more in near future. This fog, it invites injury.”

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