[AW] Take your children to work year
AW for one! Bellad's bandaging Fleur while his children "mingle" inside the Circle building
Location: Circle of Athelas clinic || NPCs: -- || Form: Optime

The trill of her giggle extended from her throat and hung pleasantly in the air around her before it faded into the surrounding mists. The fresh scents from beyond the door suggested that the child doorkeeper was non other than Atica Songthorn, her Healer master's young daughter. So it stood to reason that her father, too, was surely within the clinic as well. Upon inference from this information, Sólveig found that she was equal parts eager and nervous at the prospect of seeing Bellad.

Breathing in, the young Apothecary squared her shoulders and grasped the door handle and then, swinging the door open, she stepped resolutely through the threshold and into the clinic. Her eyes alighted first on the burned man and his patient, curious and tinted with inherent concern, before movement at Bellad's feet drew her attention to the children. Her face lit up with delight.

"Oh, hello Mister Rohan and Miss Atica!" she said with flourish, beaming at them warmly, brightly. And then to Atica: "Thank you for allowing me inside."

She bent to offer them her canid displays of affection before rising again and giving a small wave at Fleur as she hurried out of the clinic. One of her ears swiveled at the sound of Atica's small voice and Bellad's gentle response, followed by the turning of her head when her name was spoken. Her eyes smiled at the children, hoping to reassure them. The way that they almost seemed to cling to their father made her wonder at their perceptive abilities.

"Yes, of course," she replied and removed the basket from her arm before assisting Bellad with the supplies. "I was just out foraging for more materials for us to work with." She gestured to the basket. "I hope there was nothing terribly wrong with Miss Fleur," she added conversationally, glancing at the door. "How are you, Mister Bellad?"

She looked up into the warm glow of his eyes and, holding her gaze there, knitted her brows sympathetically. Sólveig was thinking of [M] that night; of the fire; of Bellad's agonized shriek and the look in her eyes was telling.

[WC -- 362]

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