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Fredrick Knight and Morris help repair Cent's new house
Date: October 2nd
Time: Late morning
Location: Sala de Flores, Charmingtown
NPC(s): Dinar (cNPC)

The bungalow was a decent enough thing, if one was used to residing within a house. But, to Cent, who for a year slept in ruins, stables and a room in a thin-walled inn, this ancient, stone and wood building was a castle, and she its princess.

Not that a princess was expected to perform half as much manual labour as Cent was preparing herself to do. 

The brunette tied her hair into a high, messy bun, held up by one of her repurposed headscarves. She put on her work clothes, a rough shirt with an earthy skirt and a buckskin apron tied about the waist. The dog rolled up her sleeves, made sure to put all the things she and Dinar hauled over from Trailside Inn out of the way, and went about checking every nook and cranny of the house for things in need of fixing.

That was the fourth time Cent made such a check of her newly acquired domicile - earned thanks to rank she held within the pack. Much like the previous two times, the dusty, debris-covered floors and spider-infested corners remained the same, as did the tacky wallpaper which stung her eyes, as well as the couch that billowed dust whenever someone as much as brushed against it. Of especial interest were the aged walls and creaking floorboards, and Cent warned her helpers beforehand that repairing them would be top priority, but could take some time.

Once assured that no wall spontaneously and noiselessly collapsed while she wasn't looking, Cent poked her head out into the back yard, where Dinar was lazing about. The older dog didn't exactly posses the digits needed to be of any help with the repairs, so Cent told him that he could do whatever he wanted that day. His choice was naps, which his posestrina couldn't judge him for.

All things seemingly prepared for the work ahead, Cent walked out onto the front porch, sat down on the stairs and waited for her helpers to arrive.


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We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

Morris wasn't truly supposed to be out of bed, but truly, he couldn't lay around any longer. His side was healed enough that it wouldn't leak when he moved it, though it was still rather sore. His left arm was a bit more concerning, even if he could move his fingers somewhat freely, he would have to be careful about lifting things. So, he wasn't in the best condition to help repair a home, but he also didn't truly like being idle, especially if someone needed the help. He would admit, it surprised him that it was the dog that he and Asher had talked about trading with. They hadn't seen her since then, which made sense since she had apparently left and then came back recently. His thoughts were broken by the sound of someone following him, and he turned to find Asher there.

The white coyote didn't look the most pleased, but he didn't look very angry either. More resigned really as he caught up to Morris. "If you insist on not resting, then I will help how I can." Morris found himself relaxing and even smiling "Thanks lad" with Asher helping he wouldn't have to worry as much about straining his hurts. Asher nodded and motioned that they should continue forward, and so Morris got moving again. The merle coy dog couldn't help looking at his friend, and noticing that something seemed settled in the deep blue gaze, where as up to this point for some time there had been a restless look there. Asher must have come to some sort of conclusion about whatever had been bothering him, and would hopefully tell Morris soon.

Right now they had something else to focus on, so Morris wouldn't pry. Soon enough the new abode came into view and Morris smiled just a little when he spotted Cent waiting for them.

"Morris speaking." "Asher speaking"
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Freddy was making good use of the broom he'd fixed up for helping with this cleaning project; the study wooden pole was making a good walking stick for the small El Diente to use whilst his leg was still recovering. By all rights, Freddy shouldn't have agreed to help since he was still resting, but coming to the aid of Ashen even for mundane tasks was something Freddy had always been fond of. Be it a garden, an effigy, making a tool or offering his hands to help clean, the young man would be there. Sure his new duty as El Diente meant a lot of his time would be spent managing the defences of Del Cenere and training others, but Freddy didn't want to be just known as a serious, no-nonsense warrior. 

So he had a little smile on his face as he and Deonach made their way to Miss Cent's home. Freddy was glad to see the dog woman back with the Ashen, having been the first to meet her at the borders, it helped make Freddy look back at their first meeting with a smile. 

Deonach was around just to lend a hand, still under the impression he owed something to the Ashen despite being more than covered for whatever involvement he had with the crew, and right now was carrying the rest of the supplies in a leather bag. Freddy had brought a bit of everything; hammers, a saw, some random bone tools, the broom for cleaning... the Herrero had all but cleared his workshop out just to make sure he didn't need to walk back and forth. 

As they arrived, Morris and Asher were already there, so Freddy grinned to his friends and waved before hobbling over a little quicker. He looked to Cent as well, offering the lady a polite bow. "C-cent... ni... nice to see you again." Freddy rasped, hoping in an almost childish way that the lady would be surprised to hear him actually speak to her now. "Mo...Morris. Asher." He greeted the others, then grinned to Morris. "I-I gu-guess we bo...both c-can't rest h-huh?"

Fredrick Knight

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The males that offered to come help her were big contributors to Charmingtown's defense during last month's raid, and thus bore wounds which still affected their scent and the way they moved. Cent attempted to persuade them not to come, that she could do the repairs on her own, but they each were quite insistent that they could be of more help than hindrance. She hoped that the men were right, and not just stubborn and prideful in that infuriating, masculine way.

The she-dog had begun to hum a small tune when she saw the merle coydog come down the street, accompanied by a white coyote. She whispered a soft "hvala ti Bože" when she realised that was Mr. Johansen flanking him. The two coybloods were close in a way that had Cent keeping an ear up for rumours about the nature of their relationship, but whatever kind of pair they were, she knew that one would help prevent the other from overexerting himself.

"Good day Mista' Morris, Mista' Asher!" The Tested greeted with a grin as she came down the stairs. She shook their hands, sneaking in a quick sniff of the merle male, but there was no coppery scent of fresh blood about him. Somewhat assured that her aid wouldn't bleed all over the floor, she gestured up at the porch. "Lemme show you what needs doing. Just now I saw a plank needs replacing on the porch, else someone's paw could fall trough, and indoors - oh, Mista' Knight!"

Just then the second helper arrived, likewise accompanied by another male, albeit this one was a stranger to Cent. This one looked lupine in a way that made the she-dog suspicious, but the splatter of gold and black across his body neutralised the overt wolfishness of his build and features. Besides those distinctly doglike markings, if the newly appointed Teeth of the pack would trust this stranger, then she would too. 

And the El Diente spoke to her. This caught the female off-guard, and her lips parted in surprise, forming a little "o". She distinctly remembered the piebald male being mute, having once communicated with her by means of gestures and writing. What miracle had occurred in her absence?

"...oh, Mista' Knight, it is such a treat to see you too! Glad to, uh, to hear ya!" She collected herself and thought to shake hands with the jackayote too, but the way he hobbled and used the broom for support had her worried about throwing the diminutive man off-balance. Instead, she turned her attentions towards the stranger, this one closer to her height.

"And who might you be, Mista'...?" She extended a hand towards the wolfdog, keeping her smile sincere despite her eyes wandering over his figure, looking for more clues about his heritage. One could never be too careful...


Once introduction were out the way, Cent led them up to the porch. There she turned toward the quartet with a smile, knuckles on her broad hips. 

"I cannot overstate how kind of y'all was to offer to help me fix up this place, and that y'all actually showed up's jus' admirable, especially considerin' the state half of y'all's in." 

She clasped her hands with a clap. "Now, the things needin' fixin' indoors are some creakin' floorboards, and one wooden wall that's part ruined. Then, there's this ugly couch that I can only see purpose in as firewood, and same goes for the bedroom doors than hang on one hinge each. Those things we can cut up and drag out in the back yard, and I'll burn them come winter. Next, out here..." The she-dog took a step back, and put her weight on a plank that creaked like a dying cat. "...There's this thing that could give any moment, and on the back porch's a hole in the bottom-most step. That's 'bout all I spotted, 'tho we might run into more problems as we work. And concernin' work..." She looked over the wounded males and clicked her tongue. "My rule's that we work while we have time and daylight. If any of you boys feel as much as an ache, sit down and rest. Anything we can't fix today I'll fix myself, as I don't wanna keep respectable members o' the Gang busy or, God forbid, hurtin'."

Again, her hands went to her hips, this time contributing to a rather assertive pose. "We all good?"

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We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

Morris held back a chuckle at Cent's worry. He knew it would just get him into trouble anyway, if not with her than with Asher. "Aye, I can manage just fine" he commented and Asher gave him a look full of disbelief. The merle male resisted an eye roll, knowing he could fix a few boards. Asher could help with the heavy lifting, just as Deonach could. "If I need help, I'll say so" he added, which got him a nod from his friend. A compromise was easy enough to stick to, and Asher knew that Morris couldn't just simply lay around and be idle. It wasn't in his nature, just as it seemed that it was not in Freddy's. So he moved to what he thought he could do himself, which was the creaky board Cent had shown on the porch.

Asher watched him for a moment then went to see what he could do about the couch. Morris hid a smile, glad that he was left to his own devices for the most part. He tested the board, its sound of protest much the same as when Cent had stepped on it then got on his knees and checked a few of the boards next to it as well. If one was bad, the others might be as well. Asher came back briefly and handed him a hammer, which Morris could already guess that Freddy had actually brought. The lad seemed to always have tools for whatever task needed done, whether it was on him or at his home. Morris nodded and Asher wandered off again without a word spoken between them. It was just the kind of friendship they had, where looks could speak much louder than words. Morris chuckled and took the hammer to the board, and began working on pulling out the old nails that were still holding the pathetic wood down.

"Morris speaking."
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Freddy's smile was genuine as the excitable Cent welcomed him, his heart lifting when she was glad to hear him speak. It had been a long journey so far to produce a voice... Freddy's speech wasn't perfect but the determination and pride of being El Diente and the encouragement and ease of his friends made it a bit easier each time to talk. He was sure there would be occasions in the future where his voice failed, but overall Freddy was starting to view it less and less like a weakness or handicap of his. When Cent moved to greet Deonach, the man went from idle observation to a small smile, moving his hand forward to shake the lady's. "Deonach. I am more of a healer but... an old friend of mine loved to build houses or study them so perhaps I can be of some help if I remember some of what he shared." Deo explained, tucking the long, silky strands of his fur back into his shirt after releasing Cent's hand. 

As Cent explained the plans, and then a reminder to the two injured men that resting wasn't optional, Freddy glanced about to find a place to put himself. He gestured Deonach over so that he could access the leather bag; producing a hammer to give to Ascher who aimed to pass it on to Morris, then took out a saw for the blonde coyote to have when he returned for destroying the sofa. With those given out, Freddy hobbled to the broken door to have a look at it, humming as he assessed the damage and confirmed that it would need removing. The small metal part that made the doors move back and forth wasn't something Freddy could recreate, or any canine for that matter, so he imagined the doorway would have to be left as an arch. The Herrero could potentially make a fabric or leather flap for the door, for the sake of keeping heat in, but he'd probably ask Cent what she wanted doing before making plans. For now, the El Diente would focus on getting the old door out, and produced a thin-bladed knife from his back to start chipping away at the one remaining hinge. 

Fredrick Knight

I want to take shelter but I'm ready, ready to fight.
Somewhere in the middle I feel a little paralyzed.

NPCs: Dinar (cNPC)

Cent was strict in her demands, because she couldn't trust two of these four men not to overexert themselves on accident - or even with intent. Sure, they were fully grown and strong, but the female couldn't be sure that they didn't hide some masculine misconceptions about how showing pain made one seem "weak". She knew what being weak was, and it came with far fewer wounds that these males showed. After all, her only wound from the raid was a bruised cheek and crushing of her non-existent pride into a fine powder. 

She nodded at Mr. Morris. His words alone weren't enough, but she trusted that his blond companion would help when he needed it. Her attention then went to the man that came with the El Diente, wolfish in a way that made the dog uneasy. He accepted her hand, his grip gentle and firm for his size, and Cent could guess his occupation even before his introduction. "Is nice to meet you, Mista' Deonach. Healin' folks a respectable profession." Her smile got more genuine. "I'm sure you can be o' more help than me. I've got a merchant's hands, not used to this kinda work. That's why I need you boys' help, 'fter all." She retracted her hand and gestured toward the main door and the house interior, where most of the work needed to get done.

Her helpers did neither dilly nor dally and got themselves busy as soon as Cent pointed out the problems at hand. She watched three of the men go indoors and stuck around to observe Mr. Morris begin work on the front porch, making sure the man wasn't hiding a worse condition than he showed. "I'll go indoors, you jus' holler if you need anythin', okay?" She told the merle male before entering the house proper.

Once inside, she spent a bit leaned against a wall with crossed arms, observing the formerly-mute miraculoisly-cured jackayote chip away at the hinges. She wished she knew how to make such door-opening mechanisms, but that would require a bit of skill with metal welding which she never possessed, and she knew even a master of the forge wouldn't be able to sufficiently mimic the old technology. This way, her only option was to, once the doors were removed, replace them with fabric flaps to prevent the heat from escaping. and to make the rooms easier to heat come winter. 

Cent slowly moved across the room, arms still conservatively crossed, to where Mr. Deonach was standing. She paused next to him, at first not speaking a word and making it seem like she was deeply engrossed in what the highest ranking Del Ceneran in the room was doing. Then, she turned her head to face the tall male, a polite smile on her lips.

"So, must've been a real weird time to join, yeah?" She cocked her head to one side. "I mean, don't want you thinkin' what happened last moon's what usually occurs. Del Cenere's pretty isolated out here, we don't get in no trouble unless it brings itself to our doorstep, like with them dry land pirate crew." The Tested approached the conversation assuming the male joined shortly after the raid - some poor sod who could've come at a better time. She parted her lips to add another thing, when a new voice, gruff and thick, arose. 

"Isusa mu, jel' može malo glasnije?" Dinar stumbled into the main room trough the back door (which thankfully worked fine enough) and by his voice and general over-grouchiness one could tell he was recently asleep. The quadrupedal dog paused a few steps in, looking over those present in the room. Cent knew he likely wasn't enjoying seeing that many strangers in what was supposed to be their private abode, especially as there were more of them that there were supposed to be. His brows furrowed when he looked at Cent, who gave him a little wave and an awkward smile which hopefully conveyed "sorry, I had nothing to do with this". The large male looked away, muttering something under his breath, and took a few steps in the direction of...

"Ne, ne, Dinarče!"

...the couch, and without paying much mind to the white coyote about to take the saw to it, jumped onto it, raising a cloud of dust.

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We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days, Through the fire and the flames we carry on!

Morris moved just enough to peek into the building. When the male dog sat on the couch he turned away to hide a smirk. Asher in the meantime coughed a bit from the kicked up dust then frowned at the body now in his way. Morris could hear his friend huff at the situation before his voice broke the brief quiet. "Trouble? We get into that without it coming here too you know. Well...sort of." Morris frowned for a moment then realized that Asher meant the activities at Casa di Calvaleri. "That wasn' trouble lad, that was friendly competition." He looked behind him to find Asher there, with hands on his hips.

"Someone nearly drowned!" The white man exclaimed and Morris just chuckled. "With ya there? Not likely to happen. Ya woulda fished them out one way or anothah." Asher frowned and then pointed at him "You nearly got squashed by two giants." Morris huffed at that then shrugged "It isn' my fault they paired me with those two, and that they both decided to get me out first." Morris saw Asher narrow his eyes and the merle man offered him a quick smile. "Ya looked funny on that boat they gave ya." Asher gasped and put his hand to his chest "Slander!" The reaction still made Morris chuckle. If Asher was feeling comfortable enough to be needlessly dramatic, then everything was okay with the world in his opinion.

Asher looked away from him and towards Cent "Besides that isn't the first time Morris and I have seen a pirate... I'm just glad Morris took my harpoon with him to fight with." Morris rose his brows at the comment and grunted as one end of the board came free. "Aye, but it wasn' much help in my hands." He didn't need to look at his friend to know that was being waved off, almost dismissively. Morris also knew that the action wasn't really how Asher felt. His coyote friend had been beside himself when he found out Morris had been hurt. It was part of the reason that Asher was here now...he was still worried. Morris huffed again and went to work on the other end of the board, being careful on where he was resting his weight as he did so.

"Morris speaking." "Asher speaking"

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