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[Image: cdc.gif] October News Post [Image: cdc.gif]

❖ It's been ten years...

Casa di Cavalieri will be celebrating it TEN year anniversary on October 21st! We are sure that it would have been beyond the pack's founder's wildest dreams to believe that what they had created would last a decade. Casa has seen its ups and downs but we are so happy to see the current pack in its most prosperous and active age! Let us celebrate Casa di Cavalieri's birthday and renaissance!

Nat and Jazzy have a lot in store for this month and the months to come, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for being such active and wonderful players! Casa di Cavalier would be nothing without all of you!

To get ourselves into the anniversary spirit, if you reply to this News Post with a Happy Birthday message, you'll recieve a doodle drawn by Jazzy! (One character per player)

❖ Goodbye Melissa

Our ten year anniversary is made somewhat bittersweet with Melissa deciding to step down from leadership. She was there from the very beginning, Casa is truly her baby, and we are sad to see her go. However, she will still be around as an active player! Thank you Melissa for everything you've done, and for entrusting Nat and Jazzy with the task of keeping Casa di Cavalieri going strong. It's your legacy and you should be very proud!

❖ Introducing the Banners of Casa di Cavalieri

We are excited to announce a new addition to Casa di Cavalieri's rank system; Banners! We were inspired by the likes of Guilds in NC and Syndicates in DCG; Casa has co-ranks and a good title progression, but not much else for characters to aim towards. We felt it was time to offer additional groups for members to be a part of.

Each Banner is lead by a specific member of the Council; therefore, each Banner groups' skill-set and focus is aligned with the specific Council member it is under.

War Lord - The Magenta Fang
“Focused on physical combat, protection of the pack from outside aggressors, as well as the maintenance and creation of weapons of war whether made of flesh or of earthly material.”

To hold this banner, a member must...
♞Have one thread with War Lord (if no War Lord exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to the militaristic protection of CdC
♞Defend Casa di Cavalieri through physical combat, with the outcome being either killing your opponent or taking them into custody.
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Guardsman
  • Stable Master
  • Blacksmith
  • Leather worker

Lead Diplomat - The Indigo Shield
“Setting the wealth, welfare, and protection of the pack as paramount through forming positive relations with outsiders for trade, and setting up militaristic alliances to prevent or quickly resolve conflicts.”

To hold this Banner, a member must...
♞Have one thread with the Lead Diplomat (if no Lead Diplomat exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to the relations with other packs
♞Trade for a large and important piece of equipment (or many smaller pieces) from a different pack or loner group.
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Scholar
  • Merchant
  • Sailor
  • Falconer

Labor Head - The Orchid Axe
“Realizing that the foundation of any strong pack is based on its goods, whether physical or animal in nature. Maintaining all the mundane tasks and operations that make a pack function day-to-day.”

To hold this Banner a member must...
♞Have one thread with the Labor Head (if no Labor Head exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to the welfare of CdC’s livestock and/or labor structure
♞Propose and spearhead a pack project.
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Herdsman
  • Carpenter
  • Crafter
  • Groundskeeper

Pack Advisor - The Lilac Heart
“Realizing that Luperci are spiritual, emotional, as well as physical creatures; this group is set to create an environment where all Cavaliers can achieve and maintain their best selves.”

To hold this Banner a member must...
♞Have one thread with the Pack Advisor (if no Pack Advisor exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to the social aspects of CdC’s members, and their emotional well-being
♞Positively or negatively (that’s always fun) influence someone’s decision making process (with the best of intentions).
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Pup-sitter
  • Cook
  • Tailor

Chief Cleric - The Lavender Staff
“True foundation of a pack is the health of its members; they must be strong, free of illness, well-fed, and remaining free of the fear that any of the aforementioned things will ever be lost to them.”

To hold this Banner a member must...
♞Have one thread with the Chief Cleric (if no Chief Cleric exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to the physical and mental health of the CdC’s warriors
♞Heal a deep emotional or physical wound with success.
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Healer
  • Herbalist
  • Barber
  • Farmer

Keeper of Whispers - The Amethyst Eye
“Life is not always black and white; there is gray that must be navigated with wisdom and caution. Intelligent creatures such as Luperci must find equally cunning ways of maintaining the status-quo, or changing it, if the need arises.”

To hold this Banner a member must...
♞Have one thread with Keeper of Whispers (if no Keeper of Whispers exists, then a thread with a leader) relating to espionage on CdC’s behalf
♞Spy and gain one interesting and unique piece of information from another pack or group.
♞Earn one of the following co-ranks:
  • Scavenger
  • Scout
  • Hunter
  • Fisher

Once established, each Banner will have claim to its own meeting place, a reserved space in Wolfville. These locations, and their descriptions, will be left up to those who are the founding members of the Banners!

We will allow through the end of this year for all players to claim a Banner as they see fit; starting in January 2022, every one to two months members of the Banners will have a new prompt to do with their jobs, completing these prompts will earn game points and maybe even specialty prizes!

Those who hold a Banner will be denoted on the wiki's Rank Table with one of the following icons: [Image: 1BKOqGl.png][Image: HI3kkXc.png][Image: CUFsVZW.png][Image: r3AVyDV.png][Image: ltoujhv.png][Image: pgH8Hrn.png]
... and on board, we would like for each character holding a banner to have a custom banner icon as well; but this is where you come in! Through the end of November we will be accepting banner icon submissions to the Casa di Cavalieri PM - show us your pixel making skills! (Please make sure to abide by board rules for character icons; no larger than 27x27 pixels, preferably with black/white outline or drop shadow)

To help and facilitate a more stream-lined and expedient process with co-ranks, ranks and banners, we have decided to reduce the amount of time between co-rank tiers from 6 months to 2!

❖ Wolfville continues to grow

The word has gotten out amongst other packs and loners alike that Casa di Cavalieri now offers opportunity for trade, socializing, and safe harbor for any who would wish to visit them. Wolfville becomes more busy every day with visitors who may come and go as they please! So far, it has all worked out well, with little to no major ruckus being caused by the guests.

Wolfville now attracts travelers, traders, and entertainers alike, all looking for opportunity to grow their own wealth alongside Casa's. At the beginning of October, a traveling troupe of three Luperci arrive to offer their services; they put on shows for entertainment that consist of music, spoken word, and dance. We encourage everyone to interact with these new guests, and on All Hallow's Eve they will be the main attraction at a pack feast.

The trio plans on remaining in Casa through the end of the year to avoid traveling during the winter months.

Macbeth: The Leader
A gruff and terse guy, scarred face, smokes, very pirate-esque. The “leader” of the group, but only due to age and experience. He is very protective of the other two, but portrays an air of distaste with them (and with everyone in general). In the show, he acts as the narrator and poet, his deep voice lending to the power of his words, he very easily captivates the audience with his well-written and performed narratives.

Player: Nat

Romeo: The Young and Handsome Apprentice
A young male Luperci who reveres Macbeth, is always by his side and strives to take after him. His personality is light and carefree; he loves to entertain and bring joy to those who watch him perform. In the show, he plays various instruments (drums, flute, violin) to set the musical backdrop to Tempest's dancing.

Player: Jazzy

Tempest: The Talent
A young female Luperci who travels with Macbeth and Romeo, mostly for fun, but also to escape her oppressive family. Having grown up wealthy, she decided on a loner’s life for freedom and to express herself through dance. She is wonderfully charming, attractive, and can bring the spoken word of  Macbeth and music of Romeo to life through movement. In the show, she plays the Heroine.

Player: Mayta

Note: Thank you so much to Dale for providing the designs for the trio!

❖ Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!

We encourage everyone to take some time before the end of the year to clean up their wikis, post logs, game points, etc! Let's go into 2022 all fresh and ready for things to come. Now that Jazzy and Nat are taking on all leadership duties, we need your help! We also ask that everyone keep the amount of posts in Casa's forum up-to-date; moving forward we will be clearing out thread that are more than two months old!

Happy birthday, Casa!
My goodness! 10 years is an amazing feat! Congratulations to the founders of making such an amazing pack that I love to call home! 

Also thank you Melissa for all your time and dedication and enjoy "retirement" but looking forward to still RPing with you! 

Loving the changes leadership! Amazing! 

Happy Birthday Casa di Cavalieri! Here's to 10 more years! *cheers* ?
[Image: SoSuWriMo2022_winner.jpg]
Thank you Melissa for what you've done. <3

Happy birthday Casa.
Happy birthday, Casa! <3

And thank you so so much, Melissa, for your dedication all these years!!
I've been here from the beginning, and its been a wild 10 years, I hope maybe it'll be another wild 10 years ;)

Happy Birthday Casa, I remember when you were a newborn babby
Happy Birthday Casa!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to play and chat.  Thanks for all of the hard work and I feel privileged to be a part of this place!

Happy Borthday Casa! I can’t wait to see where we’re at in another 10 years.
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Happy birthday Casa and all the best wishes to Melissa!

Aaaaaaaah, it is so amazing to see another pack reach ten years of age! Here's hoping both Casa and Salsola will beat the longevity records!
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Happy birthday Casa~
Happy birthday Casa!
happy birthday casa!

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