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[SL] Jobs – Assassino Prompt Wrote:Receive or take on a bounty from another. Discuss the target in question and why/where/how they are to be killed. Alternatively, prepare for the task ahead by making sure you have the right equipment, scouting out the area, sorting out plans, or otherwise doing your homework on your target.
Optime | The Ruins (KamKrios home) | Dated: Mid-October; early afternoon

Assassina challenge thread!
A part of her had been a bit surprised at how long it had taken for trouble to show up again amongst the whispers and rumors beyond the Kingdom. Had someone else taken it upon themselves to silence the threats? Or had the Universe decided to give the Shadow a small reprieve while she had worked through her problems? Regardless, perhaps it had been for the best that it had taken so long for something to come across her radar. Even still, she couldn’t help but notice the tiny tingle of anticipation that buzzed through her muscles and bones.

The mission would be the first of its type since the Mireblades.

She’d already performed the necessary field work for the task ahead; scouting out the target’s location, the best pathways in and out of the area, confirming a baseline routine to be taken advantage of. Things could change, she knew, and she fully expected to do a bit more recon work before she ever engaged her target.

The Shadow stood before the dining table in the main room. Across its surface, she’d spread out a variety of items; from armor pieces to weaponry, from camping necessities to neatly-folded clothing options, to other miscellaneous items that she’d deemed essential for her mission. Empty saddlebags had been tucked up under the table so as to be readily accessible to pack while also being out of the way as Kamari went through her mental checklist and carefully inspected her gear.

Starting with her weaponry first, she had been in the midst of checking the newly-sharpened edge of her main knife when one of the doors of the home opened. Glancing briefly away from her task, she spied the familiar face of her husband. “Welcome home, Krios,” she greeted, offering him a warm smile before letting her eyes return to her knife in hand.

There were no nicks in the blade’s edge, and a testing flick of her thumb pad across the edge confirmed the sound and the feel she was looking for for a razor-sharp weapon. She returned the knife to its proper sheath and moved onto the next. “How are you this afternoon?”

Kamari Kaiser
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Honestly, life had been rather unassuming for a change. And then Kamari began to work with her usual vigor again. The day when he would have to see her fade out of sight as she slipped through shadow to danger approached rather more quickly than he had hoped for. It left his nerves on edge and an anxious bubble in his throat at the thought that they were to repeat everything in an endless cycle.

Krios chose to distract himself and shake off the jittery feelings in his limbs. He had a productive day and afternoon, having disappeared from home for the majority of the time. He hadn't been broody when he departed, but his absence had been somewhat sudden when he took off after checking on their little farm.

When he returned, he had a pair of fat hares dangling from his hand even as he opened the door. His stomach fell at the sight of all of Kamari's gear strewn about the table. It was a little ritual she often did before a mission, or whatever nasty little task she undertook for the sake of Salsola's continued safety.

Krios swallowed the worry and fear as he pulled a chair toward him to drape the hares over. "A little productive." He pulled the bow off his back. "I assume you're not doing some light fall cleaning?" His nonchalance was betrayed by the grim glint in his eyes.
Her eyes shifted away from her examination of the secondary blade when her husband pulled out one of the chairs. Krios had brought home two plump rabbits, it seemed. “What do you plan on making this time?” She asked, curious. The table was, unfortunately, occupied with Kamari’s gear, and she did well to offer him a small apologetic smile because of it. The floor of her old bedroom might have been a better place for such preparations, however, the last thing Kamari wanted was for Krios to feel like she had something to hide from him again. The decision had apparently been for the best, too, given the look she saw in his seafoam blue eyes.

“I’m afraid not,” she answered softly to his question. Looking away, she refocused her attentions onto the knife she’d been inspecting before he’d arrived. “Business with one of Mirte’s regular clients has garnered unwanted interest by a third party.”

Kamari tested the weapon’s balance across her forefinger before proceeding to examine the cutting edge with a crucial eye. It wasn’t often that she had to resort to her secondary knives, but, it was better to have a blade that could handle and cut through clothing and flesh just as easily as her main one. A jagged edge could catch unexpectedly and rip the weapon from her grasp at an inopportune moment, or, worse, not cut as deep or as quickly as she needed it to. Either could end poorly for the Shadow.

The blade met up to her expectations, and she put it back its sheath as she moved onto the next. “The targets are two men of heavy coyote descent that go by the names of Hoff and Cruise,” she explained further. “Apparently they’ve taken notice of the trade deals between Mirte and her client, and have found an interest in Mirte and her origins. They tried to corner her and follow her back to Salsola while we were down in Portland a few weeks ago. Mirte can’t meet with her client and get the supplies she needs to complete the last of her commissions for the upcoming Supper until the men are dealt with first.”

It went without saying who would be dealing with the troublesome individuals. There was a certain level of tact that needed to be had to avoid destroying Mirte’s business relations or starting harmful rumors. Kamari happened to have the skills required to pull off such a task with minimal repercussions.

Upon finishing her inspection of her third blade, Kamari’s eyes shifted to Krios. “I’m leaving for Saint John tomorrow morning,” she told him, her voice lowering. Her gaze returned to her knife as she returned it to its sheath and moved it to join the rest on the table. “I’ll be gone for probably a week.”

She reached for the leather vest Krios had gifted her for Yuletide the winter prior. Absently, her fingers thumbed over some of the grooves that had been left in the protective armor piece.

Kamari Kaiser
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His eyes moved from the instruments of death to his own dead animal carcasses. Why it seemed so different was difficult to understand; at the end of the day they were all beasts and killing one should not have felt radically different from the rest. And, yet, he remembered exactly what his thinking had been when he had acted in defense and how it had been vastly more mild in comparison to the utter berserk anger he had felt protecting his wife.

His body felt cold all over even as he tried to grin at her. "Dinner, of course. I'm sure apple and rabbit stew might actually be pretty good," he answered, intending it to be more of a joke but intrigue slowly took over despite himself. It actually sounded rather nice. Something sweet would probably balance out the gamey rabbit taste.

Maybe Krios was cut out to be a cook.


He listened to her explanation as he quietly brought about the things he needed to start a long stewing dinner. The metal clang of the pot against stone was the only reply he gave her despite his very rapt attention. Two coyotes. She could handle two. He told himself she could handle herself plenty well..

But she hadn't handled it all when she had gone off on her own and found the Mireblades, or rather, they found her with great aggression. 

Krios swallowed his ugly concern that spoke of worrying she wasn't skilled enough. She was, most of the time. She had to be and he had to remind himself that all the time. "At least that's not too far away," he said as he roughly chunks of carrot and threw them into the pot with a clattering. A week would not be too long and Saint John was close enough for a far less strenuous rescue, but he prayed there would be no rescue at all.

He stood and headed back to his dangling rabbits, pausing with his hand on the chair. Krios looked at her, unable to hide his feelings as he watched her fiddle with the protective gear. "You're going to be careful, right?"

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