[P] I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship
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Why Smokey had wanted to do this when it was still wet outside, Hokori would probably never be able to guess. The dew was fine, but like, surely it would have been nicer if they could stay totally dry? All this soppy plant matter was being mushed and mashed to bits under her feet, weeds reduced to a fine green paste that she would end up tracking into the house and her mom would get mad even as Amal began to scrub it away with a rag. Just a whole lot of rigmarole for a friendly outing they could have been doing at a different time.

But saying all this would be rude and Hoko wasn't very interested in hurting her buddy's feelings. Smokey was nice and gentle and sweet, a sensitive little bean who would probably fall to pieces if confronted with the slightest bit of unkind treatment.

"Yep, I got it."

Any excuse to show off her imposing strength was one that the massive wolf mutt would take gladly. Hoko simply crouched and got a good grip, rotting wood bending under her hands as she huffed and hoisted the log with a mighty grunt of exertion. With it standing on one end it was easy enough to just toss it to the side, the old tree partially crumbling upon being reintroduced to the ground. 

Her friend found her quarry, one of the long nails that were buried in the dirt around her. It was similar to the one that had been forged into a knife and stuck to the Tree, the one that came with a note from some mysterious admiring. It made sense, it was the sort of thing that'd be pretty easy to fashion into a shiv so it wasn't like Smokecloud would be the first to think of it. 

"My parents? Yeah. It's nice to have Amal around to do all my chores for me. Why'd you ask?"

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