[P] I Wanna Ruin Our Friendship
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Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me? Smokecloud could have asked, in  any possible way and maybe Hokori would have gotten it. There was a very real attraction Smokey held for the towering beauty, but alas, she had not the nerve to admit it. It was a dance around the fire, never stepping close. Hell she wasn’t even afraid she’d get burned, it was just so hard for her to seek the warmth. Had Hokori been the one wanting to or even just making the advances, things would be different. Sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Amal did all of her chores? That… wasn’t good. Smokecloud did all of her own, if Hokori was to live with her, she did not want to be the one that cleaned up after the giant. Yes she’d love the woman, but she would not be a maid on top of a Hearward, metalsmith, and an aspiring carpenter. She squeezed her friend’s hand briefly at the thought, and tried believed that the Tanaka girl was capable of being clean alongside being wild. A different wild than what Smokecloud was used to. Hers was less being in tune with the wilderness, and more being boisterous and rowdy. “Do you want to move out of there?” the shy girl asked. She had moved out of her mother’s den very early in her adulthood. It didn’t happen in a good way, but she was happier out on her own.

Perhaps she caught Hokori at the perfect moment. What if she was ready to take the next step to independence, if not freedom. Parents could be a drag, but even if they’re so good and understanding, the feeling of autonomy and actually having a space to one’s self was so incredible. Now it was just a normal thing to her, before it was exhilarating, but a little scary. Smokecloud knew she could take the fear out of that equation for her friend. If they lived together, then maybe it would be easier to share how she felt. Even now, distant from that fire, she still felt antsy about asking. “It’s pretty lonely in my home,” she told Hokori, admitting some real feelings.

She enjoyed having her mother around, for the most part. Her habit of sleeping around wasn’t the greatest, but Smokey realized that Woodsmoke wasn’t hurting her father. There wasn’t really a bond there to begin with. The ironpaw wanted a complete family, something like Hokori had. She knew now that it was impossible… but maybe in the future her friend would be something more, and would like to have a complete family. “It would be nice to have someone there with me,” she explained. “Do you think you’d want to live with me?”

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