[P] crawling in the dark
For Hokori! In The Brass Potato
Quote:Your character is enjoying an evening at the Brass Potato when suddenly, all the lanterns are snuffed out by an unnatural gust of wind!

When he entered the Tavern there was a moment where he stared at the candles with nothing but unbridled suspicion. 

”Don’t worry sir,” Ridgewell barked at him as one of his cats wound between his legs, ”I checked all of them. Never fear.”

”Thank you.” Iomair padded his way over the creaky floorboards and gently hefted the Potato before setting it back on the counter. He buffed it with his palm so that it gleamed brightly before taking a seat at his favorite table. It was an old piece of wood that had been balanced atop a barrel before being nailed down. He and the others had sanded it so that there were no splinters to stab an unsuspecting finger.

”Hey!” Iomair called, ”Did you see who did this?”

Someone had carved a crude-looking eye into the table, the edges gauged by what he could only assume was a knife.

Ridgewell trotted over, a trail of cats following behind. Little P leapt with grace to sit nearby, her large eyes wide as she flicked her tail thoughtfully.

Outside the twilight deepened. Shadows crept quietly towards the door.

(///) | NPCs: Ridgewell (pNPC)

In the next post I will SPOOK
The Brass Potato didn't really take much space in Hokori's mind if she was being quite honest. Like, it was great that the pack had come together to make a nice place for all of them to hang out but they already had plenty of free space to just chill out in. And free drinks were always nice but she already had a pretty much unlimited source of those. His name was Tora and no matter how much he complained about it he had yet to stop her from swiping his whiskey.

But sometimes she just got bored and needed stuff to do. Hanging out at a place where the alcohol was flowing freely sounded like a wonderful way to end up in a fistfight, just the thing to keep her from dying of boredom. So the massive mutt stomped right on over, throwing the door open and striding across the threshhold with a grin that only widened at the sight of her Forge Buddy.

"Iooooooooo! How you doin'?"

Stepping up and throwing her arm around her liege (and crush)'s shoulder allowed her to get a good look at the weird ass eye thing carved into the table. "Hmm, probably ghosts? My grandad hung around NC for a bit before I was born so maybe he's back." It occurred to Hoko that her words probably sounded like a joke but Grandpa Akio had been very real and carving weird symbols in things was one of the Classic Ghost Maneuvers. Or so she assumed anyway. 

"It could also just be Rand, he seems like that kinda dude." 

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