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Quote:Scout Co-rank: Collect information about ongoing events in another pack.

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A distant wind was blowing, it traveled around his hair and small tendrils flew up around his face. Onyx mane glistened in the early morning Dee, creating a small chill to his bones. It was cold, and somewhat uncanny to be up this early for the Hushhowl, but since he moved out of the den-sight and holed up with Aberama, it was nice to enjoy some alone time. Not to say it wasn’t becoming a beautiful blossoming flower, their friendship and their love, but sometimes he needed a little excess time to himself. 

Although throughout his entire mind, and life he never imagined he would be setting out to be a Scout, and of all things, he actually enjoyed it. Quietude suited him, unfortunately for Aberama, it was a distinct notes le difference as of late. But it wasn’t Abe, it was Lyall. Lyall was uncomfortable with his sexuality, and despite it all, the Hushhowl was beginning to develop a love for the chocolate male. 

So there he stood, mulling around ideas in his mind, whenever he curiously scented a cousin of his. That was intriguing, considering he was near the borders, which meant someone was leaving or they were entering. 

The familiar figure of Zasha, appeared and he cocked a brow, then gave a rather sweet smile to her, his tail lightly wagging. “Fancy seeing you here, what’s up Zasha?” 
While recently the young Hushhowl was doing better, especially after the talk with her dad, she still found that she had trouble sleeping. Maybe it was because the den was so crowded now with her 5 siblings and her parents, but she had a feeling it had more to do with what happened with Caspian and her question of self-worth.  Before the sun had even begun to wake the lands of Casa di Cavalieri, Zasha had given up on sleep and slipped out of the den.  She figured maybe if she went for a long run that it would help clear her head.  The wee hours of the morning were cold, and the dew caressed the world around her, clinging to her fur as she set out.  Stubborn, she hadn't given up on her tank and cut off shorts, and made a mental note that more clothes might be in order soon as the air and dampness chilled her to the bone.  Figuring it was nothing that a good run couldn't cure, she took off in a sprint, running as fast as could for as long as she could until the strength had left and the leg muscles turned to jelly. 

Sliding her back down a tree, her muscles pulsating, she panted heavily and looked around.  Had she really run that far? The scent of the marked border was strong in her nares but she hadn't crashed through it, but almost.  With her arms resting on her knees, she tilted her head back to rest against the wet bark and closed her brilliant, but sad blue eyes.  Almost immediately images of things she wanted to forget entered her mind and questions of if she had worth floated around.  With a low growl she gave up on sleep once more and opened her eyes, her chest rising and falling quickly as she still tried to catch her breath.  Sitting there for a while longer, the wet and cold seemed to seep into her coat, caressing her skin and sending a chill up her spine. 

Zasha didn't want to move or go back home, she needed to get away and thoughts of leaving for a while played over and over in her mind.  But what good would it do?  Everything would still be here when she returned.  Plus she couldn't just leave her family, could she? Lost in her train of thought, she hadn't noticed a familiar scent approach, or hear the rustle of leaves as cadet approached.  Ears flicked and perked at the sound of Lyall's voice and the mahogany Hushhowl forced a smile. 

Hey Lyall.  Just went for a run…

Of course she omitted any thoughts she was having about leaving or self-worth. That wasn't lying right?

What about you, what brings you out here so early in the morning?

Standing up, she brushed any dirt and debris from the back of her shorts and hands and tossed her two braids behind her and she walked up to Lyall giving him a small smile as her tail swayed slowly behind her and crossed her arms over her chest. 

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The sepia colored female appeared out of the bushes with a small smile upon her face, yet her eyes held a certain sadness to them. Even if she put on a brave face, her eyes made the Hushhowl’s heart pang. Then she stood up, and he licked a stray leaf from her shoulder. The sweet, innocent smile still plastered upon his face.

I just figured I could use some fresh air.” It was a short statement, perhaps laced with mystery, but he only shrugged a monochrome shoulder and tousled his raven hair. A piece fell between his finger tips and he twirled it around, watching his cousin with interest. Had she been affected by the death of Vira too? Or was she ailed by something else?

Lyall put the thoughts out of his mind, leaning in to pull her into a tight hug. He knew that look, for he also wore that look on his face, many a time. The hug was meant to let her know she wasn’t alone, that he was here for her. Yet, he still felt his heart breaking silently in his chest. For Vira’s death, for Lucian… for them all really.

A long muzzle tilted downwards and buried into her hair atop her head, as he breathed. The voice was muffled, but her ears would pick it up, he was practically breathing into them. “I hope this is okay, we don’t have to talk if you don’t wanna.” The closer he squeezed her body to his, in a familiar hug, a more unfamiliar attraction budded in the chest of the Hushhowl.

They were cousins, for goodness sake.
Even if they hadn't grown up in the same den, Lyall and Zasha were still close, growing up next door to each other. Even after he moved to Wolfville after his First Blood, they still took time for each other when needed.  So when they both ended up close to the border, Zasha had to question the real reason.  She knew why she was really out here, she needed to get out of her head and think about anything other than Caspian, but Lyall was a different story. One eyebrow raised in question on his answer,

Just needed some fresh air huh?  Yeah, same here.

She rolled her eyes as a smirk formed on her muzzle. To distract her, he pulled her into a hug, and she wrapped her long, spaghetti arms around him, breathing deeply trying to hold back to tears that wanted to flow from his loving embrace.  Feeling his warm breath and vibrations from bass of his voice on her ears made them flick occasionally, folding them down she took a deep breath, taking in his comforting scent, though a strange scent lingered she wasn't expecting.  Pulling away, she tried to give him a smile, taking his hand she drug him over to a close by fallen tree and sat on the ground with her back leaned against it, she patted the ground for him to join her.  Looking out into nothing she began to speak,

You know, sometimes I wish I could go back in time, to when things were more simple and I was happy.  Like at the Stockshow in Del Cenere. There I didn't have a care in the world, I got to meet new friends and experience events we don't have here in our pack lands.  I just got to live every day to the fullest, and not worry about the ground dropping out from under me.

Zasha leaned over and bumped shoulders with her cousin,

So what about you, why are you out for some fresh air?

She put air quotes around fresh air.  Lyall might be able to fool a lot of people, but he couldn't fool her.  They've had each other's backs for far too long for her to let him get away with that. 

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He listened, truly he did, yet everything she was saying was drawing a blank in his mind.

It wasn’t her, it was him, he was preoccupied with his own turmoil. Yet, he didn’t let that stop him and hers conversation. Lyall took a small dip of his head before he spoke, lowering his voice and otherwise.

Well, I was figurin’ I would go out and scout the borders, clear my head. Shit sucks lately, Zash, you already know that though.

A sigh escaped him, long and heavy as those bi-colored orbs switched to her form, watching her for a millisecond. Then, he stood up and offered a hand to her, like many times they’d spent together, yet— somehow— this time felt different. They’d both grown, that was true, but into what? And for what reasonings?

Once he stood, he didn’t wanna wait for her, or he did but the strength to go ahead and start walking was apparent. He did just that, walking around, gently sniffing around the borders. Once she joined him fully, he would hold out an arm for her to latch onto.

So why aren’t you happy?” He replayed her last words over and over in his brain, she was right, times were difficult, yet— for who? Why? What reasoning did the Gods have to smite them? The whole fucking pack, at that? Veri’s death affected everyone it seemed. But then, oh man, then that asshole Eros had to open his big, fat mouth. Why? His bones still weighed heavy with the recognition that everyone had decided when it was time for someone else to die. Had that also been Veri’s fate?

Once she too his arm, if she did, he would rest his on top of it, letting it squeeze, just a bit.

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