[P] [M] Too hot? Hot damn, call the po-lice and the firemen

The sounds he made as she teased him were hypnotic and addictive, were she not in such a state she might have been more of a mind to force him into making those noises for just a little longer (or possibly all evening), but alas, instinct, whether by choice or by design, choose to intervene.

He was writhing beneath her as they met, all but breathless as she took him into her scalding heat and suffocated his length with her desperate need.

He reciprocated her claim, pledging himself to her with one stuttered word that trailed off into a needy whine. She didn’t have long to preen, for then his arm was looping about her and lifting her closer, pressing them flush to one another as though he could not get enough.

And then he was thrusting, filling her to the core over and over just as she desperately craved. Each movement was rough and meant to bottom them out together, jostling a moan from her chest each time as she arched her back within his embrace, and she was only elevated higher still as he continued making those absolutely delicious sounds, which seemed to be linked to the way her hands clenched with claws out, kissing his flesh with the pricks of their tips.

He was crying her name in a wrecked tone, almost begging, and she hissed her delight at the way he undulated beneath her, even more than she did with his throbbing wolfhood buried deep within her.

She knew by those pleas he was close, only confirmed by the way he grasped her even tighter still, not just pulling her down into him so they could thrust together but holding her as though he feared she were smoke, and she might disappear if he so much as let her go.

His face buried into her furred chest, she felt him shudder from head to toe and he strained against her, his hips rolling as he spent himself inside of her from the sheer overwhelming sensation.

Rather than be disappointed, she was sadistically delighted, incandescent that she’d been able to make him lose so much of his precious control and practically force him to finish first. He was panting now against her, his tongue lolled free to catch his breath, and she still felt his quivering beneath her as his cock continued to dribble its contents deep inside of her.

Some slight shifting confirmed that they were indeed tied together, and then he was looking at her, and despite the way his body had relaxed slightly in the afterglow of his release, none of the heat had left his gaze now in his need for her.

He demanded a kiss, his gravelly tone dropping even further so it vibrated her very eardrums and made her shiver just to hear it. Before she could follow through, or deny him, his hands were in her hair and pulling taut, forcing her face down to meet him so their muzzles touched in a hard, searing kiss of tongue and teeth.

Guinevere moaned into him, relaxing slightly into the hold of his hands and she rolled her hips downward against him, her need still very much pulsating between her thighs, but she could be patient. The point of this was to impregnate her, after all, and he’d successfully done that at least once so far.

Or, at least, her plan was to be patient, rekindle and draw out the flames of their passion into the evening. After all, more than one knotting would definitely up her chances.

However, the sly wolfdog beneath her had other ideas, something she only got an inkling into as she felt one hand release her hair and start squirming it’s way between them. She was struck down short, however, when his fingers deftly started to circle the singular nub of pleasure, her eyes shooting open in her surprise as she gave a muffled cry against his mouth, her hips bucking rapidly against his touch.

She gripped his chest needily with both hands, her smothered sounds of desperation filling the bedroom as he teased her, and her eyes slipped shut again as she let herself writhe against him, hoping, pleading that he wouldn’t torment her too long. All the while, he continued to kiss her, toying with her tongue in a dance.

He wickedly chuckled, deep in his chest.

“Sing for me, To-Rah, Tove,” he rumbled huskily, pulling them apart just long enough to speak, and he started to go faster. A throaty cry fell from her lips, one almost pain driven as he assaulted her with pleasure. He came back, manipulating her head with his other hand in her hair to give her another searing kiss and then he was licking and nipping down the side of her neck, his growls almost thunderous in her ears.

Without warning, the sounds of his greedy possessiveness deepened by an octave, and then his teeth were in her flesh, just so at the juncture of neck and shoulder, holding her pinned in place with a deep, satisfying ache that had her convulsing around his shaft.

Guinevere came apart at the seams, gasping and moaning to her shuddering completion as everything went white in her vision. She bucked and undulated against him through every second, hardly capable of sitting still as though her body had a mind of its own, only prolonged by the fact that he kept up his relentless circles.

Finally, after several seconds of his extra stroking, he withdrew from her southern region and carefully extracted his teeth from her flesh, and she promptly collapsed. She was shivering from overstimulation and practically boneless on top of him as she gradually came down from the high, her chest heaving from the intensity of her orgasm. Her shoulder ached where his teeth had dug in, but she had not the mind right now to check the damage.

“Fuck,” she panted, glancing at him, but she was smiling as she said it, and her eyes sparkled at him with a light of love, lust, and satisfaction.

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