[P] [M] Too hot? Hot damn, call the po-lice and the firemen

Though he’d begun to roll himself into her, to take them away on the waves of pleasure that just vibrated beneath her very skin, but it all came to a pause when she spoke to him in turn.

And she could hear, in the raggedness of his breath, what her words did to him. Thick and heavy he breathed against her, and she knew what he felt because she felt it too. He pleaded agreement to her, his tone wrecked.

He released a hand to trail his grip south, groping for something until he found what he sought, the subtle curve of her calf and ankle, using it to hike it around his waist and hold it there. She picked up the message with a slow grin, and she leisurely lifted her opposite leg to mirror the one he’d moved, crossing her ankles behind him and squeezing him close.

Honrin shuddered above her, this great pillar of a man brought down to his knees, and just for her he would bow, snaking a hand to tangle in her hair once again but only loosely, she’d feel it if they moved, and he came to her muzzle to muzzle. Seeking her like a dying man of thirst, and she a tall drink of water.

He moved above her, rolling his hips powerfully, taking what she’d willingly given to him. Her free arm slowly snaked around his neck, holding him close and tight as her fingers threaded through his mane, her claws tugging carefully at the skin. Their sounds were hardly distinguishable, panting and groaning together, eagerly drinking in each other at their most vulnerable moment.

Oxygen was, however, still required, but when he pulled away he did not go far, dropping his head to hover beside hers. There he rasped her name, breathlessly panting into her neck and groaning. His hand still clasped in hers tightened, pinning it anew down to the bed furs as though she might try to slip away.

Her lips quivered against her teeth, a slow, rumbling growl building itself in her chest as he writhed against her, filling her over and over again and steadily ratcheting her pleasure higher, and higher still. She always matched him, fire for fire, when they clashed together.

The seed of her possessive streak raised its coiled head, voicing its claim through the sound bubbling in her throat. Usually, she was quieter about such things. She made sure he was hers in more subtle ways.

And it wasn’t jarring, the noise, as she nuzzled closer to his ear. In some ways, it actually sounded like a purr from a cat. Her muscles clenched around him, milking his shaft as he took her, and she rubbed her nose against the outer shell of his ear.

“Hon...Honrin…” she gasped, needily, her hips jumping under his as sparks began to fly under her eyelids, but she wasn’t there all the way just yet. The sound from her chest had cut off, now replaced with panting openly, her tongue loose from her maw, and her eyes rolled.

The building was slow to rise this time, but rise it did, all the same, excruciating in its slowness, and in each moment she clung to him tighter, her desperation for him mounting in the way she writhed beneath him and used her legs to pull him closer, deeper.

Her head fell back against the bed, baring her throat to him as she groaned and shuddered, unable to keep still hardly at all now. The movement, of course, pulled roughly at the hairs he’d entangled in his fingers, and it was like a sudden spark to gasoline.

“Honrin...Hon...Tove...I’m gonna…” she mewled, unashamed of the need and lust lacing her tone.

And he shifted, just a little, to make it better, and this time he was the victor as she fractured beneath him, catapulted into an abyssal ocean of pleasure that rose to drown her entirely, and she writhed with abandon while clinging to him desperately, practically howling as he continued to move inside her, seeking his own fulfillment.

He chuckled breathlessly, and she vaguely felt the tug against her scalp disappear, only for his hand to encompass her muzzle and clamp it shut, trapping her sounds in the palm of his hand.

“Tut tut,” he murmured, a streak of mischief reentering his tone. “Don’t want to wake the whole Fort, do we now, oh baby?” She didn’t care if every single canine in Casa knew what they were doing right now, not even the shops attached to either side of her own.

However, thoughts like that were thrown straight out the window as he reinforced his grip on her, pulling out to grind against the outside of her for just a moment before sliding back in, and renewing his efforts.

It was like being fucked by a jackhammer, though he didn’t move much he was forcing her pleasure to continue climbing even as she was in the midst of a climax already. And it worked, her eyes widening and her muffled shouts reaching a new crescendo as she somehow orgasmed for the second time in only the last couple of minutes.

The waves took her away, lifting her into the sky in a vision of white, and she rippled around him and strangled his shaft in a vice-like grip, involuntarily returning the favor, and somewhere in the back of her stunned mind, she felt his body stutter as well in his movements.

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