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The caribou had been spooked.  It’d seen the flash of crimson in the undergrowth.  Where had its herd gone? All it knew was it had to run.  The landscape blurred around, surefooted hooves sending up sprays of dirt and leaves as it ploughed through familiar stomping grounds.  Lands that had become nightmarish and filled with malicious enemies.  It took in great nostrils full of air, trying to scent out the shadow which had startled it.  Even while it continued to accelerate, zig-zagging and changing direction, it scanned frantically, trying to find its pursuer.  Had it been a trick of the light? But no.  Every time the creature thought to decelerate and relax, there was a flash of a golden eye or flame touched pelt

Eros spent so much of his time in optime form, it was easy to forget how amazing it felt to be on four legs.  No optime could stretch as far as a four-legged and right now, the fiery pelted Damaichu was in full stretch, an impressive sight to see in secui.  Eros moved with the confidence of an experienced hunter, and one enjoying his freedom.  His mouth was open as he sucked in great lungful’s of air, but he didn’t intend on slowing down, not when there was still a hunt to finish.

When it came, it was totally unexpected.  One moment the caribou was careening through the forest of trees, and the next a red wall of muscle had slammed into it and the world had jerked sideways, followed by a feeling of numbness and a distant realisation that it could smell blood.  The creature barely felt it as the pair slammed into the dirt, and then everything went black.

Eros felt the blood bubbling through is mouth, and closed his jaws around the limp animal, his heart pounding with the thrill as well as the exertion.  It was easy to see Eros as an uncivilised arse, but really, all Eros was an animal, hidden behind a thin veneer of civility, and sometimes that veneer wasn’t so much thing as it was transparent.  Before his prey had completely died, Eros tore it open and began to gorge himself on the sweetest parts, biting eagerly into the creature’s liver.  Knowing that, in a place like this, so exposed, a fresh kill would quickly attract scavengers.
Swirled under a large maple tree with leaves of gold, orange and red, the husky mix slept with her nose tucked under her tail. Slowly her chest rose and fell as she dreamed of chasing caribou, her tucked away paws twitching away.  A large red leaf floated down from the tree landing on her head, between her large ears causing them flick in annoyance waking her from the dream as her marbled eyes fluttered open. Sleepily she uncurled and stretched all four paws out arching the head back,  her muzzle opened in the large yawn as her tongue curled and an awrooo sounded from within. Rolling on her back she wiggled back and forth, a fluffy tail wagging happily before she flipped upright on all fours.  Looking around she smiled, it was the perfect fall day.  Standing up fell into a bow reaching as far as she could with her front legs, claws digging into the ground before standing and pushing forward, alternating kicking both legs out behind her.  Fully awake and stretched, she shook the debris from her coat and trotted off to find something to eat. 

After walking for a few minutes of slinking through the trees and falling leaves, she peaked her muzzle beyond a tree immediately having to pull back before a caribou took her nose off. Scrunching her nose up she shook her head and thought how odd it was for them to be on the run and wondered if something may have been chasing them.  Soon the thick metallic scent of blood filled her nares causing her stomach to protest of hunger and her mouth to water. Treading lightly Ylva followed the scent along a dense path of brush and trees until coming to a small clearing where prey and predator laid. Carefully she stepped out from the tree line, chest out and ears up trying to get a better view as her tail arched above her back flicking occasionally to either side.

By the smell of the wolf, it was definitely male which made her smirk a bit.  Approaching confidently but cautiously she cleared her throat,

Enough room for two?

Smiling she gave a wag of a tail.  Either the male would chase her off, or invited her to stay and share a meal.  Ylva doubted that he could finish the whole caribou by herself, but that didn't mean that he'd share.  Worst case, she would wait until he left, no reason to let a perfectly good meal go to waste. 

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