[P] Wind that makes the leaves dance
For Lyubov
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For a small town, Wolfville did seem to have a lot to offer. Which boded well since Romeo and the troupe would be here for quite some time yet. For Romeo, he'd only known life on the road for as long as he'd been with Macbeth and Tempest, so hunkering down in one place wasn't so bad. At least this time the boy didn't need to worry about the next meal or expect to be robbed whenever he slept. He imagined the intention from the Cavaliers for allowing guests to come into Wolfville was for the double reason of trade but also protection, the latter seemed to be their thing after all. Romeo couldn't help but feel like they were a little... spoilt, given how much land and resources that they had, but the boy didn't have that much experience with packs aroudn here so maybe that was just the normal thing. It also didn't help that by comparison Romeo had spent much of his life with the bare minimum, so he didn't have many examples to go from. 

Romeo had found a couple of jobs to keep him going; mostly just performing music for the Five Shields to create atmosphere but also a bit of work clearing up the gardens around town. He'd hoped to perhaps pick up some more skills from the Cavaliers by helping out beyond weeding but there was still time for Romeo to find something that took his fancy. Given just how good Macbeth and Tempest were at things, Romeo did feel like his own skills were lacking a bit, beyond the stuff he'd picked up when on the streets. Pickpocketing probably wouldn't go down well here anyway, given what the boy was learning about these noble Cavalier types. 

When neither job was needed and the other two from the troupe were busy, Romeo found himself finding things to do on his own. Most commonly going to practice his music around spots in town that inspired him. Today Romeo found a long stretch of road lined with large, golden trees, their leaves intermittently falling to cover the cracked stone and earth. The crunch of leaves under his feet sounded satisfying, along with the occasion hushing sound of the wind pushing the branches about. Humming, Romeo found a spot by on the trees and got out his lute, starting a quiet tune in time with the breeze.


Depression seemed to set in on the little flower maiden, it's dark fingers clawing at her insides. The emptiness she felt was endless or so it would seem to her, how else could she process everyone she held close to her heart leaving her. Sure she had her family, her sister and new siblings but that was not the same. She adored the woman naked Fiora, she was her first mentor, her first teacher but she had left for the outpost with her husband only to have him come back without her. Then there was Lucian, her best friend or was he? Was she his best friend? It did not seem like it, he had vanished, left without telling her. What friend did that?!

A sigh escaped her lips as her fingers twisted in her short lavender dress, on that the shepherd marked woman had given her but there was something that caught her attention. Suddenly she noticed the sweet notes of music, a quiet tune that drew her in. She had not noted the boy that was playing but simply found herself letting go of the fabric of her dress and twirling, letting the material flow around her as she twisted the other way. Dancing slowly, filled with whimsy. That was until she found the source of the lovely sound, her face heated up instantly. Her movements stopped, her ears fell and she gave a soft wave to the boy that she noted was.. well cute. Oh how embarrassing!

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