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A sage green dress brushed against the drying grass. Belinda dragged her lighter wool cloak over her shoulders and pulled her misshapen basket close to her waste. So far, she had clipped the blooms of three marigolds that she had found. Her plan was to take them back to her home and dry out their flowers for seeds to plant in her own garden come spring time.

She'd moved into her home several months ago, but it was a little drab and dreary at the moment. It could use some fresh paint and some up keep on the woodwork. Unfortunately, Belinda didn't know how to do either of those things. She did know how to plant flowers though. She was capable of that, at least.

A stiff breeze whipped her cloak from her body and all three of her blossoms floated out of her basket from in between large gaps in the weave. "Oh, dang it!" The Braithwaite Probado knelt to pick them up, but when she stood up one of her back paws stepped on the hem and she heard a small rip. "Oh no, no, no..."

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Morris and Asher had been looking for Marigolds as well, since it seemed everyone wanted to get their hands on some. Morris was confident he could plant some in the gardens so that they wouldn't have to rely on the wilds so much. Asher just wanted to know what the big deal was. It looked like they weren't the only ones with such an idea, since there was a female somewhat nearby also collecting the yellow orange flowers. They were close enough to hear the rip of fabric in any case, and Asher winced a bit in sympathy. He walked closer to the woman and picked up some stray flowers that the wind had stolen on his way.

"Need some help?" He glanced towards the dress, trying to see what damage had been dealt while also being discreet. Morris also took a look, though he was a bit more blunt about it. Asher rolled his eyes at his friend then held up the flowers to the fine looking lady, and even smiled warmly. "We could patch you up real quick" he offered "We both have some experience with a needle and thread." Though of course, they had mended sails on a ship and not a dress. Still, it was fabric that had ripped and that needed a bit of a patch up. Morris would be better at the actual sewing part, and maybe Asher could keep the female calm while the merle man worked his magic.

"Morris speaking." "Asher speaking"

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