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Jovial laughter echoed in the quiet place he'd found, within the moonlight beneath the Crying Tears, and in the shelter of down pouring rain.

He was soaked to the bone, and were his hands not black as soot itself, the dye would still show in the sparks of lightning that rattled the skies and lit the night.

Arms gripped his core, holding in the mirth so much it hurt, but he couldn't contain himself. Sure Nova was something else, a real piece of work, but when she wasn't all over him, the girl knew how to have fun. Fun that would surely have a back lash. In a small way, perhaps with time under Cavalier rule, he trusted her. She wouldn't blab to Remus, no, not if that meant the end of their fun.

Nazar's blood was on fire. A whole different kind of adrenaline rush that he'd never thought to do before. An innocent trick, a ploy without harm, save to one's ego. It was without aggression and lacking in volatile fighting, and no one was injured. That's the part he couldn't get over. He'd not hurt anyone physically, and er go, a loophole was found in the limited laws that haunted his every move.

“Ah haaaa,” Wiping a salty tear from his eye, which was quickly replaced with drops of rain, he sighed and tried to breath off what he'd seen. What he'd done, surely, wasn't completely ethical, but it was fun.


It had been forever since he could think of himself and the notion of fun in the same thought. Life was a mess of trudging through horse shit and made to serve, rather than the right of rule that came with his bloodline. His muscled mass rolled on his back, with arms spread wide, and he breathed in the scent of fresh rain with the symphony of the falls in his ears as they flowed down their steps. What a night, he thought.

Even if everything didn't turn out well, he was absolutely going to have to get some ideas from this Nova girl for another night of chaos.
His eyes were red with rage, that, and the irritation from the paint dumped onto his face and the rounds and rounds of rinsing and scrubbing his face had undergone, leaving the majority of his head, hands, and body, a myriad of odd shades of olive and pink, unable to get the last traces of the dye out of his fur. He didn't even want to think about what state his poor bed must be in at this point, crusted and clumpy and unusable with the viscous liquid that had been left there to dry all day. 

When it happened, Nova had insisted that she had acted alone, she'd gotten a talking to, not that she would even respect whatever punishment he would attempt to dish out to her, but the wolf knew she was lying. He'd heard two sets of footsteps, and the scent of the male who always seemed to be at odds with Remus was unmistakable. 

The feeling roiled inside his chest like a poison, choking him, making his hair stand on end, this pervasive rage that seeped into his very pores and made his skin crawl. Why could nothing go right for him? Why was his life a fucking joke? Just something for children to laugh at and family to turn away from. Such a funny joke, he couldn't help but laugh himself. "There you are." He said, bedraggled hair framing a face pulled taught from the stress, whites of eyes showing above a not right smile. 

"That was quite a prank you and Nova pulled, I came to congratulate you in person." He said, walking towards the dark furred male, his lip twitching over sharp teeth. "Bet it was real funny for you."
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[Image: Nazman.png]The voice set his fur to bristle.

All at once he sat up, shoulders darting forward as the pale of blue eyes reached for the man he easily knew by tone, alone. He'd not expected to be found here, but in the grand scheme of it all, how could he be surprised? How often he'd heard Remus with anger toward him, but today, the man looked different. He was no longer the defying Knight that Nazar was keen to him as. No, today he was an uncanny sight. That smile that sat on his maw. It spoke far more than what Remus' words lead on. The woodsmoke's expression shifted from startled, into something more of a prideful humor.

Slowly, Nazar rose to his feet, “An understatement,” He responded. It seemed that Nova's idea to cover for him hadn't worked exactly to how they'd planned. Of course Remus was going to complicate things. Of course, that didn't mean seeing him splattered in dye wasn't worth it. The younger Dishonored even thought to huff a laugh out at the sight of the Knight, with the whispers of color still there to remind Nazar of how fun it had all been.

He probably shouldn't have been egging Remus on, but he was already in trouble. What more could he do, save strike the man first. That, he knew, was off limits if he was going to get what he wanted. So, Nazar had got to have his fun. Now, it seemed, was Remus' turn.

The dampened male stood there, fully prepared to try and be civil, or so he thought before the dark male opened his cocky mouth. All at once, resigned annoyance gave way to hot molten rage that coursed though his veins like a flash flood, no warning coming to prepare him for the torrent of emotions that crashed against his defenses. 

Lurching forward, the disheveled Cavalier grabbed the other male by the collar and pulled him up to meet him face to face, teeth bared and eyebrows furrowed, feeling like he was ready to tear Nazar in two pieces before an odd stinging afflicted his eyes and a pressure squeezed at his throat, doing something funny to his raged expression when the muscles around his stinging eyes grew tight and his vision started to blur.

"Why can't you people ever leave me the fuck alone?!" The man croaked, letting go of Nazar partly, and partly shoving him away. "How much more shit do you have to throw at me, huh?!" He glared at the boy, but it was unclear whether he spoke directly to Nazar or to the universe itself. "Godsdamnit." Where rage had burned hot a moment agoi, shame now swept through the male as he felt a trail of warm liquid run down his cheek, and he hoped with clenched fists that the rain already made him wet enough that Nazar wouldn't notice.
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[Image: Nazman.png]Nazar's body jerked as Remus grabbed his collar, his muscles tensing as he waited for what surely was to come. He'd taunted the angry beast and Nazar was ready to spend some quality time with the old Knight in the same fashion they'd always managed to find themselves in. That crooked grin never left his maw as Remus' hot breath swelled over his face and beads of rain dappled his own snarl. Yet, what he'd been hungry for, never happened.

Blue eyes saw as Remus' own grew reddened, and the Dishonorable stumbled back a step when he was released. For a moment, he stood there, frustrated that he'd been denied a proper fight, but when the Knight's exasperated tones few wildly from his maw, Nazar's demeanor changed. While he didn't notice the difference between the drops of rain and the brackish rivulets that burdened the man, he could tell that something was wrong. Something was off.

A hand came up to correct the collar of his shirt as narrowed eyes traveled the entirety of Remus' form. Nazar wasn't entirely sure what to do with himself, even though his mind yearned for a battle at the old man's expense. At the same time, Remus had let him go. He couldn't throw the first punch, o he was left an an impasse in a very awkward situation.

Hands clenched and unfurled as he glared at the Cadet, prepared to defend himself if he had to, but a part of him had the inkling feeling that he wasn't going to need to. A part of him, perhaps the edges that Casa di Cavalieri had ashamedly softened in his time here, didn't like to see Remus this way. How he stood in the rain like a wounded animal. At the words that he'd said.

But Nazar had never forgotten how to be Nazar, despite the inkling notions of what a Cavalier might do, “What's wrong, old man? Have you finally realized that you've met your match?” Tones were just as seething as they were testing the waters of Remus' reaction after his odd outburst, “Submit to me and you have my word that I'll leave you be.”

He glared somewhere between Nazar’s face and the floor wet with rain water, his eyes unfocused and his fists clenched at his side. He couldn’t believe this, where a moment ago he was filled with anger towards the young man in front of him, now he was filled with anger towards himself. This wasn’t supposed to happen, this weakness, it wasn’t something that he’d experienced since the day his father died, it was something he only experienced when faced with death, so why, why now did his throat close up? Why did his eyes burn with saline wetness? 

The tightness in his chest and the trembling in his form kept him from moving for a few breaths as silence stretched on between them, for a moment, Remus thought that maybe he wouldn’t do anything, maybe he’d turn around and go clean up his home and there would be no further altercation. This feeling changed when Nazar opened his mouth again to speak, and the words that escaped him, they didn’t even anger the man, they didn’t shake him, they didn’t make him hesitate, instead, a coldness froze his shaking and in the next instant his fist launched towards Nazar’s muzzle as though it had a mind of its own to do so.
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[Image: Nazman.png]Pow, right in the kisser!

Nazar's head whipped to the side as Remus' knuckles connected with him there, the force following through to his feet that stumbled aft. He was able to collect himself, and blue eyes met Remus, not in retaliation, but in revelry. The corner of the dark maw turned up as his testing and taunting the older male had finally broken through.

“Now, you must certainly know that it is frowned upon to strike another, fellow, Cavalier,” Words were spoken in a rough, dark mirth, and despite the lacking of laughter, he was thoroughly amused.

Paws now firm against the earth, he stood upright, with digits still tenderly touching where Remus' blow had hit him. It would bruise and lift, certainly, but there was no pain that could stop the coils that he was curling his elder, and his higher ranking Cadet, up into.

Of course, he wasn't blind to the fact that he'd requested submission from a Cadet, but it certainly could have been met with far more tact than that.

“We are brothers in arms, are we not?”
Only a Cavalier when he chose to be, Nazar recalled the lessons that he'd been taught beneath the Cavalier law. Sure, he wasn't within the bounds of them, but now that Remus had acted out, neither was he, “It was a simple prank, Remus,” Tones growled the other's name as he spoke it, toying with the concept of what he was in store for if the older man lost his head, “Surely, you can accept an apology on my behalf.”


His eyes were still wet but the grief that burdened him had stopped, changing into something else entirely, like the calm that comes after a storm, where everything is so still that you could hear a pin drop. The force of the impact between Remus' fist and Nazar's face was not lost on him, his knuckles smarted a bit and he clenched and unclenched his fist down at his side as he watched the dark furred male recover his footing and never lost his infuriating composure. 

Even as things grew still again between them, the rain outside continued to fall, the sound like a constant drone in the background, covering all other noises until it was just the two of them in a sort of tense calm. Remus had slipped up, he knew it, but he wasn't about to give in to this little punk who's idea of a good time was picking fight's and practical jokes. 

"Go on then." The male spoke, looking at Nazar but able to make out little apart from the reflection in his blue eyes in the dim light of heavy cloud cover and storming skies. "Tell on me." It was a simple sentence, but the tone in his voice sounded like a threat to anyone who'd ever heard one. His upper lip curled over his fangs, lending the male a harsh expression as citrine eyes glared at the other, but he didn't growl or make any further move against the other Cavalier.

He almost laughed at what Nazar said, about the two of them being brothers in arms, a sort of neurotic feeling bubbling up in his chest as he let out a harsh breath of amusement. "Brothers? That's funny, you're such a funny guy." Remus replied in a voice that strained through gritted teeth and a clenched jaw. "If you're apologizing then why don't you go ahead and do it?" The wolf said in heavy handed tones. "Get down and ask for my forgiveness, maybe then I'll consider it."
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[Image: Nazman.png]The downward tilt of Nazar's maw came as he was challenged but blue sights never wavered from the Knight's furious glare, “I very well may, but alas,” That smirk gave way to a toothy smile, “What fun is there in that? Blackmail has a better flavor,” No. The very same man he'd battled with time and time again couldn't be tattled on. That would spoil Nazar's unending amusement in this wild and furious game they played. Then again, they expected so little from Nazar, but what of Remus? What did they expect of him?

A hand came up to his dark jaw and rubbed there for a moment, feeling the invigorating pain that was gifted him by Remus' unchecked hand.

It seemed that Nazar's taunting was sinking in deeper than any blade as Remus seemed to lose himself to his emotions. It was a beautiful sight to see, but a stoic wash fell over Nazar's face. The moment he was declared amusing, blue eyes turned cold. They were certainly like brothers, but it seemed the definition was not similar between the two of them.

Nazar's brother, Zetsubou, was a Cavalier and a good man, yet that hadn't stopped the beating that Nazar had endured at the faux Hushhowl hand. Of course, what did Remus know? He never toyed at being a smart man.

It was when Remus played his reverse card that the smirk returned to Nazar's maw.

The curl of his digits pressed into his palm, and his shoulder pulled back, “I shall do unto others,” Nazar spoke through the curling of his lips as he threw a fist, offering him the very same response as Remus had given him. With any luck, he'd miss his target, but his hunger to connect his knuckles into that old man's face was too good to pass up.


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